Unforgettable Recap 7/6/14: Season 3 Episode 2 “The Combination”

Unforgettable Recap 7/6/14: Season 3 Episode 2 “The Combination”

Tonight on CBS UNFORGETTABLE continues with a new episode called, “The Combination.”  On tonight’s episode Carrie and Al investigate when a championship boxer is beaten to death. The probe focuses on the victim’s past and why he apparently didn’t defend himself or fight his attacker.

On the last episode the Secret Service enlisted Carrie and Al’s help when a murder investigation lead them to uncover a counterfeiting ring run by an assassin, on the third season premiere of UNFORGETTABLE. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Carrie and Al must uncover the pieces of a championship boxer’s past to figure out who was able to beat him to death without any indication that he defended himself or fought back.

Tonight’s premiere looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Unforgettable premiere— tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap let us know how much you are enjoying this season of Unforgettable?

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It’s time for #Unforgettable. There’s a street parade going on to celebrate Italian culture. A guy staggers up, all bruised and battered and collapses in the street. He’s recognized as a boxer – Johnny D’Amato and people shout for someone to call 911. Carrie is in a record shop looking at vinyl and some guy is talking about a Red Hot Chili Peppers album. She says the set list isn’t what he says. She says the encore was a cover of Dr Funkenstein. She says he’s selling a bona fide mix tape.

She gets a call from Al and heads to the crime scene. Johnny is dead. She says she was a fan and just sat near him at the Pacquiao. He’s not happy to hear she went with Francis, the secret service guy. He says the guy sure is in New York a lot. Cherie is there and says that Johnny wasn’t attacked there and CSU couldn’t track the blood trail. Moses, his driver, says he picked up him up and dropped him at 1 pm on Broadway.

Carrie looks around and comes back to Al. She says word on the street is that he threw his last fight and Al says that would piss off a lot of people. Al tells Jay to put a list together of all the people that would have been hurt by him throwing the fight. Jay points out Audre Kade, a rapper, that manages Johnny. Eliot introduces Al to “AK” and says he’s donated $100k to finding Johnny’s killer. Ak had been managing Johnny for two years and had been a fan for even longer.

Before him, he just had his crusty trainer Casey. Eliot says AK doesn’t know anything. Al asks if he threw a fight but AK says Johnny wouldn’t have ever done that. He says he was in Vegas for business over the weekend and came to them as soon as he touched down. Al says Eliot is in some odd circles. Eliot tells him to go find out who killed Johnny because everyone is on his ass about it. Joanne tells Al she’s a huge boxing fan and used to be the on call doc for boxing matches.

She says COD was asphyxiation from his own blood. She says he had too many breaks to figure anything out. She says he was hit with something but she’s not sure what – she says maybe a metal pipe because the injuries are circular. She says she’ll know more once she boils his head. Cherie tells AL she spoke to Johnny’s mom and she had no clue about him throwing a fight because she didn’t watch them. He has an older brother Bobby who hasn’t turned up – he’s a day laborer. His dad is in Hawaii and isn’t in touch.

Jay says AK is in the minority and says social media all thinks Johnny took a dive. Jay shows him fight footage and tells him to look at round three. He just drops his gloves and Al says it doesn’t look like the Johnny he knows. Jay and Al digress into a boxing debate and they wonder if he took a dive, who would have gotten him to do it. Al tells him to look at ties to organized crime.

Al says his trainer Casey McGraw would be really mad if he took a dive. Casey had a record for roughing up fighters that didn’t win. Al and Carrie head to the gym to talk to Casey. He says everyone loved Johnny. Carrie wants to talk boxing with Casey and rattles off a bunch of stats and asks for just a minute of his time. He tells his boxers to take a break and then sits to talk with them. He’s got a split knuckle and says he was at home with his cat when it happened.

Casey says whoever killed Johnny killed him because he was his best. He says there is no way Johnny threw the fight. Carrie says it didn’t look good and Casey says he was distracted but he didn’t know what was bothering him. He says he was a quiet guy who internalized but would have never taken a dive. He says he wouldn’t have done that to him. Carrie asks if he was like a dad to him and he says he and Bobby both. He says he knew Johnny had that special sauce.

Casey says he was a star. He shows them some footage of Johnny sparring with him and says he was quick as a rabbit. Carrie emulates it and Casey tells her to pop her hips at the end. She does and Casey says she’s got special sauce too. Al agrees that she’s saucy. Jay pokes Al about Sugar Ray then tells him that Johnny had some unusual connection and shows him a woman named Dafina who has ties to the Albanian mob and he filed restraining orders against some of her family.

Agim, Edon, Megi and Dafina. He says they are all scary as hell. Al and Carrie show up to talk to the Albanians. Al hassles her about showing off her boxing skills for Casey. He reminds her she punched him and he says because he was hitting on someone. They show up and find a camera crew there. The guy is excited and runs the camera crew over.

Carrie says they’re there about Johnny’s murder. Dafina says she knew him from growing up and she says she’s been helping him out since high school and says she and her girls all back him like a syndicate. She says they were proud of him. She says he was pissed off about being on their show – Staten Island Syndicate Wives – and took out the restraining orders so they couldn’t tape him. She loved him but he was a jerk.

She says Johnny was a homewrecker and says he was banging Magi. She says Magi had the hots for her since high school and was sleeping with someone. He asks if she told Edon and she says she would not have set her brother-in-law up for murder and says that they’ve been on film all week. A guy shows up yelling that they’ll pay for Johnny and Carrie recognizes him as Bobby and calls out to him. He has a baseball bat that he’s swinging around and says Johnny is dead because of them.

He says they killed Johnny and Carrie tells him to out the bat down. She says his mother shouldn’t have to bury two sons in one week and he puts the bat down then collapses in tears. Al puts his gun away. Carrie says they’ve been looking for him and he says he’s been nowhere. He says he can’t believe his brother is gone and says Johnny told him he was afraid of the Albanians. He says they knew Johnny was going to make it big so they took him under his wing.

Bobby says a couple of months ago they wanted him to do something he didn’t want to do and wouldn’t tell Bobby because he wanted to protect him. He says he shouldn’t have gone to work but he needed the money. He says he swore to his mom that he would look out for Johnny and begs them to find who did it. Al says they need to get him home. A producer on the show runs over to talk to them and says he’ll get them the footage they want.

He says the footage on them was amazing and says they should do a show – Major Crimes, NYC. He offers them a shot to be cable famous and Al says she’s already famous in his eyes and she says it’s a no. They head back to the office. Joanne says she thinks he was punched to death and there were no defensive wounds, no drugs and not much alcohol. She shows Carrie scratches and thinks the person was wearing a heavy ring. His lower teeth were knocked out. They look like boxing injuries.

Carrie thinks about the combination Johnny is known for. He was killed by his own combo. Jay watch footage from the reality show and laughs at the insane drama and profanity. Al says they’re bringing in Casey. Jay shows them some footage. Edon and Magi are arguing about him wearing a pink tie. Jay says the alibis are air tight and shows them cursing at the camera crews in their bedroom.

Jay says the show is addictive and shows Agim getting a pedicure. Carrie points out a girl in the footage and recognizes her – she was in a photo on Casey’s desk – his granddaughter Anna. She’s in the reality footage with Johnny and is seen in the background. Carrie says the two were clearly in a relationship and Carrie thinks she may be pregnant. Jay pulls up her address and they think that’s where he was before he died and maybe Casey was there.

Carrie says she doesn’t think it was him. He calls Cherie and she’s at Casey’s gym and tells them that he’s dead – looks like a gunshot wound.

At the gym, Cherie says it doesn’t look like a robbery and Al says it can’t be a coincidence. Anna is there and she asks why everyone is dying. Al asks her about Johnny and is surprised he knows. He asks who would want to hurt Casey and she says everyone loved him and that he was like a father to half the kids in the neighborhood. She says other fighters might have had it in for Johnny but she never saw the side of him that was the killer in the ring. She says he was gentle.

Al asks her about the baby and she says she lost it six weeks ago on a Sunday. Al says he’s sorry and she says Johnny was sweet when she told him the news. She says he told her that she had made him seen what was important and he said he was going to retire and open a gym. She says they talked about it the morning he died and they were going to tell Casey, get married and try for another baby.

Anna is distraught. Al explains to Cheri that’s why Johnny lost the fight – he had just found out about the miscarriage. Bobby has an alibi and the slug from Casey’s is a 9 mm. Al recalls that AK’s bodygaurd packs that. Al asks AK about Johnny’s retirement and his dislike for Casey. They break the news that Casey is dead and he says he didn’t want that. Al says they think he had his bodyguard kill Johnny and Casey and says they know his bodyguard Parker wasn’t on his private plane.

Carrie asks for Parker’s gun and then she asks AK what it’s like to kiss a girl with a lip ring. She says he’s the one that Magi has been sleeping with. She says the Albanian mob won’t like to hear that. Parker hands over the gun and AK says Eliot won’t be happy about that. She takes his other piece as well. Cherie points out bloody pallets and a shirt a homeless guy found.

Carrie looks around and then says the pallets haven’t moved since yesterday. She says they’re set up like a hiding place. She crouches behind them and then looks over at the cop cars. She recalls the set up from the street fair and then thinks about the police line and says he could have walked right out. She thinks about what she saw and then recalls a guy with a Fire Department shirt on. She says Bobby was there and he lied about not being there. She says she saw him.

Al and Carrie head to the construction site where Bobby has been laboring. They tell him they need to talk and he takes off at a run. They give chase. Al calls in for back-up. Carrie is hot on his heels and he trips her and she loses her gun. He locks her outside of a floor and then when Al comes in, he whacks him and takes him down. Carrie runs down the scaffolding outside to try and intercept. She hops into a plastic garbage chute and then nails him with a one-two punch.

Al tells Bobby that it’s going to hurt for a while and says she popped her hip. Carrie says they found his brother’s blood on his toolbox and his brother’s championship ring that he killed him with. Carrie says he impressed her by pulling the stunt at the reality shoot then having someone punch his time card to alibi him. She says she knows Johnny was supporting him but then cut him off about a month ago.

Bobby says he begged him to keep helping him but he said no. He says he went to the festival to talk to him but he wouldn’t listen, so he hit him. Carrie says he wouldn’t hit you back and he says his brother thought he was nothing and that’s why he wouldn’t hit back. He says he didn’t mean to kill him. Al says the most he’ll get is manslaughter for Johnny and they need more to get him on Casey.

Carrie says she met Casey and didn’t like him. She asks what he thought of him. Bobby says he wanted to train and was there first – sweeping up when he was 10. He says once Casey saw Johnny, he was done with him and wouldn’t even let him in to watch his brother box. He says he asked to work for them at the new gym he was starting with Casey but Casey said to cut him off and called him a parasite. Carrie says that Casey was the parasite and she says it’s all Casey’s fault.

Carrie says she would have shot him through the heart and Bobby says that’s why he killed him – he took everything from him. Bobby says he never meant to hurt Johnny. Carrie says she believes him. Eliot and Al watch as she gets both confessions. Later, she smiles at Al and Eliot calls her the confession whisperer. He says he likes the empathy card she played and she says it’s a rope a dope.

Eliot says AK doubled the reward money and donated it to the local Boys and Girls Club and a case of vodka to major crimes. Eliot says he couldn’t accept it and Carrie asks if it’s in his trunk and Al says it’s in his Hamptons House and Eliot says it’s a place they’re never invited again. Al asks if she’s dating Francis and he hassles him and he says next time, he’s the one taking her to a fight. She says let’s do it right here and now. She stands and squares off against him. They fake spar. She punches him right in the kisser.