The Vampire Diaries LIVE RECAP 5/8/14: Season 5 Episode 21 “Promised Land”

The Vampire Diaries LIVE RECAP 5/8/14: Season 5 Episode 21 “Promised Land”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES returns to the CW at 8PM EST tonight for a brand new episode! In “Promised Land,” Stefan and Elena become stranded in a remote location, after escaping from Markos, and he gets philosophical about her relationship with Damon. Meanwhile, Damon sets a trap for Markos; Bonnie admits that she’s been keeping the truth about the Other Side from everyone; and Caroline witnesses an unthinkable act of violence by one of the Travelers.

On the last episode when Tyler (Michael Trevino) turned up at the Salvatore house with the news that Markos’ (guest star Raffi Barsoumian) planned to break the witches’ curse put Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) in imminent danger, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) suggested they hide out in the remote cabin once owned by Caroline’s (Candice Accola) father. Once there, it became obvious to Caroline that Stefan and Elena were keeping a secret, so Damon (Ian Somerhalder) came up with a parlor game designed to expose the truth. A ghostly presence at the cabin used violence and fire to make itself known. Meanwhile, Matt (Zach Roerig) took charge of Tyler’s plan to get information from one of the Travelers, and Bonnie (Kat Graham) continued to keep the truth about the Other Side from Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), despite warnings from Grams (guest star Jasmine Guy).  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode when Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) escape from Markos’ (guest star Raffi Barsoumian) control, only to find themselves stranded in a remote location, Stefan gets philosophical with Elena about her relationship with Damon (Ian Somerhalder). After their attempt to protect the dopplegangers goes badly, Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (guest star Chris Brochu) come up with a dangerous new strategy. Damon recruits Matt (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to help him set a trap for Markos, who turns out to have a devastating surprise of his own. Bonnie (Kat Graham) finally admits to Caroline (Candice Accola) that she’s been keeping the truth about the Other Side from everyone. Finally, while Bonnie searches desperately for a way to stop Markos, Caroline is witness to an unthinkable act of violence by one of the Travelers. Michael Allowitz directed the episode written by Rebecca Sonnenshine

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping it for you right here too and in the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the current season!

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Damon squirts water on and wakes Mr Sikes, head of corporate accounts. He has him gagged so he can’t chant any Traveler stuff. He tells the guy that his brother and GF have been kidnapped by Travelers and he can’t find them. He asks where Marcos is. Caroline shows up and she says Liv and Luke aren’t answering. Caroline recognizes the banker that helped her open her first bank account and he tells her that he’s got a Traveler in him. He says he knows they’re prepping for a big witch curse which will wipe out all of the vampires as well since vampirism is witch magic from back in the days of the Originals. Damon tortures the guy and then he tells Damon nothing he does can stop them now.

Stefan and Elena have been almost drained dry. They each have a bucket sitting by them and their arms are dripping blood. She sees someone come into the room. It’s hazy but then she sees that it’s Marcos. He has a jar of liquid and gives it to Elena to drink. She sips it and then spits it out on him. She tells him he has enough and asks him to let her go. Instead, he slits her arm again as she cries out. He tells her that he’ll have enough when she can no longer speak. He leaves.

Stefan is on a slab and is in pain as well. Someone comes in and shushes him. She unlocks his restraints and whispers at him to go. He falls off the table. Someone else comes back to see Elena. She’s blinded by the light and whimpers but then sees that it’s Stefan. She conks out again. Stefan calls Damon collect and asks how long they’ve been gone and why he hasn’t found them. Damon says he’s been looking for them non-stop but couldn’t find them.

Stefan says he doesn’t know where they are and says they’ll be making their way back. He says that Marcos probably has enough of their blood to do the spell. Damon says he gets it – he has to kill Marcos and save the town. He tells his brother he needs to strap on the hero hair. Enzo is there and throws something at Damon who calls for Bonnie to translate. Enzo says the other side is about to collapse and he needs to be brought back now.

Damon says that escape from the netherworld needs to wait until tomorrow but Enzo throws a bottle of liquor into the fire and makes it flame up. Damon says he has work to do and tells Bonnie to bring him back. He says that since Liv is working on a spell to save her, she can include him in it. Jeremy comes in and Damon says he and his X-box buddy need to run an errand. They leave. Enzo tells Bonnie that she needs to take him to the witch. She says there’s a problem.

Stefan and Elena walk on the side of the road. They try to hitchhike but the one car they see passes them by. They are exhausted and haven’t had enough to eat. Stefan says that Damon is in full on hero mode and she says she likes him like that but then reminds him that her blood is toxic to Damon which means they are in a literally toxic relationship. Stefan says that she and Damon are miserable without each other so they should just be together.

Luke meets his sister for breakfast. She tells him she ordered them waffles for their last meal. She tells him the coven is pissed because Luke didn’t hide the doppelgangers well enough. She says they shouldn’t have gotten sucked into being friends with them. Luke is having a migraine and the silverware is shaking and Liv says it’s not her, it’s the coven. She says they have to stop Marcos and their only move left is to kill Stefan and Elena. Luke agrees.

The mailman in Mystic Falls is delivering vials of blood. He drops one off to Pam, a teacher, whose husband tells her that she’s different lately. She tells him that it’s taken him a while to realize that his wife has been taken over by another entity. She tells him her name is Carl and his real body is in a cave. He says she needs help and his wife “Carl” stabs him in the neck and says their marriage wasn’t working anyway.

Stefan and Elena stagger in the middle of the road and she says she thought she saw a unicorn. They joke and walk exhausted. Elena says that when she and Caroline were young, she couldn’t decide if her control freakiness or endless cheeriness were worse. Stefan says if Caroline was here now, they would both be laughing. Elena tells him they need to put on their Caroline hats. She calls out to the universe to do something amazing and Stefan says she’s got to be kidding. She puts her boobs on display and sticks out her thumb to the car that stops.

It’s a woman. Stefan tries to compel her and she tells him she’s the one who freed him and says to get in because the Travelers are after them. They do.

Damon and the boys are collecting up Traveler husks. He says that Marcos put them in a cave and he’s hoping he wants them back. He has them all over the house. Caroline tells him that Julian/Tyler is no help and Damon says they’re all sick of Tyler anyway. Caroline says his too cool attitude is tiring and she knows he’s upset about Elena. She tells him to quit torturing Tyler’s body until she figures something out.

The woman that broke them loose is Julian’s wife. She says she couldn’t rescue them herself or she would be got. She says she just wants her husband back. She tells them that Tyler is permanently gone and says his body will go from hybrid to werewolf to dead and then both Tyler and Julian will be dead so she has to get to him.

Julian tells Caroline to quit hovering and she says he’s in the body of the former love of her life and she wants to fight for him. Caroline asks why the Travelers can’t find someplace else to live and he says it’s nice here but it’s also about revenge against the witches. He says the Travelers see the vampires, witches, daylight rings and everything as perversions of pure magic. Julian tells her that Marcos doesn’t have a sense of humor about getting what he wants.

Marcos comes to the cave and sees that all the Traveler bodies are gone. He sees a note from Damon saying he took them and to contact him about it. Marcos snatches the note down angrily.

Damon gets a call from Marcos and tells him that he can’t just hand them over to anyone and asks them to describe them. Marcos describes where they are in the room so Damon realizes he’s at his home. He comes in and Damon tells him that it’s polite to knock. Caroline wonders if killing Tyler will get the Traveler out and says that when Liv brings Enzo back, she can just bring Tyler back too.

Bonnie is packing their dorm room but Caroline says this is more important. Bonnie comes clean and tells her there is no spell and she made it up. She says she and everyone on the other side are going away for good and says she should not kill Tyler. Enzo is there and hears it and isn’t happy.

Marcos compliments the house and Damon says the bodies are the only thing on the table. He says he’s got all the Travelers doused in gasoline and is ready to light a match. Marcos says he would like to give them the opportunity to return to their actual bodies, it’s not essential. To make his point, he stabs one of the bodies in the neck, killing it for good.

Marcos says his plan is much grander and the Travelers are all willing to die for it. Damon tells him Mystic Falls is a dump and Marcos says it’s just a means to an end. He pours himself a whiskey and then explains that once the witch curse is broken the spell will ripple out unraveling witch magic everywhere until only pure magic – Traveler magic – will remain.

Damon lunges at him but Marcos throws him to the floor and says he’s had doppelganger blood and is channeling the power of all his people. All of the doppelgangers all over town have crushed their vials of blood and are chanting. Elena asks Maria if she can drink from her a little and she tells her to wait until their home. Liv is in front of the car and Maria tells them she’s likely trying to kill them.

They try to get out but the doors are locked by magic. Liv rams the vehicle back and forth damaging it and shaking up Maria, Stefan and Elena who are still weak. The vehicle is smashed up and Maria’s head is bleeding. Luke and Liv tell Elena and Stefan that they have to make the doppelganger blood useless. They tell them that one of them has to die, but it doesn’t matter which one.

Enzo comes to Bonnie and she tells him there’s no solution. She tells him that the Travelers used doppelganger blood and destroyed the other side. She says he’s not coming back and he needs to accept it. Enzo says he’ll accept it when he no longer exists. He says he spent 50 years in a cell being tortured and he found hope then and won’t accept his death now until it’s done.

Maria shows up and Bonnie tells her she knows her. Bonnie tells Enzo a Traveler is there that died and she asks Bonnie to tell Julian that she tried. Damon pours a drink and says he would invite Marcos to stay for dinner but he doesn’t know what they eat. Julian talks into Damon’s head and tells him to use the element of surprise since he doesn’t know that he’s there.

Marcos talks about how he’ll redo the house once they’re dead and Damon invites him to see the wine cellar. They go down and talk wine. Marcos asks where Stefan is and says they slipped away from him. Damon says let’s go see and brings him upstairs but kicks a key into Julian’s cell as he passes so he can free himself.

Luke and Liv’s magic is failing and Elena knocks her aside. Liv tells him the spell has started. The Travelers possessing residents are gathered in bunches around town chanting. Elena tells Liv she trusted her and Liv tells her she’s going to be dead anyway. She and Stefan start to burn and realize their daylight rings aren’t working. They run for cover.

Elena and Stefan rush into the grill and tell Matt their rings aren’t working and the Travelers are out in the streets chanting. Blood runs out of the nose and ears of the bodies they’re possessing. Matt runs them through the underground tunnels of the grill but suddenly Elena is drowning and Stefan has a gunshot – the damages that killed them as humans.

Marcos hears a noise but then Tyler/Julian is on him and bites him. Tyler asks where his fangs are and then sunlight burns Damon. Damon tells Tyler they have a problem. In the square, the Traveler-possessed bodies keel over one by one. The Travelers in Damon’s house start to wake up. Marcos says it’s no longer his home. Damon’s gunshot wound appears in his side and Tyler starts to struggle too.

Marcos tells them they can leave and try to outrun the spell but says it will catch up to them. Tyler and Damon leave. Damon staggers out to the road. A car pulls up. It’s Jeremy. Damon says he’s never been so happy to see him. Caroline packs and asks if she should take hair products. She asks why Bonnie is still sitting there because death is literally on the way. Bonnie says she’s thinking. Bonnie says she thinks she knows how to get them all back from the other side and says she needs Enzo.

Matt has blood bags for Stefan and Elena. Jeremy pulls up with Damon and she asks if he’s okay but then sees his gunshot wound. She goes to him and kisses him. He asks what that was for and she says she had a really crappy day and needed it. Elena says she thought she would never see him again and couldn’t think of a worse way to die. Stefan says he’ll wait for Caroline and Bonnie and tells Matt and Jeremy to stay in Mystic Falls to be their eyes and ears. They head out.

Maria stares at her dead body. Enzo is there and tells her it’s surreal. She asks who he is and he says he’s dead too but has a proposition for her. He asks if she knows the spell and she does. She says she needs people to overwhelm the anchor and he says he can handle it. A strong wind blows and Enzo takes her hand but then Maria is blown away. Whoops – there goes the spell.

Bonnie has a box of stuff and then Enzo is there. He tells her they hit a little snag. Caroline wonders where Bonnie and then Julian is there and asks where Maria is. Stefan has to tell him that Maria is dead. He tells him he’s sorry and Caroline says it wasn’t his fault. He tells him the witches killed him. Julian is miserable because his people are trying to kill him and now his wife is dead. Caroline tries to snap his neck and then Julian/Tyler attacks and yanks out Stefan’s heart. Julian says dead doppelganger should stop the spell.

Bonnie asks Enzo what happened and he says that they have to find a way out. Stefan is there and Bonnie goes to him and says it can’t be happening. He asks if she’s found a way to bring them all back and she says she lost it. She tells him she’s sorry. OMG Stefan is dead. Bonnie gasps as he passes through her to the other side. Caroline cries and screams for help by Stefan’s dead body.

The End.

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