‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Kenya Moore Engaged To Marvin?

'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Kenya Moore Engaged To Marvin?

Kenya Moore was really in dire need of a story line on The Real Housewive’s of Atlanta if she wanted to stick around for another season. Apparently just throwing shade wasn’t going to cut it and since Phaedra Parks’ hubby Apollo Nida is headed for the clink he’s not going to be there for Kenya to flirt with either. So this enterprising chick went and found herself a new fiance. It’s not the first time that Kenya has bought and paid a man to be her on camera love interest and apparently this guy has added incentive.

According to MTO, Marvin is a model that is based out of Germany and Kenya is currently vacationing with him. Once Bravo works out all of the paperwork and gets Marvin a work visa to allow him to come to the states the new couple is expected to return here to film. Of course they will be engaged and last season we heard all about how loud Kenya’s biological clock is getting so expect baby talk to also be at an all time height.

It’s interesting to me that Bravo actually keeps Kenya around. While most (if not all) reality shows seem a bit scripted she is the one housewife that has caught shade for creating fake scenarios in order to get camera time. I’m kind of surprised that Andy Cohen is totally on board with getting her guy a work Visa when sources say it’s really obvious that he could care less about love and is all about spending quality time in the states. Are you over Kenya and her fake men? Isn’t it interesting how this supposedly successful former beauty queen can’t seem to land a guy the normal way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

4 responses to “‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Kenya Moore Engaged To Marvin?”

  1. nasz nasx says:

    Y’all can’t b serious like kenya can’t habe someone to love and care gor her go under a building with that that’s why she is the way u all claims delusional kenya is giving u real reality and it is GOoD who determines her destiny y’all mad cause he is so fine he has changed light skinn gone to waste all by himself bye y’all negatives

  2. wicked says:

    Oh, come on. Kenya is hot. Pageant Queen, hot. Kenya is witty, smart and is beautiful. This whole I can’t get a man routine has to be part of her storyline. I am a guy. I not only find Kenya physically & facially attractive, she is smart and funny. She looks like a blast to hang out with. She needs to add some white sugar into her dating pool!! LOL!

  3. Bolden Beau Nene says:

    I actually think something is wrong with YOU the writer, not Kenya. Most of us saw Apollo texting and flirting with Kenya. Dbanj was and is her friend, not a paid boyfriend. He has said that 10,000 times. You sound “Porsha-dumb”

  4. Deborah Allen says:

    Going to be entertaining to see where this goes. Doesn’t make any difference if he is a “paid companion” or the real thing, Just the green card aspect is enough to provide months of speculation. Most of which I wager will be negative since Kenya still hasn’t figured out that her PR campaign is going in the wrong direction. Andy Cohen and Bravo does know how to keep the RH brand relevant.