Dean McDermott Says His Sex Life With Wife Tori Spelling Was Horrible, Tori Disagrees – Their Marriage Is Doomed! (VIDEO)


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s life at the moment is one ginormous hot mess. In a recent clip from their reality show, True Tori, Dean McDermott says during one of their counseling sessions that their sex life “wasn’t fantastic.” However, Tori’s quick to disagree, saying that they had a great relationship and their sex life, while maybe not perfect, was definitely adequate for having four children. Here’s how the conversation goes down, which you can watch in the below clip.

“We have four kids, so in the sex department there were ebbs and flows,” Dean says. “Is that safe to say?” Spelling disagrees. She says, “We had a great relationship and we had a great sex life.”  Dean adds: “We would have sex once every two weeks. It wasn’t fantastic.”

Perhaps that’s why he felt the need to cheat on his loving wife and family. Ugh. The counselor leading the session sides with Tori when she says, “Dean, your expectation of what a marriage is supposed to be like sexually—it’s like a fairytale.”

Also in the video, Tori breaks down after admitting she’ll never be able to give Dean enough sex and that he’ll probably never be happy in their relationship. I know you’re all about preserving your family, Tori — but is he really worth fighting for? It doesn’t even sound like he wants to be in this relationship. Therefore, it’s time to kick him to the curb, darling.

Watch the video below and let us know what you’re thinking. Watch True Tori on Lifetime Tuesday, April 22nd.

3 responses to “Dean McDermott Says His Sex Life With Wife Tori Spelling Was Horrible, Tori Disagrees – Their Marriage Is Doomed! (VIDEO)”

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  2. rawxs says:

    The video clip made me feel oh so sorry for dean and trust me
    before that I thought he was a jerk. The counselor is so unprofessional, here’s Dean opening up as to why he had the affair and he gets completely shut down. The man needs more lovin.
    My hubby likes a lot of sex, I wold say early on he wanted it 6x -10 times a week and we settled on 3-4x. We’ve been married 17 years and have known each other for 28 years. I’d say on average now we have sex 2x a week. I know many many married couple who have sex at least that much.
    1 time every other week, omg…I’d be cheating too.
    I feel for Tori she has 4 little ones and would probably want sex more often if Dean helped out a LOT more.
    Get a new counselor ASAP!!!
    I don’t watch the show, but
    I’ve caught little clips and seen the gossip mags whil standing in line so I know a bit about this little family.
    And yes, while I agree, the relationship started off in a very ugly way (cheating on both spouses) the issue here is making this relationship work now…4 little ones….so sad.
    I reiterate….get a new counselor…NOW!!!

  3. Debbie Stuttler says:

    Yo, Dean! Lorena Bobbitt called. She wants to hook up with you. Would THAT be fantastic?