The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice Season 6 Spoilers: Teresa and Joe Break Down During RHONJ Screening

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice Season 6 Spoilers: Teresa and Joe Break Down During RHONJ Screening

Teresa and Joe Giudice returned to The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season 6 looking for sympathy since even they realized that garnering real support would be a tough sell. The two are currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty in a New Jersey court to a laundry list of federal crimes. The couple was originally scheduled to be sentenced in early July but they were given an unexpected continuance after Joe’s father, Frank Giudice, keeled over and died at the family’s home in Towaco, NJ.

While Bravo executives have been ticked off at Teresa because she is supposedly not doing everything that she can to promote the new season of RHONJ, she and Joe have turned up to events that suit them. According to the Aug. 4th print edition of Life & Style Magazine the couple attended a July 13th screening of the show at Pure Restaurant in Parsippany, NJ. Frank was featured in the episode leading both Teresa and Joe to cry at the sight of him.

They claim not to want sympathy but the fact of the matter is that these two only turn up when the situation can be used to say something positive about them. They know they are going down so they want us to now be talking about how stoic they are in the middle of constant chaos. It would be even better if we all forgot that both Teresa and Joe are facing sentencing on Sept. 23rd because they lived criminal lives for the better part of a decade. Sure, they claim to be worried about their kids now, but being around to raise them wasn’t a thought while committing bank fraud, right?

Do you think that Teresa and Joe are disgusting? Do you think that Bravo realizes that featuring repulsive criminals on The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a bad move?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • janie

    They should never have been re signed to a contract. They are both lying, thieving felons! They pick and choose what event suits them. They should be fired, and take the scheming, skanky Dina with them!

  • Poncho42

    What are you talking about, they steal from N.J. And you think they a good people,famous they were befor the problems, famous as the other housewives!

  • Sue

    Are you for real? You must be related to the Giudice’s . I can’t believe what you just wrote


  • steve lewis

    Filthy spaghetti chompers..belong in sing sing with all there ancestors…kids should go with brother..joe to cicily…total fraudsters….justice dept doesnt make a move unless they have solid evidence…stuff that in there canoli.

  • dotty

    They should have lived within there means, I don’t feel sorry for them. They were living high on the hog, well the party is over. dina is another one, why is she back ????? I don’t even watch it anymore.the cast is not worth watching.theresa should have never been brought back, same on u Bravo

  • pissed off in NJ

    Really? Boohoo about how mean people are to them. They stole money and then defaulted on the loans. Anyone else would go straight to prison, not get a continuance so they can grieve. No other couple would get this type of special treatment bc they have children. This is ludicrous, the banks are fdic insured. If these were fha loans, they are guaranteed by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHICH MEANS YOUR TAX DOLLARS are funding that mansion they live in. Wake up people!

  • pissed off in NJ

    Their children are on a show and are subjected to this bc of their parents. That Milania is a nasty brat. She needs military school.