The Real World Ex-plosion Recap 1/29/14: Season 29 Episode 4 “Ex-otic Encounters”

The Real World Ex-plosion Recap 1/29/14: Season 29 Episode 4 “Ex-otic Encounters”

Tonight on MTV THE REAL WORLD EX-PLOSION continues with a new episode called, “Ex-otic Encounters.”  On tonight’s epsiode Jamie’s jealousy of Thomas’s ex boils over; Jay tries to cover up a scandalous night of partying.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s show the volatile relationship between Jenny and Cory explodes, while Jay copes with the most devastating news of his life. When Ashley’s bad behavior returns, the roommates face a tough decision.  Jay warns Jenny not to slap Cory.  Jay receives the news about his mom passing away.

On tonight’s episode it is finally the episode we have been waiting for the roommates exes arrive and everyone is shocked.  Jay tries to cover up a scandalous night of partying.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of MTV’s The Real World Ex-Plosion Season 29 episode 4– tonight at 10PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Real World Ex-plosion tonight.

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Arielle has a surprise for her roommates. She’s noticed how the house has been breaming with sexual tension and she found the perfect plan to help her roommates get their rocks off so to speak. She’s invited everyone to an erotic dinner. They’re to eat a several course meal while watching waiters and waitresses half dressed. Sometimes they get a la dance and others they get a back massage. Its her hope that if she turned the pressure high enough then several people will finally be able to let go.

And her plan did work. Everyone got too hot to sleep alone. Which was funny seeing as earlier, most of the housemates were pitying Thomas. He and Jamie had been getting hot and heavy but she didn’t want to take it too far. Apparently she had made a promise to her that she wasn’t going to have sex on tv. And for the most she was willing to keep that promise. Then the dinner happened.

Jamie completely forget whatever she might have said to her dad and jumped into bed with Thomas minutes after they returned to the house. They weren’t the only couple too hook up that night. Cory and Jenny also enjoyed themselves by sharing a shower. The two of them have gotten close lately talking about their exes so it’s only natural that they use each other to help them forget about certain people.

As for Arielle, she knew she was going to sleep with her ex-girlfriend. There was so much that they still had between them. The problem with them getting back together is that although Arielle found the sex enjoyable, she hasn’t gotten over all of her hang-ups. She was the one to call it off with Ashley but she didn’t like how soon Ashley found someone else. Until she’s ready to forgive then their relationship won’t go anywhere.

The only person that didn’t have sex that night was Jay, which is kind of strange when he has the most to say about that night. Jay thinks Cory and Jenny’s, friends with benefits; deal is going to blow up in their faces. He wanted to make sure Cory understood any and all pitfalls but the other guy swears he and Jenny can handle it. Can they really?

Cory doesn’t think other relationships won’t impact the deal he made with Jenny and yet Jenny is the one forced to taking calls from his ex-Lauren. She even makes several snap decisions about a girl she doesn’t know. Is that how she really feels or is it jealousy.

Jay knows he’s had problems with his girlfriend, Jenna. He promised to be on his best behavior while he’ in San Francisco and he expects the same from her back home. Still, Jay is going to be Jay though. He likes colleting other women’s numbers even though he claims not to use them. He also happens to have a problem with getting caught on camera doing something he shouldn’t. When the gang went out that night; he had asked Cory to help him out. He didn’t want to get into trouble with Jenna and there were too many cameras in the club.

By the next morning, Jenna called him. She was furious after seeing a couple of photos up onto the internet. She felt it was inappropriate and he got upset that she didn’t trust him. He felt because he didn’t bring any girls home then she shouldn’t be mad. Jay feels like they need a breather for a while just for them both to calm down.

Corey and Jenny tried to explain why Jenna got upset but he refused to understand and take any blame. The guys go out again leater that night and that time Jay wasn’t even going to bother not pushing the boundaries. He kissed some random girl and it wasn’t no cheek kiss either.

The cameras caught him speaking to Cory. Cory was trying to warn him that the camera caught him with the girl. Jay doesn’t believe that. He said he made sure the cameras weren’t looking. And to make sure the cameras didn’t catch him admitting to anything, he tells his roommates to not say anything while the cameraman is near.

He wasn’t counting on Jenny letting his secret out. She told the interviewer in her aside that Jay was a bad boyfriend. Jenny goes on to stir the pot up more when she accidentally caught a piece of Thomas’s email. She noticed that it was from his ex and someone must have written “I miss you”. So she told Jamie. Jamie never liked the idea of Thomas talking to his ex. It was alright for him to tell her he wanted to remain friends with Hayley but quite another when someone wants to get back together. She talked to him and she told him that the email wasn’t ok. Not when he has a new girlfriend now.

Thomas is pissed. He doesn’t know why Jamie is mad at him especially over an email he didn’t write. She said that he should have shut that down. By not telling Hayley he’s with someone, it leaves the door open for her. These two are able to get pass Hayley’s message but there better not be another one just like it.

The guys found out that they’ve been given an away trip. They don’t know that while their away, Ashley as in the former roommate Ashley returned to the house to collect her stuff. A good thing too. The rest of the house was beginning to complain about her stuff still being there.

The producers need them out of the house. And not only for Ashley. They wanted to move in the new roommates before the rest of the house returned. Everyone knows the guys already there aren’t going to be happy with the new people. Why should they be when it’s their exes?

Cory and Jamie weren’t the only ones dealing with that problem. Jenny was confronted by her ex Brian. He came right out and asked her if she slept with Cory. She admitted that she did. To be fair there are broken up so she didn’t feel all that sympathetic for him. She’s moved on and he’s going to have to get used to that.

Cory’s ex moved in first. Lauren hasn’t seen Cory in a little bit over a year and she feels like now that she’s there then she can drive a wedge between Cory and Jenny. Sounds crazy but Brian has the same idea when he showed up. The only one that hasn’t made their agenda clear is Hayley.

Eventually Jay’s Jenna and Arielle’s Ashley show up. It seems none of them knew that there was going to be more than one ex on the scene. And now that they know the truth; they feel the producers set them to cause drama.

Just looking at everyone’s face when the originals returned to the house is enough to make everyone scared. There is definitely going to be a fight. There might even be several of them. So be prepared for next week when the show returns at 10!