Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s FAKE PR STUNT Cheating Scandal With Emily Goodhand – No Sex, No Love Child – CDL Exclusive

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's FAKE PR STUNT Cheating Scandal With Emily Goodhand - No Sex, No Love Child - CDL Exclusive

Family turmoil? Check. Cheating rumors? Check. Missing sex tape? Check. Cheating scandal? Check. When none of those played-out tactics work, what is a poor Hollywood starlet to do to get into the spotlight again? If you’re not sure, keep your eye on the ever-beleaguered Tori Spelling and her family. She would like you to keep your eyes firmly on her, believe that. In fact, she is begging us all to watch her, feel sorry for her, and keep her in the forefront of our minds. Why? The biggest of all her problems… bankruptcy (check!).

Tori, 40, is in the middle of a scandal that didn’t really take off to the levels expected of a true Hollywood cheating scandal. In fact, when Us Magazine first published the story of Dean McDermott’s indiscretion with Emily Goodhand, 28, Goodhand told Us that they used protection. Funny how the story has now evolved into a pending love child for Goodhand, courtesy of professional baby-maker, McDermott. Shortly after the Us interview, In Touch reported that Goodhand’s friend claimed she and McDermott, 47, did not use protection. And in even more recent reports, several media outlets are claiming Goodhand may be carrying Dean’s lovechild. What’s next? Could this all be a ploy for Tori to ensure her family stays relevant in an effort to keep up her lavish lifestyle?

Despite the fact that cheating rumors have plagued the couple since shortly after they wed, that Dean’s best friend claimed Dean complained he wasn’t attracted to Tori and was only with her for the fame, and the fact that the basis for their relationship began with the two cheating on their former spouses, I am a little skeptical that this was a legitimate affair. Surely, the facts make it clear that cheating would be in the couple’s cards at some point, though I cannot help but notice the timing of the affair being exposed and the continual attempts to stay in the spotlight.

Consider this. Goodhand’s dirty details of one night’s encounter were of how Dean professed his love for his wife and shared photos of his family. Creepy… but also pretty unrealistic. Not exactly the best way for a straying husband to get a mistress “in the mood.” This could be a delicately designed, elaborate plan to make Tori the victim, Dean the rejected husband who truly only wants sex with his wife, and Goodhand, the plain-Jane Canadian who simply wanted to “make things right” and tell the story of the passionless nights that consisted of McDermott talking about his family…even opting to “cuddle” over having sex at one point. Well played, Tori.

Still not convinced something seems off here? Consider the cover of Us magazine with a sad Tori, all alone. Since when have you seen a picture of Tori alone? NEVER after having her kids has she been snapped alone in a picture. Did Us happen to come across an old picture of Tori, conveniently alone (made-up and hair done) and looking sad? How about the picture of Goodhand? Us Magazine had an exclusive interview with her, yet they didn’t take any pictures? The one picture the mag included looked like a grainy picture from an old cell phone. How about the fact that none of Dean’s many friends who were present the night he was with Goodhand have commented in his defense? They haven’t commented period. Both Tori and Dean and their camps have remained mum. Not one attempt to discredit Goodhand or follow the true Hollywood method when faced with a cheating scandal… deny, deny, deny. By not saying anything at all… technically they are not lying to fans, right?

Would Tori go this far to stay relevant? Well, let’s think about how far she’ll go. Shortly after her father’s death and the revelation that she’d not be left with the fortune she’d hoped for, the former 90210 princess has continued to make bad financial decisions, mainly including real estate. Cheating rumors started from the early stages of their marriage, but they made it through. As their financial woes became worse, poor, unfortunate Tori has dealt with her mom’s memoir, been the victim of a sex-tape thief, been too strapped for cash to afford a vasectomy for her husband, and, most recently, the victim of her husband’s infidelity followed by the crushing possibility of a love-child. The affair that started as one boring night of protected sex after talking about family, became a night of two soul-mates having unprotected sex, to Goodhand carrying McDermott’s lovechild. Textbook Hollywood scandal that seems to progressively get worse as each scandal fizzles without garnering the results one would hope for. This comes on the heels of their new home purchase. The new home that Tori and her children now occupy alone after McDermott, 47, has reportedly moved out.

Pardon the cynicism, but we all know Tori is hard-up for money and can be pretty deliberate with her timing of scandals. After the sex-tape scandal fizzled-out faster than a shaken soda, something more scandalous than a sex-tape starring a married couple with four kids was necessary. We all know McDermott is a sleaze that likely cheated throughout the marriage, but the timing of the mistress (and potentially two more to talk soon) and the way the whole encounter played out leaves me with some suspicions. We have learned to expect denials and the standard “We will fight these horrible rumors from this fame-hungry woman” response after firm denials from celebrities fighting cheating scandals, but we haven’t gotten anything from the McDermotts. We understand Tori has an image and brand to protect, but her lack of comment (as well as Dean’s) leaves a level of skepticism. Time will tell, as will the additional mistresses that Tori supposedly knew about for years, as this Hollywood cheating scandal runs its course. Makings of a Lifetime movie? Check.