The Originals RECAP 1/21/14: Season 1 Episode 11 “Apres Moi, Le Deluge”

The Originals RECAP 1/21/14: Season 1 Episode 11 “Apres Moi, Le Deluge”

Tonight on the CW their new fantasy drama, THE ORIGINALS continues with a new episode called “Apres Moi, Le Deluge.”  On tonight’s show a sequence of unforeseen events sends shockwaves through the French Quarter.  Did you watch the last episode before the hiatus?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On the last episode as the French Quarter prepared for its annual celebration of the Casket Girls Festival, Cami suffered through as Davina attempts to free her of Klaus’ mind compulsion. Elijah and Marcel form an unlikely alliance as Klaus sets his plan in motion to get Davina back. Once it’s known that Davina is missing, Sophie gets in on the hunt to track her down. Meanwhile, Hayley is forced to make a tough decision after receiving an unexpected phone call, and Rebekah sets her own plan in motion when she enlists the help of someone from Marcel’s past. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Charlie Charbonneau and Michelle Paradise.

On tonight’s show when Davina (Danielle Campbell) becomes violently ill and the repercussions soon begin to affect the entire French Quarter, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) rush to find out what is going on. Sophie (Daniella Pineda) approaches the others with some startling information about the Harvest Festival and presents a drastic plan to save Davina. Elsewhere, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is racked with guilt as she comes clean to Elijah about her role in Sophie’s plan. Last, a sequence of unforeseen events sends shockwaves through the French Quarter.

We hope you stop by for this epic show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks.  Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap.

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Elijah talks about the history of witches and says vampires have fought them and fought beside them. He says the ancestral magic drives Louisiana but until now there had not been an all-powerful witch – but now there’s Davina. Elijah doesn’t understand why Davina is sketching Celeste and why she would think she’s evil.

Marcel brings Davina food and she flings him across the room. She wants revenge for Klaus killing her lover and Marcel begs for peace. She throws more things at him and hearing the crashes, Elijah tells Klaus he’s to blame and he says witches are a pain in the ass.

Davina has a coughing fit and begins vomiting dirt as Klaus comes in to silence the racket. Hayley tells Elijah there’s something he needs to know just as the walls start quaking as if the building is going to fall apart. Out in the courtyard, Rebekah asks what the hell is going on and Klaus tells her it’s Davina.

She comes in to check on the witch and tells her that she told her to disrupt the household not to destroy the city. Davina tells Rebekah that it’s not her doing it. Klaus says Davina is useless as a tool and Elijah says she has too much power to control. He wonders why she’s manifesting it violently.

Elijah heads out to talk to a witch but Hayley stops him. She tells him that if he’s going to see Sophie, he needs to know that the witch called her to broker a deal to get the witches to leave her alone. She admits that Sophie wanted to find Celeste’s remains and she read his journals and told her where he buried her so long ago.

She apologizes to Elijah and begs him to talk to her. He tells her that Celeste wanted to be left in peace and says that consecrating her remains pulls power into the community and his love didn’t want that. He tells her she broke his confidence and made him break his promise to Celeste. She says she just thought they were bones and he says if she truly believed that, she would have just asked him where she was.

Sophie comes in and finds Sabine. She says they need Davina because she’s found a way to complete the harvest. Sabine says they need an elder and Sophie says she can make herself an elder. She tells her about the witch massacre and says that by consecrating the remains of the most powerful witch, she’ll become an elder herself. She has her bones and says she can absorb her power.

Sabine thinks it’s disrespectful but Sophie reminds her if they don’t complete the harvest the other witches will never come back. She says she doesn’t care about creepy old witch bones. Elijah is there and tells her that he cares. He demands that she comes with him. He brings her to the house and she witnesses for herself how Davina’s power is coming unraveled. They tell her she’s also vomiting dirt.

Sophie says they have to complete the harvest now. Klaus thinks that’s convenient for her. Sophie says she’s holding too much power and that it’s tearing her apart and will take them all down with it.

Klaus explains to Father Kieran that there will be four stages of self-destruction. The earthquake was first for earth. Then there will be wind and water and fire will be the worst of all of them. Klaus says he isn’t ready to let New Orleans burn to the ground. Rebekah tells Davina they need to complete the harvest and says the witches told them that she would be resurrected.

Davina doesn’t believe it and Rebekah tells her that she herself was resurrected by a witch. Sophie tells them that they can’t wait any longer. The wind starts picking up outside – that’s phase two – as Reekah shoots Davina up with a sedative to calm her down. The wind dies down as she passes out. That convinces Elijah and Klaus.

Marcel stands beside Davina’s bedside. She has an IV sedative in and he says it’s too heavy. Klaus says they agreed she has to be sacrificed to save them all and Marcel lashes out and says he won’t let him hurt her. Elijah says that he believes the girls will resurrect because Sophie believes it and she’s not a believer by any means.

Klaus says he doesn’t want the witches to get their power back and lose their weapon in Davina, but they have to preserve the city. He reminds Marcel they have seen New Orleans burn to the ground twice already and he won’t let it burn again. Klaus tells Elijah he has to go see some prominent people to warn them and Elijah is going to monitor Sophie consecrating Celeste’s remains.

Hayley tries to speak to Elijah but he brushes her off and goes. Rebekah comes to see Sophie and asks her if she’s up to personally sacrificing Davina by slicing her neck. Sophie insists she is and asks what Rebekah wants. Rebekah says that a full power witch can go head to head with a vampire and proposes an alliance between her and the witches – she says they’ll need an original on their side and she doesn’t want Marcel and Klaus running the city.

Marcel takes the IV out of Davina’s arm to stop the sedative, breaks the neck of the two vampire guards after telling them he’s done listening to Klaus and takes her away.

As Sophie lays out Celeste’s bones in the cemetery, Elijah watches and thinks about his lover in her former glory. Sabine tells him he doesn’t have to be there for it and says it will take time. Elijah says he has time and needs to be there. Sabine asks why and he says when he lost Celeste, life became unbearable. She tells him that she understands and has the scars to prove it.

He says when you love someone, they have the power to hurt you like no one else. Rebekah calls to tell him that Marcel has taken Davina. Elijah is going to see if the witches can do a locator spell and Klaus says he may have taken her to the church. Rebekah will check there.

Hayley is crying and preparing supplies she wants to take to those in need. Klaus tells her she can’t go but then relents and surprises her by helping out.

Sophie starts the consecration ritual. Sabine can’t get the locator spell to work because Davina is hemorrhaging magic so it feels like she’s everywhere. Elijah asks her to try again.

Davina wakes in a panic and Marcel says he’s there to protect her. He tells her he would have protected Tim too if he knew he was in danger. He tells her that he was the one who put a protective spell on her that saved her from the poison. Marcel tells her that he messed up by letting her power mean too much to him. He says all he wants to do is keep her alive. She says she’s scared and he promises that he won’t let anyone touch her and takes her into his arms in a comforting hug.

At the church, Hayley is surprised that Klaus arranged for Kieran to shelter some people during the storms. He tells Kieran to muster his resources to help him locate Davina and Marcel. She realizes the people are werewolves and he tells her they are his clan and Elijah convinced him their family ties matter. She asks what he means and he says their blood is the same as his and their child’s. Klaus tells her to just apologize to Elijah and says he is a master forgiver.

Sabine is finally getting results. She says they are near the river. Sophie comes in and says she can’t consecrate Celeste and says she must have already been consecrated because there is no magic there. She says without another super powerful witch, they’re done for. Elijah says there is another – his mother!

Rebekah tells Elijah that she’s gone mad and he reminds her that their dead mother is in the basement. Elijah says they put her to use and rest. He says if they bury her on their property, her magic will infuse not only New Orleans but their family as well. He had a title made that gave the baby the title to the plantation – the baby is the only living relative since the rest of them are technically dead.

Sophie tells Sabine that they will channel their mother’s magic to her so she can complete the harvest. Rebekah isn’t happy because their mother had a lot of magic. She says kill a monster today, face a demon tomorrow. The rain starts so that means fire is next.

Rebekah goes to see Thierry and he doesn’t want to help until she reminds him that once the fire comes, he will die the true death. She promises she will help him get out once it’s all done and he tells her he has a place by the docks.

Davina tells Marcel if she can just wait a few more weeks it will be over and he promises to get her out of town. She says she had a dream that Tim was still alive and he played a song he wrote for her and kissed her and they were both just normal. Rebekah is there and says the dream sounds beautiful but it was just a dream. Marcel tells her to get out and Davina vomits up water and Rebekah says that it’s killing her and if he wants to protect her, he needs to listen.
[9:04:45 PM] Rachel Rowan: Kieran and the Michaels clan hold a funeral service for their mother in the rainy night and Rebekah assures her brothers that Marcel will bring Davina. Kieran asks if they’re ready and they each slice their hand, Hayley as well and then Kieran takes the dagger with their blood and puts it into the earth with her coffin. He says – it is done.

Sophie and Sabine wait beside the bodies of the dead young witches that were killed at the harvest. Davina cries and Marcel holds her. She tells him it’s okay and he says he failed her. She tells him she’ll die either way and at least if she sacrifices herself, the other witches can live. She tells him that if this is all she gets of life, that she had a lot. She says she had Monique, Tim and even him who fought for her until the end. She tells him she’s ready. He’s crying now too.

The vampires and witches are all together when the fire starts even as the rain is still pouring – the final stages is upon them. Marcel carries Davina into the cemetery and sets her down. Sophie asks if she believes in the harvest and she says she does and then slices Davina’s throat. Rebekah looks sad an Marcel holds Davina as she slumps to the ground. Abruptly, the rain and fire stop and the magic flows out of her body.

They lay Davina near the other young witches’ bodies and wait. Sophie says the reaping comes next. She calls upon the elders to ressurect the chosen ones. Nothing happens. Sophie repeats herself. Still nothing. She makes it a demand – resurrect your chosen ones. Then she adds – please, I beg. She cries and says – no – and collapses to her knees sobbing.

Marcel glares at Klaus who can barely meet his gaze. Then Marcel takes off at lightning speed and Klaus walks away. Marcel begins to destroy their compound and Klaus tells him that it won’t bring her back. Marcel blames Klaus for getting Davina worked up by killing Tim. Marcel tells him he doesn’t care about the vampires if Davina is dead. He’s crying and furious and Klaus holds him close and tells him he’s sorry and that he understands his grief. Klaus tells him he grieved when he left New Orleans last time because he thought Marcel was dead. He said he couldn’t even speak his name. He holds Marcel as he cries.

Hayley asks Elijah again for forgiveness. She says she was wrong to go through his journals. She says she doesn’t know why they can’t get past it. He says after what he showed her in the bayou, she should understand what Celeste meant to him. He says in a thousand years, he’s only loved twice and he honored it both times.

Hayley says she believes in the now and won’t choose the dead over the living and will take what she wants when she wants it. She says she’s sorry again and starts to walk away but he grabs her and pulls her close and then starts to kiss her but then pushes her away. Arrghh! Why won’t he just give in??? This storyline is so frustrating.

Klaus tells Rebekah this whole thing didn’t go down the way he thought it would. He says that she surprised him with her resourcefulness and asks how she did it. She says she has her spies too. He admits he doesn’t always give her the credit she’s due. She says she thought Elijah’s plan to consecrate their mother’s remains was mad, but thought it would work. Klaus says he was sure Davina would survive since there was so much life in her.

Rebekah asked him what about the power since none of the girls rose. She asks where all that power went. We see someone holing a voodoo doll dripping in blood. A woman walks through the cemetery. Sabine chants as she holds the doll. A man walks through the cemetery and out the gate. Sabine drinks from a goblet. We see she has a skull on her table. Another woman from another era walks through the quarter. Magic runs up Sabine’s arm. The three revived witches meet up with Sabine and ask why she called them. She asks them to call her by her real name – Celeste.