Lily-Rose Depp Struggles to Navigate Growing Up With Selfish Parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (PHOTOS)

Lily-Rose Depp Struggles to Navigate Growing Up With Selfish Parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (PHOTOS)

It’s amazing how sometimes people that appear to have everything in actuality have nothing. Take Lily-Rose Depp for example. She is the eldest child of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and at least on paper she is living a charmed life. Her dad makes sure that her allowance is huge and has a bodyguard to protect her. Meanwhile mom is a free spirit that doesn’t seem to value rules very much so Lily-Rose has her freedom. Her life would appear to be what most teen girls dream of- endless shopping trips and no curfew. But have you taken a good look at Lily-Rose? This is not exactly a happy girl.

Since her parents split a couple of years ago Lily-Rose has been pegged as a wild child but what she really looks like is a sad little girl more often than not. Quality time with her father has been scarce and while we have seen her out shopping with new step-mom to be, Amber Heard, who knows how they really get along. Amber isn’t a whole lot older than Lily-Rose so at most she probably feels like an older sister more than a mother figure.

Vanessa, Lily-Rose’s mother doesn’t exactly set the best example. While she claims to be happy for Johnny and Amber you can’t help but think that there is more than a tinge of bitterness there. She has had a revolving door of younger men ever since splitting from Johnny and that certainly has to affect Lily-Rose’s sense of stability. Do you think that she is falling into the typical trappings of young Hollywood as has been rumored? Or is this teen just looking for a lifeline to feel normal again? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp and her bodyguard stop by a bookstore in West Hollywood, California on March 16, 2014

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8 responses to “Lily-Rose Depp Struggles to Navigate Growing Up With Selfish Parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (PHOTOS)”

  1. Lady says:

    And you are doing the same thing in your comment and spreading false information!
    You don’t know anything about their custody agreement, and if you knew the littlest details you would know Vanessa splits her time between France and the U.S, she has to being a French citizen and all!

  2. Old Man Money says:

    It must be incredibly difficult to respect your father when he’s dating someone barely older than you. Johnny Depp now officially falls into the ‘silly, deluded old man’ category that Hugh Hefner has been occupying for decades. Not sexy, not scandalous – just gross.

  3. too smart for this shit says:

    what a stupid article – based on one person’s YOURS opinion and no fact or knowledge of the people you write about. Even I know more about this couple then you and I don’t pretend to be a journalist. Vanessa sets an excellent example IS AN EXCELLENT MOTHER, the johnny and her have had no fallouts and work together because of the kids, the kids look very healthy and happy and good. You’re a looser. honestly, i wish i had the last 2 minutes of my life back before i read that junk you posted.

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  5. orianalianna says:

    I think she should stay away from the lime light and break away from the hollywood set up. She has a chance to live life to the fullest, I hope she never joins the fold. It’s not worth it. She ought to invest in her future and go to university.

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  7. Jesse says:

    I feel sorry for Lily Rose. How horrible she must feel inside. Her father humiliates her mother by dumping her for some young bimbo who could be his daughter! If my dad ever humiliated my mom like Johnny did to Vanessa, I would be mortified. .