Tom Cruise Desperate For New Wife, New Life, New Baby: Willing To Sever Ties With Church Of Scientology?

Tom Cruise Desperate For New Wife, New Life, New Baby: Willing To Sever Ties With Church Of Scientology?

Poor Tom Cruise. He works so, so hard, and it so rarely pays off. I guess that’s what happens when you ‘out’ yourself as a Scientology loonie, despite your considerable talent and dedication to your craft. He’s lost his status as the country’s biggest movie star, not to mention his marriage, thanks to Scientology. And according to reports, he’s desperate for an image re-haul, which includes a new wife and a new baby.

Life & Style claims that Tom is ‘unfulfilled’ in his life, especially with the lack of personal accomplishments. A source tells Life & Style, “Professionally, he’s accomplished pretty much everything he set out to do, but to fulfill himself personally, he wants a new bride and a new child. The actor is asking friends, family and Church of Scientology members to be on the lookout for the fourth Mrs. Cruise.”

Has he really accomplished ‘everything’ he wanted to do professionally? The guy hasn’t even won an Oscar, and his career seems to be going down the dump these days. Edge of Tomorrow didn’t even crack $40 million during the opening weekend, and that was actually one of the best reviewed of Tom’s recent films! You’d think that Tom would be focusing on that, not getting a wife and baby.

Perhaps he thinks that getting a new family will fix his image problems? After all, people still associate him with Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, even though he barely seems to be in touch with them right now. Maybe he believes that getting a new family will bring back the public’s good will, and he might not be completely off in that regard. The public loves nothing more than a good comeback story, but for that to happen, Tommy will somehow have to cut ties with Scientology – and I’m sorry, but I just don’t see that happening.

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5 responses to “Tom Cruise Desperate For New Wife, New Life, New Baby: Willing To Sever Ties With Church Of Scientology?”

  1. media_lush says:

    E of T didn’t even crack $30m, not $40

    numerous blinds around various sites have also said Giovanni Ribisi wants out of the cult, too

    rumour has it he hasn’t spoken to Miscavige for 6 months and if push comes to shove an actor’s ego is probably stronger than any scientology threat… he must be terrified as to where his life is going… maybe he should look at how happy Leah Remini, Jason Beghe, Paul Harris are now that they’re blown his cult.

    … and … Kerri Kasem is lying through her teeth about not being involved in scientology… and all those nasty stories about Jean originated from her scientology boyfriend – I have proof [will be on my blog tomorrow 2pm UK time]

  2. Elar Aitch says:

    That’s right Tom, put more lipstick on that pig.

  3. Alicia Selverson says:

    While one doesn’t necessarily expect real journalism from a site like yours, your slurs about the Scientology religion are unacceptable. I respect your freedom of speech, but that does not give you the right to step on my freedom of religion.

    • Tailisian says:

      How can a blog site ” step on your freedom of religion”? Wth does that even mean? FYI, the only people who care about your ” freedom of religion” are other Scientologists. The rest of the population? Not so much.

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