The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Christian LeBlanc’s Character Dying – Michael Baldwin Killed by Jill Farren Phelps?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Christian LeBlanc’s Character Dying - Michael Baldwin Killed by Jill Farren Phelps?

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Jill Farren Phelps may be killing off a veteran character in the upcoming months. In Issue 99 of Soap Opera Uncensored, insider Nelson Branco reveals there are rumors on the Y&R set that JFP is wielding her infamous axe again, and another star is about to get the boot. Branco claims, “In story news, rumor has it a veteran character will learn he has cancer. Whispers around set suggest Y&R may kill off the character and free up a longtime coupling.”

Well, there are several veteran characters that come to mind, but one stands out in particular, namely Christian LeBlanc. LeBlanc has played the part of Michael Baldwin on The Young and the Restless for over twenty years, so he is definitely classified as a veteran. And, his relationship with his wife Lauren Fenmore is unarguably a “longtime coupling,” and dates back to the late 90’s. Don’t want to believe it? Neither do we, but it gets worse. According to our exclusive CDL The Young and the Restless spoiler source on Thursday August 21st Michael’s wife Lauren pressures him to go see a doctor because she is concerned there is something seriously wrong with him, he has been extremely tired lately and hasn’t been acting like himself. Of course Michael shoots her down and denies that there is anything wrong with him.

Christian LeBlanc was at one point a key player in Genoa City, and even won three Emmy’s for Leading Actor in the early 2000’s. However, since Jill Farren Phelps took over the CBS soap opera, we see Michael about once a week and his storylines have been growing less and less important as time goes on. If JFP is firing him, then she has made sure to put LeBlanc on the backburner in hopes of lowering the number of crazed fans that will protest the soap opera when she does.

What do you think Y&R fans? Do you believe the rumors that a veteran is going to be killed off? Who do you think it will be, Michael LeBlanc or a different actor? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers and recaps.

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  • Mary Curtis

    Kill Victor Newman off.

    • rose

      Maybe it will be Jill.

    • I believe it to be Victor as he is getting old then Michael. and I have been told many times that this site is just a gossip site and can’t believe what you read.

    • Mary Ell

      Leave all of them alone. Leave it as it is.

    • tammy

      That won’t never happen

  • Suzzana Martin

    it’s become increasingly obvious that CBS has hired Jill Farren Phelps to kill ratings forY&R so they can cancel it. Whydon’t they grow some balls and do it themselves

    • Michelle Hammack

      This is the same thing I have been saying. CBS hired her to kill off Y and R….just like all her other soaps!!!

  • Kimberly Highfill

    This women is nuts, guess her being fired from other soaps says something. I have watched since I was 15yrs, I am now here we go 54yrs. People get a clue, once you destroy something, or someone it is almost impossible, to fix it or them.

  • ceecee

    Kill Victor!! Make Billy and Adam the new Victor and Jack, Jack the new John, Nikki the new Katherine, Victoria the new Ashley, Chelsea the new Nikki and so on ….

    • Benz

      That is a great idea!!!

  • Joy Margetts

    Good grief. Quit getting rid of the stars of our show. Get rid of Jill what’s her name. Grrrrrrrr

  • Lily Sue Martin

    JFP is who should be eliminated. I don’t see why CBS doesn’t see this.

    • laurenzmom

      Totally agree Lily Sue Martin!!

  • amy

    me too

  • InanimateCarbonRod

    I suggest JFP kill off some Newman, any Newman, maybe even a couple. But certainly not Michael . . .

  • ashley

    STOP ruining the show by getting rid of the best actors! My gosh would someone PLEASE fire this awful Jill perrson already and give us our show back. Seriiusly.

  • Joyce Petrovich

    From what I read, MM does not want to come back. I do not blame him. He was the best “Adam.” Devilish like Victor Newman is.

    • Jim Brown

      He couldn’t keep his hands off of Hunter King, that’s what got him canned

  • Sam Howard

    Or u Kidding. Kevin no. Great actor. Glorida yes . She did come out saying that she was getting more time on air. Maybe Michael is the right one.

  • donna McKinnie

    Get rid of JFP!-Why are you letting her destroy our soap.If its not broke don’t fix it-you were the best soap before she arrived. Why don’t you see this as clearly as your fans? Her story lines and firings are ridiculous. If she stays on this track I will sadly have to leave you after 40 years.That will break my heart!

  • vinman043

    MM is history. She has already hired Justin Hartley to play Adam.

  • Denise Lawrence-Kenney

    Wth does JFP have over the powers that be!? She seems to have free reign to slice and dice this show!? Why!? Everyone is jumping ship if they don’t, she’ll slice dice and spit them out!? The story lines for the most part, unoriginal and drag on and on. Get rid of this show sucking vampire before there is no show. Biotch!

    • Michelle Hammack

      CBS….get rid of JFP before she gets rid of you!!!

  • Julie Lowe

    JFP needs to go she is ruining this show with firing actors n actresses not to mention the drug out time for storylines are way 2 long they dont watch this will be the next one cancelled get rid of JFP!!!

  • Liu

    Get rid of JPG! I beg of someone!

  • crystal courtemanche

    So you take beloved characters that bring us back week after week and think we will be happy come on if JFP hates young and the restless so bad why stay and work for a show you cant stand the people on set shit ,what was not broken before never needed fixing in the first place why dont you fire yourself for negligence of our beloved soap cpc

  • Carter

    Michael and Lauren do not date back to the 90s.

  • Digard

    Do not kill off Michael!

  • Y&RFan10!

    Honestly at this point, the soap won’t last longer than September unless they fire Jill Farren Phelps. That’s all I have to say, thank you for reading

  • Barbara Fidlin

    Michael will never return to Y/R no way after the way that they treated him , Im sure there are a lot of offers for Michael as he was a great acter and I did hear that he was going to make a movie another one , so goooooooo Michael goo and have a great life WE ALL LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU

  • Barbara Fidlin


  • mom chez

    haven’t watched since MM’s last scene. MM is not coming back. Don’t care who is eliminated from this back stabbing cast.

  • mom chez

    Did you send this comment to all the other posts re MM? I was responding to the other MM posts, posted before mine… Just saying.

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  • TM

    If they get rid of Michael I’m done with Y&R

  • Jo

    I have never posted on this site but have followed it for years. I agree that firing Michael muhney and not keeping Michelle stafford as phyllis was the shows early demise. I have watched posts pertains to Jill phelps and have now concluded that she is the shows worst enemy. The story lines go on way too long. I cannot stand Abby, billy or even Victoria for her fickle behavior. Very poor writing and acting.

  • Elp

    I agree Lilly …JFP has to goooo ! What is she thinking ?? CBS needs to get a grip

  • Elp

    I agree JFP needs to be the one fired ! What is she thinking …this is a huge mistake ….She is about to ruin the whole show. I cannot believe CBS is letting her keep running a muck
    Huge loss

  • Overit

    She has ruined this show. It was so great and the past two years have been pathetic. Great characters have become stale and story lines are long and drawn out to the point of who cares. She is treating her viewers like they are stupid. Zombie Phyllis anyone?? That was just the latest one.

  • AJ

    JFP is going to run this show right off if she continues. I would think that after so many years of faithful viewers that are unhappy, CBS would step in and get rid of her.I wonder why Michelle Stafford went to GH, possibly because of the writing of JFP?? I am very sad that she continues to write off those that made and continue to make the show a success.

  • jen

    please do not kill off christain leblanc charater michael baldwin .

  • Snowflake

    Keep Michael Baldwin. We need to see at least one long-standing couple, even if Lauren did have a hiccup. Also, bring back Billy Miller, the best Billy Abbott. We miss the cheeky and mischievous aspect he brought to the character. No one can flash his eyes like Billy M.


    I agree! If Michael Baldwin leave the show, so will I. I have watched since the beginning of show, and that’s a long time. First Adam, then Billy Miller. Ashly and Traci should not have come back!!!

    • Darlene Kirkley Wheeler

      Think I read where Ashley wanted to leave cause of the long taping months for the Young and the Restless. And Days was shorter.

  • Darlene Kirkley Wheeler

    And to kill off Delia was horrible story line.

  • Darlene Kirkley Wheeler

    I had read where Lauren was going to have a affair with Avery’s X. anyone else hear this?

  • laurenzmom

    Why the heck have they got Michael acting like a total ass?? I can’t stand the person he has become and please for heaven’s sake do NOT put Sage with Nick. Talk about a control freak. Get rid of Sage and Janelle/Janeen (? spelling – Devon’s fake girlfriend). Don’t like either one of those. Also, even though these are actors and the show is not real, do the writer’s not realize that people watching know that Joe Clark just can’t waltz into Avery’s office whenever he wants to. Law firms have receptionists. Oh, yeah, get rid of Kelly too!