The Vampire Diaries BEST Detailed “Yellow Ledbetter” Recap: Season 6 Episode 2

The Vampire Diaries BEST Detailed “Yellow Ledbetter” Recap: Season 6 Episode 2

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday October 9, season 6 episode 2 episode! In “Yellow Ledbetter,” Elena deals with the loss of Damon and turns to Alaric to help her move on with her life. Meanwhile, Enzo gets Caroline to help him find Damon and Bonnie; Jeremy spends time with a mysterious girl who recently arrived in Mystic Falls; and Damon and Bonnie reluctantly band together to uncover the mystery of where they are and how they are going to get back home.  If you are a huge fan of TVD like I am we put together some nifty spoilers for the new season, right here.

On the last episode after spending the past four months coping with the loss of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in an unconventional and potentially dangerous way, Elena (Nina Dobrev) had returned to Whitmore College for the start of sophomore year. Unable to move on, Caroline (Candice Accola) was desperate to find a way to reverse the anti-magic spell the Travelers had put over Mystic Falls and grew frustrated when her calls to Stefan (Paul Wesley) went unanswered. Tyler (Michael Trevino), who was human once again, had a run-in at a football tailgate that tested his ability to control his anger, while Matt (Zach Roerig) worried that Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was dealing with the loss of Bonnie (Kat Graham) in a self-destructive way. Alaric (Matt Davis), who was struggling to adjust to his new life as a vampire,found himself in an awkward situation when he met Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe), a beautiful doctor at the university hospital. Last, while everyone believed Stefan was off tracking a lead to get Damon and Bonnie back, Elena was shocked when she learned the truth of what he had really been up to. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena (Nina Dobrev) turns to Alaric (Matt Davis) to help her move on with her life. Enzo (Michael Malarkey) convinces Caroline (Candice Accola) to join him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) back, but Caroline is shocked when they make an unexpected detour and uncover what Stefan (Paul Wesley) has been up to. Meanwhile, Matt (Zach Roerig) worries about Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) who is spending time with Sarah (guest star Gabrielle Walsh), a mysterious girl who has recently arrived in Mystic Falls. Elsewhere, Tripp (guest star Colin Ferguson), leader of the community protection program, makes an interesting confession to Matt about his connection to the town. Lastly, with the Other Side destroyed and gone for good, Damon and Bonnie reluctantly band together to uncover the mystery of where they are and how they are going to get back home.

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 6 episode 2 for you right here and in the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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Four months ago. Damon looks around at Bonnie right after they crossed over. It looks like they are in the same place and she wonders where everyone is. They walk down the road and he says he feels a fang so he must still be a vampire. They see that something he blew up an hour ago is now intact. They wonder why the town is deserted and where they are.

Today. Matt finds Sarah getting dressed downstairs and Jeremy half dressed on the couch. He basically tells her to get lost and tells Jeremy he shouldn’t have brought her there. Jeremy’s defense is that Caroline compelled her so she doesn’t remember Elena attacking her so it’s no biggie. Matt says he doesn’t care about anybody.

Stefan finds his overnight guest making breakfast for him and he says he didn’t expect her to still be there. Ivy gets her feelings hurt and he asks her to have dinner but says he should probably cook since she made a mess of the kitchen. She smiles. Elena packs up Damon’s things and photos of the two of them together. She’s trying to make a clean break.

She pulls out a shirt and thinks about him wearing it, them kissing and her peeling it off his hot bod. She puts it into the box of stuff and her journal with notes about him. She tells Jeremy she has to let Damon go because it’s making her dangerous. She explains to Matt and Jeremy that they have to keep it secret from her once Alaric compels her.

Alaric and Caroline chat and she’s outraged that Stefan has been lying about looking for a way to get Bonnie and Damon back. He says that someone is working on it. We see Enzo making out with a hot witch and pumping her for information. The witch tells him there’s a coven in Oregon that found a way to communicate with their ancestors on the other side before it went away.

She says it’s the Gemini coven but it’s small, odd and they don’t like outsiders. He rewards her with more kisses but then Caroline shows up and interrupts them. He says she’s a blast from the past and calls him gorgeous. Alaric explains the method for how he’ll wipe her brain. He says they are going to search through her memories and any with Damon they will modify.

He says once they hit the core memory they can wipe that and the rest should fall like dominoes. She wants him to do them all at once but he says it’s more complicated. He asks if she has any doubts and she says she has to do it. He asks if she’s afraid and she says more sad because she doesn’t want to stop loving him but missing Damon has made her dangerous.

They start. He asks her who Damon is – she says he’s her boyfriend, she loved him and he died. We see her memory of meeting him when she was in high school and him calling her Katherine. She says he seemed dangerous, but exciting. Alaric asks how he made her feel and she says – like anything was possible. He tells her that the man she met was nice, but a stranger.

She says – two people passing in the night. He asks if she’s okay. She says yes and to keep going. Damon walks along a street with Bonnie and there is no one there. She says there is something odd about the cars and Damon says they look new but are all at least 20 years old. Then they come to Elena’s house which is not burnt to a crisp.

He grabs a newspaper off the lawn and shows her the date – May 10, 1994. She says that’s impossible. There is a major solar eclipse that day. Damon says the question isn’t where they are but when they are. Alaric asks Elena about a moment and it’s the one where Damon kissed her. She says she shouldn’t have let him do it. Alaric reminds her it was inappropriate.

He asks who Damon was and she says he was her boyfriend, she loved him and he died but the info comes slowly now. Damon wonders if there’s booze in the mystery location. Bonnie says before the other side collapsed her grams said she made a sacrifice so she could have peace. Bonnie thinks that her grans sent her here, she took Damon along because they were touching. Bonnie says magic should be able to get them out if it sent them there. She tries to light a candle with her magic but she can’t.

Elena talks to Caroline who tries to get her to slow her roll for erasing Damon from her mind. Caroline says she’s chasing down a lead and Elena says Alaric can always give her memories back if they find Damon. Caroline says Bonnie would want her to do what’s best for her. Elena says she’s glad Caroline has hope but says that she needs to do this to survive.

Enzo asks Caroline why she dropped out of school and he says she should go back since looks only take you so far. She reminds him he was using his looks to get info from the witch. He says he has no idea if the Gemini coven lead is legit and says they’re going somewhere else. Stefan uses his speedy vamp skills to chop veggies for his lady friend’s supper.

He guzzles a bag of blood he had hidden in the fridge but then hides it when she shows up. She says she ran into some of his friends. In comes Caroline and Enzo who says since it’s not the girl’s place, it’s an open invitation. He claps his hands together and asks Stefan if he has any bourbon. Stefan serves dinner and they all eat.

Ivy asks how they know Stefan and she says he dated her bestie in high school. He explains that he met Ivy when she brought her car into the auto shop where he works. Caroline is floored and Enzo compliments Ivy’s clavicle. He says he’s a neck person and so is Stefan who says – not any more. Ivy asks Caroline if Enzo is her boyfriend and she says no and asks if she would date that.

Enzo asks her if she believes in the supernatural and says he does. He says he had to get a witch to do a locator spell to find Stefan. She seems skeptical. Damon dances and drinks to What a Man and cooks pancakes. Bonnie is surprised that he made pancakes. She went to her old house and find her childhood teddy bear and her gram’s grimoire.

Bonnie says they are in a snapshot of 1994 and everything that was there in ’94 is there with them. He smiles and pops in a CD that plays Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong. She says he’s ridiculous and he says he’s consistent. He offers her the crossword and she says nothing like breakfast with her least favorite person and a crossword from ’94.

She goes to start it and then the eclipse happens again. He asks her to look at the date on the paper and it’s the same as yesterday. Bonnie says they are living the same day all over again and Damon says that proves it – he’s in hell and she’s there with him.

Jeremy is boozing and Matt asks if it’s early for that. He asks where’s Sarah and he says he doesn’t know. Matt leaves and she comes in and asks why he didn’t say she was still there. He says he didn’t feel like it. Tripp finds Matt our running and he asks about the girl with the animal bite. Matt says she’s at her house and Tripp says the girl was in a stolen car.

Tripp says if she’s bad news, he wants to keep an eye on her. He asks Matt to let him know if she shows back up. Elena tells Alaric about when Stefan bailed on her for a formal dance but Damon showed up to save her from being embarrassed. She says that was when she let herself notice how sexy he was. Alaric says she went down the stairs and no one was there. She says she was embarrassed but got over it. He says they have to find the key memory.

She says it was when she found out about the sire bond. They test it, but that wasn’t it. She says when they spent the night together for the first time. They test that and it doesn’t work. She says she can’t do it anymore and doesn’t believe in the theory of what they’re trying. She stomps out saying the idea was stupid and it won’t work.
Damon makes breakfast again – it’s six weeks later. Bonnie is annoyed that she’s done the same crossword every day for six weeks and still can’t get 27 across. Damon reminds her witching ability is failing them. He says not only is he stuck with her, he’s stuck with the useless version of her. She says she heard something and he says it’s just what hell sounds like.

She says maybe they’re stuck in her hell since she’s with the person she likes least in the world. Caroline is annoyed to learn that Stefan has been living there for more than two months. She says that’s odd since everyone thought he was busy investigating. He says to drop it and to let him do what’s happy. Enzo says it’s likely a big misunderstanding and stabs Stefan in the hand.

Ivy is shocked but Caroline compels her to calm down and come upstairs with her. Enzo calls him a coward for giving up on Damon and stabs him in the neck. Stefan throws him across the room and then snaps his neck. Caroline takes a call from Alaric. He says he hit a wall with her remembering when she fell in love with Damon and she says that’s because she won’t admit that it happened while she was still with Stefan. Caroline realizes Stefan is standing there and heard it.

Stefan cleans up his apartment and stares at Enzo’s body. He tells her she should get him out of there before he comes to. She says she’s sorry and he says he doesn’t care about the Elena thing. Caroline says she liked that he was the one that always cared more than anyone. He says he had to stop and move on. He says he followed every lead Alaric sent for months. He says they were all dead ends.

She says Enzo has a lead but Stefan says he already checked the Gemini coven. He says Damon and Bonnie are dead so he had to go away and start over away from anyone who reminded him of them. She says she was falling apart without him and asks how he didn’t tell that from her messages. She realizes he never listened to them and he says he erased them.

Caroline says she can summarize – she calls him a dick and says if he wants Enzo out to throw him out himself. She stomps out. Alaric finds Elena leaving a message for Luke asking for more herbs. Alaric says she wasn’t being honest with herself and that’s why it wasn’t working. He says she needs to talk about the Damon stuff when he was with Stefan. She says she was always faithful to Stefan.

Alaric says he believes that and she says she loved Stefan even when he was the Ripper. Ric reminds her she loved both of them and says it’s okay. She says Katherine used to say it was okay to love them both. She says it’s sad that her evil doppelganger was smarter than her. They sit and Ric tells her to tell him the moment she knew she loved Damon.

She says it was her birthday. She says they spent the summer looking for Stefan and Caroline threw her a party because she was sad. She says she wasn’t going to go to the party until Damon came in with a birthday gift. He gave her a necklace that Stefan had given her but she lost. She says even though Damon knew it would remind her of loving Stefan, he loved her enough to give it to her. She says she loved him then because it was selfless.

She says she didn’t want to love him but did. She tells Ric to do it. She takes his hands. She says she’s ready. He asks if she’s sure and she says she is. He tells her Damon never came in, never gave her the necklace. She says the party was miserable and she spent the rest of the night watching movies with Jeremy. She starts crying. She says Damon killed Jeremy right in front of her.

Alaric asks who Damon Salvatore is and she says Stefan’s brother – she says he was a monster – and he died. We see Damon now, trapped in her house in the past, looking through her bedroom door where he stood in her memory and finding a necklace among her things which he touches tenderly. Caroline sits in her car sobbing. She gets a call and tries to calm down.

It’s Elena. She tells her to put on party clothes and come to Whitmore to go out with her and Tyler. She tells Caroline she ditched all her classes and hung out with Ric. She says things are taking a turn for the better. She says to get her ass there and have some fun. Caroline says she’ll be there later for a spend the night. She hangs up and starts crying again as Enzo gets in the car.

He says that was a bust then turns her face to him and sees her tears. He says he’ll drive back. He walks around the car to get in. Ivy comes down and asks Stefan what happened – with the wreckage. He says Enzo is a bad drunk. She says Caroline seems nice and he says yes. He goes to take out some debris. He comes back in and Enzo is there holding Ivy. He snaps her neck.

Stefan attacks and Enzo throws him back. He says Damon told him once that he wanted to curse Stefan to an eternity of misery and he wondered what Stefan could have done to deserve that but says now he knows. He says Stefan is no brother to Damon. He says brothers don’t give up. He says any time he sees Stefan trying to give up or start over with a new life, he will make him pay and give him the misery he deserves. Stefan charges him and he snaps his neck.

Jeremy leaves a message on Bonnie’s voice mail. He says he paid her cell bill to keep it there. He rants and says she shouldn’t have died without saying anything to him. He says he’ll call and yell tomorrow and hangs up. Matt comes in and tells Jeremy that Sarah stole the car she was in. She’s there and says she stole it from her boss who was a perv.

Matt says she has to go and she says it’s okay since she has a dad there even though she hasn’t met him yet. Jeremy says they’ll go stay at the Salvatores until they find him. Matt calls Tripp and says that Sarah has family there – he says Jeremy is having a hard time. Tripp says he knows Jeremy – he says he grew up with Jeremy’s dad. He says he’s from a founding family – the Fells. Matt says that must mean he knows the real deal.

We see that Tripp has a truck full of vampires chained up. He drives over the city line and opens the roof of the truck so they all fry as the spell burns them up. He turns the radio up – it’s REM’s Everybody Hurts. Bonnie cooks dinner for her and Damon. She sits by the fire with him at the table. He takes a bite of the food and she tells him she misses them too.

He picks up her crossword puzzle and says she got 27 Across. She says she didn’t and he reads it off. He reads off the answer she wrote. She says she didn’t write it and he says he didn’t either. Bonnie says – there’s someone else here.

The End!