The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victoria IS Pregnant – Positive Pregnancy Test Result – Nikki Walks Out on Victor!

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victoria IS Pregnant - Positive Pregnancy Test Result - Nikki Walks Out on Victor!

It looks like Victoria Newman’s “Maybe Baby” on The Young and the Restless is becoming more of a reality and less speculation. CDL predicted a month ago that Victoria would wind up pregnant on the CBS soap opera, generally when a character has sex with two men back to back, in her case Stitch and Billy, she winds up pregnant and has no idea which guy is the father.

This week on Y&R Victoria began showing early signs of pregnancy when she became nauseous and vomited during her date with Stitch in the park, further support the theory she may be pregnant.

According to The Young and the Restless spoilers there has been a new addition to the Y&R cast, an OB-GYN named Dr. Chiverton (who will be played by Helen Slater). Slater will debut as Dr. Chiverton on Friday May 2nd. Now, we may be totally reaching here, but why else would there be an OB-GYN on The Young and the Restless? No one else on the series is pregnant, or even showing any signs of pregnancy, except for Victoria Newman.

All signs are pointing to an epic pregnancy storyline. First she had sex with two different men in one week, so she will have no idea who the father is. Then Victoria began showing signs of pregnancy, when she became nauseous and vomited in the park. And, now we are learning that an OB-GYN will be appearing on the soap opera on Friday May 2nd. What do you think Y&R fans, are we making a mountain out of a molehill or do you think Victoria really is pregnant? Well guess what? WE KNOW VICTORIA IS PREGNANT! According to our exclusive source Victoria takes a pregnancy test on the April 30 episode and it comes back positive!

Victoria Newman has a bun in the oven. Who do you think the father should be, Stitch or Billy? And, as if the baby drama isn’t complicated enough, let’s not forget that crazy Chloe wants Billy to get her pregnant so that she can have a new baby to replace Delia. If Billy goes through with Chloe’s scheme then he could have two babies on the way!

So how are fans reacting to the news that Victoria is certainly pregnant? It seems that for the most part people aren’t really surprised:

Lazy, predictable writing.

so is it Billy’s or Stitch’s child?

I guess the real drama will revolve around the paternity of Victoria’s child – you know that will take us to places we’d rather not go in the rivalry between Billy and Stitch.

Also on April 30 Nikki finally breaks up with Victor and moves to a hotel. She is so mad at Victor for the Cassie Fake Ghost scandal that she says that she thinks she will never be able to forgive him.  In response Victor says that once the truth and all the details come out that He wont be able to forgive her! Of course Nick has already disowned dear old dad so the Newman family is a mess. Victor’s family tend to forgive him in the end – will they do so again?