Dean McDermott To Divorce Tori Spelling After True Tori Editing Makes Him the Bad Guy

Dean McDermott To Divorce Tori Spelling After True Tori Editing Makes Him the Bad Guy

Tori Spelling has made a career out of capitalizing upon and exploiting her home life and it looks like she may have finally taken things too far. She decided to film True Tori for the Lifetime network to document her therapy sessions with husband Dean McDermott as they try to piece things back together after his string of infidelities. The problem is that, according to Dean she is using this docudrama as a way to spitefully get even with him. Dean alleges that the scenes that are airing are being chopped and edited in a way to make him look even worse than he actually is.

Make no mistake, Dean is still a cheating douchelord and he freely admits it, but his wifey isn’t exactly an angel either. Recent rumors have insinuated that Tori has also cheated and while we have yet to confirm those, Radar Online has managed to confirm that some of the situations playing out on True Tori aren’t exactly honest. Like when Dean was supposed to spend 2 months in Canada to film Chopped. Tori freaked at the idea because it was where he cheated before and she also didn’t want to be left in the dust to care for their 4 out of control kids alone. Reality is Dean would have only been gone for 7 days at a clip and Tori employees 2 nannies at all times.

Dean is said to be fed up with being the only bad guy and he claims that there is more than enough blame to go around. Tori’s behavior towards him contributed to what caused him to stray in the first place and she refuses to own any blame for the demise of their relationship. At first everyone wondered if Tori would kick Dean to the curb but now it looks like Dean is the one seriously talking about divorce because rather than using therapy to repair things his wife is using it as a way to publicly shame him. Do you think this marriage can survive all of this drama? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • wicked

    If one is in a loving, happy committed marriage? Cheating is not an issue, option or an obsession. No, temptation can ” break up” a home, Achome that can be broken up is a home that is already broken. Thus, now that Tori has ” found her voice” ( Poor Dean) I suspect she will never shut up. BTW her voice is whiney, shrewish and needy. Ick. Dean’s voice is frustrated, child like and always sucking up.. I hate to write this but I think Dean is trying or is acting like he is trying. Who knows. I detest victims. Tori goes from Victim to sadist in a few seconds. I am not buying what either of them are trying to sell us.

  • DEB


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  • Monicatoby

    What I see is a man who is willing to do almost anything to repair his marriage, but almost none of it is EVER good enough. She finds fault with everything he does! So her husband had a two day affair. Sure, it’s bad, but he’s doing what he can. He can’t go back and undo it. What does she want, his balls in a jar? SO many women have been through this, and SO much more, yet she seems to think that she’s the most harmed, most hurt woman who ever lived. And one more thing. Who the hell tries to repair their marriage on national TV? She’s repeatedly emasculating him in front of millions of people! Forgiving someone she loves, who is BEGGING for forgiveness, doesn’t make a woman a doormat! It makes her a strong, loving, person who can put the needs of her family ahead of everything else!

  • Susan

    I think he has nerve divorcing her, she
    should divorce him and even though he is saying she is no angel, maybe he
    pushed her to go to levels she normally wouldn’t have the same way he is
    blaming her for making him cheat. I don’t like him and as far as Chopped Canada
    he is dry as toast and I am really surprised they renewed it. Dean uses
    manipulation to get his way when he doesn’t want to face topics in therapy, I
    have seen it more than once. He is not a good actor either other than faking a
    panic attack. As far as wanting to kill himself I bet that was all a big act
    too! He uses control to get his way!

  • Rebecca Howell

    Tori and Dean got in way over their heads. Didn’t they know that having four kids in rapid succession would kill their sex life? For real- can you imagine it being “sexy” to try to squeeze in sex with little babies crying at all hours and being exhausted after a long day with four little children. Get real. They both want to be “nurtured” and neither one of them accepts that with four kids- you have to just grow up and stop acting like needy babies. I still like Tori and Dean though. I guess because they aren’t perfect.

  • Stacey

    Sadly it is clear Dean dumped his first wife because Tori was a vehicle for fame. He drugged himself because he knows what a fraud he is that he used her now hes gotten what he. Wanted fame no matter the cost to his wives and. Kids and Tori thinks being “in love” is what its all about but deep down she knows the truth and herfears are that it will leave her unconscience so as long as she can umiliate and punish dean she feels good that way she doesnt have to look at the truth of her life was built on lies and now the truth is surfacing…Dean doesnt love her he used her and she took another womans husband imagine how that woman felt but when you build a relationship on lies the foundation is not strong and will come apart. Tori is on drugs because deep down she knows shes being used and how ugly her marriage is like stealing another womans husband and unfortunately the pain we inflict on others comes back to us and even can hurt the innocent like these children and his first son.

  • sassysue

    RUN DEAN RUN!! Grab your kids and run!

  • Frankie D

    I actually thought I would go into this not liking dean but as someone that works the 12 step program and has been sober he seems to be using a lot of “12 step talk” which makes me think he is getting help. If you choose to let someone comeback don’t keep poking them with and not letting them makes an amends to you and that is what tori is doing. If she hasn’t figured out in three months of them being apart that she wants him back then he should get rid of her. He keeps walking on tiptoes asking what he should do but one minute she is the sad victim and the next minute she is getting all pissy. They should call it what it is and be done. When getting sober you should not be in a relationship for the first year at least. She could royally mess his sobriety up and he is a dad first and foremost. She should be going to alanon and making attempts to understand his addiction then maybe she will understand his cheating is a symptom of his addiction and the self destructive behavior. I soooo doubt this is the first time he has cheated come on! Why bring 4 kids into the world when he explained he had a substance problem for a long time. Dean, get rid of her and work on yourself!!!