The Originals Season 1 Episode 10 Review – Spoilers Episode 11 “Apres Moi, Le Deluge”

The Originals Season 1 Episode 10 Review - Spoilers Episode 11 “Apres Moi, Le Deluge”

We begin with a review of The Originals from last night, “The Casket Girls,” Episode 10.  You can also read our amazing live recap here.

I was going to go into a little explanation about the Casket Girls but Rebekah does that for all of us in a nice voice over. They are essentially women who were brought to the French quarter with the promise of marrying wealthy men and when they got there found at it was just a tall tale.

The show opens with a carriage carrying four people, two casket girls a man and a woman. One of the girls ask the man when they will be arriving. They come upon a group of people holding torches and when the carriage stops they start beating on it. Shortly thereafter you hear what appears to be the group of people being systematically being taken out by what I guess to be vampires. A sense of calm comes over the carriage and the man decides to open the door and take a peek. All of the men are dead. The man gets out of the carriage and he is also done away with by none other than Rebekah. She walks up to the open door with some blood dripping below her lip and says ” There, there little lambs all the bad men have gone away.” She wipes her mouth. She then says it as the French would “You’re safe here. Please forgive the disorder.” She ask if there is anything they would like to take with them. They grab there little Casket like boxes and run.

Present day New Orleans they is a celebration going on in honor of the Casket Girls. Rebekah says it’s a yearly reminder of how women can be oppressed by selfish men and how they can triumph when brave enough to fight for themselves.

Over at Cami’s she isn’t doing well at all. Davina is working her get your memory back spell at Cami is in a world of hurt both physically and mentally. Davina stops and gives Cami a little break and apologizes but tells her it is the only way to break her free from Klaus compulsion. Talks to much Josh is in the back rambling on about how he went through it and it’s practically a walk in the park, blah blah blah. Josh tells her all the notes she left herself are very Momento of her. Cami doesn’t understand why it’s taken all night. Davina tells her she will and that when she is done she will understand all of it and she will be free. Davina offers to stop. Cami tells her no.

Haley is putting on a wedding dress for the Casket Girl celebration. She can’t zip so Elijah offers to. Haley tells him thank you. Elijah tells her she looks beautiful. Haley tells him she knows she has to keep her birthmark hidden, Elijah assures her that nine of the riff raff around there will harm her as long as she has his families protection. Haley says she is all knocked up with nowhere to go. Elijah offers to take her out for the festivities. Haley considers it but doesn’t want to cause any trouble between him and Klaus. Elijah goes to leave but Haley ask him to unzip her dress. She has her eyes closed while he does so. Elijah leaves.

Out on the street Marcel sees Rebekah looking for a gown. He walks up to her and tries to talk, she is having none of it and tells him she is busy that she needs a proper costume seeing as how this celebration is practically in her honor. Marcel reaches out to touch her and she pulls away and tells him he lost the right to touch her when he became BFF’s with Klaus. Marcel’s phone rings. Rebekah wonders who it could be. It’s klaus in case nobody sensed the sarcasm
Klaus is calling to inform Marcel that their little bird flew the coop, we know her as Davina.

Speaking of Davina she is still working on Cami. Davina is finished and Josh lays her notes down by her. Cami picks a page up and says she remembers when she wrote it and that she found a picture of Klaus and Marcel from 1919. Cami also recalls that Klaus compelled her to go out with Marcel and spy on him. Cami then states the obvious which is of course that she is remembering. Davina says she is going to take her back more. Davina puts her hands on her face and a flashback of several conversations she had with klaus come flashing back. Davina moves her hands and Cami feels the blood coming from her nose and touches it.

Klaus is having a pow wow with Marcel about Davina being gone. Marcel says she just wouldn’t take off she knows the witches want her. Elijah pops in to tell the her violin is also gone. Marcel gets in Elijah’s face and suggest that he took her. Elijah suggest that Marcel take a step back. Elijah tells them he has no desire to see that child in harms way that she has suffered enough. Klaus reminds him that the child he speaks so affectionately of is the most powerful witch in New Orleans. Klaus wants to know what is to stop her from destroying them and all they have worked for. Klaus is off to find her and possibly kill her. Elijah and Marcel have no time for that and assure one another that they will not let anyone harm her.

Haley and Rebekah are talking and Haley tells her that she was the one to tell Davina about the witches being dead. Rebekah tells her she is the reason Davina is gone. Rebekah said she has bp never been a friend of the boys club. Rebekah says used by the witches, lied to by Marcel, manipulated by Elijah and threatened by Klaus, she thinks she sounds like a modern day Casket Girl. Haley ask if she is talking about Davina or herself. Rebekah ask her if it really matters and besides the girls need to stick together.

The witches are back together. They know Davina is missing and they are going to do a locator spell to find her.

Davina is getting Cami hopped up on bourbon so she can’t be compelled. Josh is starving and Davina offers him her arm. Davina starts getting flashes and realizes someone is doing magic and that someone is also trying to locate her. Cami tells her she needs to run.

Cami is running around trying to get stuff together to leave with Davina. Cami tells her they can go see her uncle. Davina tells Cami he already knows everything. At first Cami doesn’t believe it but then realizes it’s true. She sits down. Josh reminds her that they need to go, he offers them his car. Davina has him text the location of it to Cami’s phone. Davina hugs him goodbye.

Haley gets a call from Sophie and she once again wants to play a little game of tit for tat. If Haley will help her find the dead body of a very powerful witch she will lift the curse off of Haley’s family. How is Haley to find said witch? It’s quite simple really she just needs to ask Elijah.

Its nighttime in New Orleans and they are partying Casket Girl style. Cami is trying to sneak Davina through the Quarter by pretending she is dressed up for the celebration. Cami sees Klaus and tells Davina they have to get off the street. They take a alleyway and disappear.

Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah are on the street together when Rebekah comes walking up. Rebekah tells klaus she is there to help them find Davina. Klaus says he is moments from finding her. Elijah wants to know his plan. Klaus instead walks away and goes up to a boy named Timothy (Holden from pretty little liars), and compels him.

Josh calls Cami trying to find out where they are so he can meet up with them. Josh has another call and when he answers it Klaus is on the other end. Josh tells Klaus he moved to Turkey. Klaus tells Josh he knows he is lying and that Josh is with Davina. Josh tells him he isn’t. Klaus tells him he has Timothy and he hopes that Davina comes home soon.

Cami and Davina duck into the Church. Cami tells her they need to wait a few minutes and then they can leave. Josh calls and tells them that Klaus has Tim and will kill him if Davina doesn’t show up. Davina tells Cami they have to go to Klaus. Davina gets a flash of the witches and soon enough they are in the Church. They cause Cami to pass out. Davina gets mad and uses her power to lift them in the air and then snap their necks, she drops them. Davina makes sure Cami is ok and then takes off.

Haley is back at the old house and tells her to Klaus appointed stalkers that she is just running upstairs to get some clothes and to give her two minutes. Once out of sight she goes in the den opens a chest and takes out Elijah’s journals. Haley reads them till she finds out where Celeste is buried.

Josh finds Davina and tries to talk her out of going to Klaus but she is determined to save Tim. Josh goes to tell her not to do it but instead tells her to hit him with everything she’s got. Rebekah walks up and tells Josh it was very noble for him not to tell Davina that if klaus dies so will Josh. Rebekah says the only problem with that is if she goes up against her brother Davina will be the one that’s dead. Rebekah tells Josh that perhaps he would like to help her help Davina.

Back at home Klaus ask Elijah where Rebekah is. Elijah doesn’t know. Marcel shows up and tells Klaus if Davina shows up he needs to let him do all the talking. It’s interesting how they all want to save Davina from Klaus. Davina walks in and sees Timothy, she tells Klaus to let him go because she showed up.
Klaus once to know if she will be rejoining the fold, Davina has other ideas. Davina tells klaus she knows he is afraid people will see him for what he really is a animal. Davina knocks him to the ground with her power, she tells him she is going to let everyone see him for what he is and she turns him into a hybrid and then drops him. She goes to Elijah and tells him he has drank the blood of innocent victims for centuries and that he should have to choke on it, blood starts coming from his mouth until he finally falls over. Davina walks over to Marcel and tells him she trusted him and loved him but all he ever did was use her. Marcel tells Davina she was wrong that he did care about her. Davina’s eyes start to fill with tears. From out of nowhere a weapon comes through Marcel’s chest and when he falls you see Rebekah standing there she call Davina love ask her if she was really about to fall for that and says its time the girls had a chat.

Rebekah tells Davina what she did is impressive and well deserved as far as she is concerned. Rebekah tells her before she turns on her she has a surprise for her. Rebekah runs over and grabs him by the neck and tells her if she was Klaus she would rip his head off and feed him to Nightwalkers. Rebekah lets go and tells her hurting people is such a boyish thing to do. She calls Timothy the fiddler on the roof and tells him to climb down he says he can’t , Rebekah ask if she is the only smart one in the room and then tells him to jump. Rebekah catches and he goes to Davina, he ask her how she did what she did and she promise to explain everything. Timothy holds her and Josh and Rebekah are both touched by it. Rebekah tells Davina she is the one holding all the cards and she wants to show her one more thing.

Haley is on the phone with Sophie who can’t find Celeste body. Haley tells her to say a prayer or do a spell. Sophie hangs up and closes her eyes and chants a wind begins to blow around one particular tree, Sophie walks over and starts to dig.

Rebekah takes Davina on a tour of the tombs and shows her how Marcel treats his friends. Timothy is drinking water and tells Davina to take a drink she does. All of a sudden Timothy falls over and says he didn’t even know what he was doing until he told Davina to drink. Rebekah realizes that Klaus poisoned the water. Timothy falls and Davina follows. Rebekah watches in shock.

Cami’s uncle finds her on the floor of the church and helps her up. Cami lays into him about Marcel, witches, vampires, and her brother. He tells her he can explain. Cami wants to know why he didn’t tell her. Her uncle tells her it’s complicated. Cami tells him he allowed her to think she was crazy. He tells her he tried to protect her. Cami tells him to stay away from here and she takes off.

Marcel wakes up to see Elijah standing over him stating how monumentally awkward this is as he helps him up. Klaus is explaining to Rebekah how he gave her a poison that can not be cured by vampire blood. Rebekah tells him they are just children and they could have dealt with her fairly. Klaus disagrees. Marcel overhears and heads towards Klaus, Elijah tries to hold him back. Davina closes her eyes and stops breathing.

Marcel and Elijah are disgusted. Klaus laughs and thinks he has the upper hand that is until Marcel explains he had to go behind his back and make a alliance with Elijah who he doesn’t even like. Marcel tells him that he got a call from father Kieran that Davina had showed up and the witches tried to get her Sabine used a protection spell and comes back. Marcel has Sabine do the same spell on Davina.

Klaus is pissed. Elijah points out that Davina is Marcel’s family. Elijah tells Klaus to call Rebekah and tell her Davina will recover, and he wishes the same could be said for Timothy. Elijah and Marcel both walk away in disgust.

Back in the tombs Davina wakes up but Timothy doesn’t. Davina cries. Rebekah watches with a solemn look on her face.

Davina has cried herself out and Rebekah is carrying her. Rebekah hands her to Marcel and he and Elijah take her to bed, Rebekah shakes her head and walks away from Klaus.

Marcel and Elijah are watching Davina sleep. Marcel tells Elijah that Davina will never trust him again. Elijah tells him he must never stop trying to gain it back. Elijah ask about her paintings. Marcel tells her that her paintings are different when she senses magic. Elijah looks at them thoughtfully.

Klaus is walking down the street when he sees Cami. She walks over to him and lets him know she knows everything and that if he hurts Josh or Davina in anyway she will tell everybody who is. Cami tells him to have a nice night and she walks away.

Rebekah is talking to Thierry and giving him blood. She is telling him how he is going to help her as well as a girl she knows that is very resilient. Cut to Davina lying in bed and Marcel leaving her room and closing the door behind him. Davina’s eyes open.

Elijah is looking at Davina’s sketches and puts them together like puzzle pieces. A picture of Celeste emerges. Haley quicky leaves the room. Elijah looks at the pictures shocked. Haley calls Sophie but she doesn’t answer.

The End!!

If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Apres Moi, Le Deluge” check out the preview of episode 11 below!

“When Davina (Danielle Campbell) becomes violently ill and the repercussions soon begin to affect the entire French Quarter, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) rush to find out what is going on. Sophie (Daniella Pineda) approaches the others with some startling information about the Harvest Festival and presents a drastic plan to save Davina. Elsewhere, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is racked with guilt as she comes clean to Elijah about her role in Sophie’s plan. Last, a sequence of unforeseen events sends shockwaves through the French Quarter.”