Vanessa Paradis Looks Horrible – Angry and Depressed In LA As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Live It Up In NYC (PHOTOS)

Vanessa Paradis Looks Horrible - Angry and Depressed In LA As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Live It Up In NYC (PHOTOS)

Vanessa Paradis has never really been a household name in the U.S. And people that know who she is associate her with Johnny Depp. The two were together for well over a decade and have two kids that they are now attempting to co-parent. Johnny split with Vanessa nearly two years ago in order to be with Amber Heard who is now his fiance. While Vanessa claims to be happy for her ex let’s be serious, the whole situation obviously stings.

She waited 14 years before realizing that he was never going to wife her and now after under two years he is ready to walk down the aisle with the much younger home-wrecking gold digger Amber. Ouch! Vanessa was spotted out in L.A. This weekend with her son Jack and to be honest, I would never have recognized her now if not for the photo caption. She has cut off her long hair and seems to have gained a tiny bit of weight. The usually boho looking Vanessa now resembles a dude- or Meg Ryan before Meg was a poster child for plastic surgery gone wrong. Vanessa looks a bit haggard and depressed.

Meanwhile in NYC Johnny and Amber have been photographed out looking fabulously happy and pulled together. Clearly Johnny thinks he is the winner in this high profile bust up.

Editor’s Note: Isn’t it ironic and disgusting – Depp always pretended to be the non-conformist, Mr. Cool – yet ended up doing the most typical conformist patriarchal thing in the world – dumped his long-suffering middle-aged baby mama to hookup and marry a young bimbo.  Depp’s true colors are ugly and selfish. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 responses to “Vanessa Paradis Looks Horrible – Angry and Depressed In LA As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Live It Up In NYC (PHOTOS)”

  1. Avmir says:

    her haircut it’s unflattering but i think it’s for a movie. Since years she always looks the best when she’s in full make up, but that’s called age, not something that happens only to her…her clothes are horrible, and she looks like a boy for sure, but nothing that uncle Karl can’t fix with a nice dress. But she looks angry and even little Jack look a little stressed by this. She doesn’t spend too much time in LA with the children, so it’s kinda sad that whatever ruins her mood around the children.

    About Johnny, so to not be a “cliche” he should continue in an unhappy relationship forever? he wasn’t married to Vanessa, nothing obliged them to be together if they didn’t want to, and Vanessa knew the risks.

    Also Amber and JD met in 2009 and maybe something clicked inside them, and even if they continued with their separate lives maybe those feelings didn’t move away…it would have been better for you if they were secret lovers for years? or both of them living in sadness and in fake relationships because they couldn’t be together because it would be too cliche?

  2. drdebo cherry says:

    talk about a homewrecker…..its so sad

  3. Gigi says:

    I love Amber Heard, she’s unique, smart and very well mannered. At least that’s the impression i get from the interviews I’ve seen of her. Being young and blonde doesn’t make someone a bimbo, also she’s made many successful films all on her own so I’d hardly call her fame hungry or gold digging. She’s just a girl swept away in love, and it’s not like Johnny Depp isn’t a girl magnet. Yes it’s a shame that him and Vanessa didn’t make it, but like you said it’s been what 14 years, 2 kids and no engagement? On some level both of them must have known something wasn’t right.

  4. Jesse says:

    That was hilarious and i agree completely!I will put it more simply… When I look at Amber Heard I hear the theme to Deliverance in my head.. For you kids that means hillbilly banjos! Her whole gun toting, animal killing, Beverly Hillbilly thing is absolutely repugnant. Depp left his beautiful French model for her????? Sickening.

  5. […] it’s not like Johnny is an amateur when it comes to parenting. He already has two children with his ex Vanessa Paradis. They were married for a whopping 14 years and then, one day in 2012, decided to quit their […]

  6. mrs depp says:

    Johnny, didnt dump vanessa they just could live being together anymore,
    doesnt mean he still hasn’t got feelings for her because she’s the mother to his