‘Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder and ‘Twilight’ Nikki Reed Dating With PDA In California: Official New Couple Alert (PHOTOS)

'Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and 'Twilight' Nikki Reed Dating With PDA In California: Official New Couple Alert (PHOTOS)

The Vampire Diaries fans were in an uproar yesterday when Ian Somerhalder was photographed out jogging with Twilight alum Nikki Reed. Rumors that the two stars were dating took the internet by storm. Once could argue that Nikki and Ian were simply friends, out together getting some harmless exercise. However, today Nikki and Ian were spotted again! And, they are clearly more than “just friends,” they are dating.

The on-screen vampires apparently spent the weekend together, and on Sunday July 20th they took a romantic trip to the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. Somerhalder and Reed were inseparable, and Ian couldn’t keep his hands off from Nikki. While they browsed through the market he kept his arm around her almost the entire time. And, he was even photographed hugging Nikki from behind while she shopped.

It looks like Ian and Nina Dobrev are definitely off again, and while he was spending the weekend with Nikki Reed, she was hard at work in Georgia on the set of their CW series The Vampire Diaries. Nina actually caught some major backlash online today when she was charging her fans $5.00 to watch her live online question and answer session.

Ironically, several media outlets were just reporting a few days ago that Ian and Nina were getting back together because they were on set together filming Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries. Either the rumors were nothing more than rumors, or Ian Somerhalder has some serious explaining to do. Nina Dobrev is probably in her dressing room right now having a major melt down, while Ian is frolicking around California with Nikki Reed. Hell hath no fury like a scorned vampire.

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6 responses to “‘Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder and ‘Twilight’ Nikki Reed Dating With PDA In California: Official New Couple Alert (PHOTOS)”

  1. Lettie says:

    So this article is showing him kissing two different women!!! Ummm maybe think he’s just playing the media? Trying to cause a reaction!

  2. Anchy Briški says:

    ian and nikki????? nina forever, nikki you slut

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  6. marlyn says:

    I think everything is better with Nina in January because it is the most beautiful woman and sexy girl Nikki will not reach the level that it has nina.ele two were best friends, but Nikki did not Nina’s suffering cared Ian taking him away from her. Nina Ian still love him, still very much in it although you do not like the idea that her ex is dating Ian Nikki.Nina wants him back next Nikki is not the most appropriate for him, I think Ian and Nina fits even if they broke up they still have feelings for each other, even though none admit that they see is still love and have Besides a very strong chemistry that exists between ei.Ian & nikki seems to understand each other and come together more as related to one another but that appointment … what do you think? in the pictures below which occurs in January without Nikki with another woman redhead in jeans, he puts his hands on its face to kiss increcand where finally the Nikki. It did not seem right while Nina and Ian were together, all the press and papparazzi just been shoved in their lives until space separated not caring how they do their worst. Nina Ian wants him back, but do not give him as it seems before – make him jealous, a girl she did not leave defeated by one that Nikki Reed.