Tori Spelling Ready To Meet Dean McDermott’s Mistresses – Wants To Film It All!

Tori Spelling Ready To Meet Dean McDermott's Mistresses - Wants To Film It All!

Ah, here she goes again. Just in case Tori Spelling‘s recent docu-series True Tori wasn’t disturbing enough, it seems that she is ready to circle the drain again. In case you somehow missed all of the fun, True Tori revolved around Dean McDermott‘s infidelity with a woman named Emily Goodhand. The cameras followed the couple into their therapy sessions and showed what a mess they actually are together. At the time Tori purposely never asked Dean if there were other women and now we know why — that whole can of worms will help launch anew show called Tori’s Journey!

According to the June 30th print edition of In Touch magazine, this new docu-series will feature Tori with a list of women that Dean supposedly cheated on her with and it’ll be her goal to meet and make peace with them all in order to move past his cheating ways. My first question is who will play the role of Emily Goodhand because by all accounts that chick is non-existent! Seriously, she has absolutely no digital imprint and no one connected to her has ever come forward to say a word, probably because Tori and Dean made her up to begin a scandal that would ultimately help them to earn a nice check.

Would Tori be messed up enough to drag a camera with her to meet all of Dean’s supposed hookups? Absolutely, she has already proven that she’ll do anything for a quick fistful of cash hasn’t she? Plus Tori doesn’t like the fact that True Tori didn’t make people sympathetic to her so confronting “other women” is something that she hopes would do it. What are your thoughts on Tori at this point in time?

Image credit to FameFlynet