Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore Hits Back At Porsha Stewart, NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks – RHOA Battle Royale

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore Hits Back At Porsha Stewart, NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks - RHOA Battle Royale

Kenya Moore is more like a caricature than a real person and that’s one of the reasons that she totally steals the show on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also likes to throw a lot of shade at the other ladies while insisting that she herself is “gone with the wind fabulous”.  As the current season has rolled on we have watched numerous clashes between the women and in the April 7th print edition of In Touch magazine Kenya doesn’t hold back on her thoughts about the other ladies.

NeNe Leakes used to be one of Kenya’s friend’s but that relationship has pretty obviously soured. NeNe thinks that she is on a different level than the rest of the ladies and so leave it to Kenya to drag her back down to earth. She thinks that NeNe amounts to a boring former stripper that is only good to watch if you’re in need of a nap.

Kenya has also traded barbs with Porsha Stewart and even showed up to the recent cast reunion with a special sex toy that was intended to take a jab at Porsha for marrying a man who is rumored to be closeted and on the DL. She also thinks that even with auto tune Porsha better give up on that singing career because her voice is awful. Of course we all know about how Porsha put the beat down on Kenya last week – probably for publicity.

Kenya has the most issues with Phaedra Parks whose husband, Apollo Nida is tangled in federal identity theft charges. I still don’t believe that Phaedra is innocent and I suspect she is the brains behind Apollo’s shady operation. For awhile there Kenya was accused of sending sexy texts to Apollo and the whole issue made Phaedra’s blood boil. Kenya has suggested that Phaedra could keep her man happy if she just pops in Kenya’s workout tape and drops those pounds! Meanwhile Phaedra refers to Kenya as “Moore Whore.” Imagine what Kenya will say when she finally is asked about Apollo’s charges! Are you a fan of Kenya’s or do you think she talks just to see herself in print? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore Hits Back At Porsha Stewart, NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks – RHOA Battle Royale”

  1. sexybowleggs says:

    Kenya is a bit over the top but at least she keeps it Real. Phedra. Is so fake and always trying to save face. Never real always faking I know she is the Mastermind behind Apollo dirt. My God she treats him like her son and not like her man. Apollo is her puppet he probably felt the only way to rid this relationship was to go back to jail Sad……

  2. Crystal D. Morrison says:

    Kenya is just one big contradiction. Smdh

  3. KINA says:


  4. Truth teller says:

    Kenya is a wanna be skank and men are smarter than I thought were by staying away from that kinda crazy…

  5. Teri says:

    Team Twirl all the way….. Kenya keep telling the truth, and shame the Devil’s….. LOL !

  6. Kenya fan says:

    I absolutely love Kenya Moore she is fabulous & amazing I think she is the best housewife from all the other franchises combined you go kenya #TeamTwirl