Undercover Boss Recap – Bikinis Boss is a D-Bag: Season 6 Episode 3 “Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill”

Undercover Boss Recap - Bikinis Boss is a D-Bag: Season 6 Episode 3 "Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy award winning reality show, Undercover Boss continues for an all new Sunday December 28, season 6 episode 3 called “Bikini Sports Bar & Grill”. On tonight episode Doug Guller, founder and CEO of Bikinis Bar and Grill, works undercover at his restaurants.

On last episode The Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, did a stint as a municipal employee, during his shifts, Peduto worked as a refuse worker from Environmental Services collecting garbage, a carpenter with the Housing Authority installing doors, a self-sufficiency coordinator helping community members who were breaking out of the chain of poverty and an employee of the Forestry Division of the Department of Public Works operating a chain saw to cut down dead trees. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill” – CEO/Founder Doug Guller of Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, who welcomes controversy and proudly refers to his chain of restaurants as “breastaurants.” While undercover, Guller contends with a troublesome employee who not only refuses to don the uniform’s bikini top, but also over-serves an intoxicated person.”

The show airs tonight at 8pm on CBS and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates.

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Tonight is the owner of Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill based in Austin, Texas. It’s a fast-growing chain in the vein of Hooters. It’s a $25 million a year enterprise founded by Doug Guller. He says it’s called “sports with a view” and is about sports, booze, food and sex. He says a lot of competitors like Hooters and Tilted Kilt approach their marketing differently – they call themselves a “breastaraunt.” Guller was a corporate guy when he took some time off to go to Australia and was inspired by bikini clad servers here.

He started the company by moving to Austin and maxing out his credit cards to get it started. He has restaurants all over the Southwest and is rapidly expanding and hopes to be international soon. He even bought a town in Texas and named it Bikinis. That was a wild move that sparked controversy but also gained them a lot of PR including a mention on Anderson Cooper’s show. He says he just wants to sell more burgers and beers and will do stunts to do so.

He’s 41 and for now, is a work-focused bachelor. He talks to the stylist and says he thinks a rocker-type disguise will work. He says he’s stretched thin now and doesn’t get to be inside the restaurants very often. Guller wants to make sure everything is iron tight. He’s posing as Jake, a reality show contestant trying to win some money. His first gig is as a bartender in one of his Texas establishments. He meets Jessica, the lead bartender and she trains him.

He’s pissed off the bat that she’s not in a bikini. She says it’s because the cameras are there filming his show. A customer asks her about it. Doug says the name of the place isn’t shirt and is bothered. She offers him training tips. Jessica, the bartender, talks about his black nail polish and says guys want to see hot chicks behind the bar, not that. He breaks a glass and she chastises him. Patrons at the bar criticize him for not working fast enough.

Then he breaks another glass to many shudders. There is a guy at the bar chugging double whiskeys backed with beer and he’s worried. He thinks he’s been over-served but Jessica says it’s okay since he’s not passed out. She blows him off and that concerns him greatly. He says if it escalates, he has to jump out of character to address it. Jessica says the guy is doing good and he rejects Doug’s offer of a water. Jessica offers him another round.

The manager offers to call him a cab but the guy says he’s walking home. Jessica takes a break with her boss outside. He asks how long she’s worked there and she says less than a year and she says the company where she was a sales exec at went under. She says she’s job searching now and says this is not a permanent thing for her. Doug isn’t happy with her lack of passion. He asks if Bikinis has positions where she could move into but she says she’s not interested.

Doug is very disappointed with her performance and that she doesn’t want to be there. Next day, he’s in the kitchen at another location. He says this location has struggled with kitchen inconsistency. He’ll be working with Henry who is a little freaked by his eyeliner and nail polish. He starts him out right away with an order. Henry demonstrates how to cook and plate an order of wings and tells him no sloppy-ass plating. He says you need to #EatWithYourEyes and make sure it looks good.

He calls out an order to Doug who goes searching for more wings. Doug screws up and cooks the wrong type. He tells Doug he’s costing him money. He says Henry is riding him constantly and is demanding perfection. Doug screws up the plating and Henry says it’s unacceptable. Doug loves that he’s such a perfectionist. He says it seems very personal to Henry that he deliver food on time and looking right.

Henry next talks him through dish washing. He says they have to do it manually but the company doesn’t pay for it. He tells Doug they don’t get a lot of support from corporate. Doug is surprised that they have to wash manually and says he needs to reconsider this. Henry says his wife is mad when he works late and misses time with his grandkids. Henry says he worked his ass off for the promotion but it didn’t come with a promotion.

Henry says it’s hard work and you have to love what you do. He says he does and wouldn’t be there if he didn’t. Doug says he loves his passion and wishes he could clone him and take him to other locations. It picks up and they get back to work.

Doug is working next with a Bikinis babe as a server at his flagship location that was the first he ever opened. We see the girls hula hooping. He meets Grace and jokes with her about wearing a bikini top. She says he should wear one. She tells him he has to greet everyone by saying “hi guys” and shows him how to write out the menu board. She tells him the crowd is hit and miss and then takes him to a table.

Doug cracks a joke calling one of the guys a jerk after the wings he ordered. She’s not happy with that and takes him to do some side work rolling silverware. She says the location is hard to get to and is in an awkward spot. She says they need a billboard or something to bring people in. He’s frustrated with the lack of traffic and wants to figure out what’s going on with marketing. The girls chat and he sees them standing around talking and says it’s sending a poor signal.

Grace stops chatting with a customer to take a call on her cell phone. Her friend is there to pick up her car and she takes her keys outside to meet her friend. He asks where the managers are and she says they always hide in the back. She tells him she hula hoops outside when it’s dead to bring in customers. She takes him out and says they kill time and it attracts attention. He says Grace has a lot of passion but has too much free rein. She says she’s been there since they opened but has been fired several times.

She says she was fired for not showing up. She says management is not nice, expect too much and don’t give respect. She says corporate hires the managers. She says she loves her job and says she likes prancing around in a bikini. She says if she could make her boobs a little bigger, that would make it better. He thinks a little more training and she’d be great. Next, he’s in Dallas working with a manager. He says he hopes today is much better.

He meets with Meagan and she tells him she’s a manager and that she makes sure she touches every table to make sure they have a good time. She starts with a huddle to check out the girls. Meagan starts with the ABCs of Bikinis. He likes to see that right away. She says they have to go check the TVs next. She shows him the mega-board and he doesn’t get it. She has to do a whole lot of work to get the sports up on the different TVs.

Doug is totally confused by this and says he may need more help with hit. She leaves him to it and he struggles terribly. She says he doesn’t seem to comprehend it and he has to ask for her help. She says it’s a good thing they’re slow because if it was busy, customers will be screaming to have their game on. A couple of girls offer to buy her a drink to send them home early. Meagan tells them to forget it and says they could get busy.

She says she tries to table touch to make sure customers are happy. Doug says she’s energetic and is nailing it. Meagan tells him two girls decided to just walk out the back door. She says if girls have one bad shift, they get upset and will just walk out. Doug wonders why they would just up and walk out. She says if they were slammed, they’d be in real trouble without them.

Meagan takes him to look at some applications next and he asks if it’s hard when girls walk out. She says it is when she’s put so much into them and they just give up. She says she was a Bikinis babe herself. She says she has to go on Facebook and recruit to get the girls they need. He asks if it’s hard. She says she’s 27 and married with a kid and has gone to school while working. She says they’ve struggled and says her husband lost his job and then they lost their house.

She says they have a lot of things to take care of since their daughter was born with a birth defect and needs surgery. She says she also needs surgery on her teeth. She says it scares her and she needs insurance to take care of it. Doug is saddened by her challenges. She says everything happens for a reason and says she can’t complain too much. She takes him to the line to check food next. He says he needs to support his employees better.

Doug cleans off his eyeliner and nail polish and prepares to reveal himself as the #UndercoverBoss. They are all pretty nice about Jake and then he tells Meagan and the others he played Jake and is really the CEO of Bikinis. He asks about Undercover Boss and they are all a little shocked to be told they’re on the show. He tells Jessica he was pretty disappointed with her. He says her not wearing the bikini top was an issue. Then he talks about the drunk at the bar that had been over-served.

Jessica says she wasn’t sure how much he had to drink and then he says the big issue was her lack of passion about Bikinis. He says she’s great but doesn’t seem right for the company. He tells her she’s fired. She’s angry and tears up. He says he knows she has mixed emotions and he tells her he’s going to get her resume out there and she says why would she give it to him when he just fired her. She’s very distraught. She is angry and stomps out.

She walks out saying she’s not an idiot. She says not everyone is happy with their job at the time. She says just because she’s not satisfied where she’s at doesn’t make her a bad person. Next he talks to Grace and tells her she’s awesome. He tells her she’s the model Bikinis babe. He says there are a couple of things to learn – he says she loves her phone and she says she’s 23 and loves it but agrees she needs to put her phone away at work.

He tells her they’re going to restart the Bikinis promo girl efforts and she’s going to lead it and get paid to do it. He also says she prances around a little but wants bigger boobies. She asks if she’s getting better boobies and he says if she can last six months as a rock star employee with no phone, he’s going to hook her up with full Cs. Grace is thrilled.

Next he talks to Henry and tells him he thinks he’s a fantastic employee. He says they had kitchen issues at that location before Henry started there and says he knows he’s the reason it’s improved so much. He says Henry deserves a raise and gives him an instant 30% raise. He says he’s also going to make it retroactive to when he took over as kitchen supervisor. Then Doug says he’s giving him another $10k to take his family on a vacation. Henry breaks down in tears – he’s ecstatic.

Next up is Meagan and Doug tells her she’s an amazing manager. He tells her her use of social media as a recruiting is incredible and asks to implement it in other locations. He says he wishes he could clone her. He offers a consulting position at corporate to help develop coaching opportunities. He offers her a (paltry) 8% raise. He does tell her that he got her insurance activated and says he’s going to take care of her daughter’s dental issues.

He then tells her that he is giving her $10k to move into a new house with her family. So why did he give the guy a 30% raise and her just an 8% raise? And then he offers the promise of boobs to the other if she’s a “good girl”? Sexist, cheap pig! This is the cheapest boss I think we’ve ever seen on this show. (boo, Doug Guller, boo) On the update we see that Grace is now a bartender, Henry is taking a vacation to Ireland and Meagan is house shopping. What a d-bag this guy is – the boss from Hooter’s was such a better guy who took much better care of his female employees.