Vanessa Paradis Furious Over Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Engagement

Vanessa Paradis Furious Over Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Engagement
Word to the wise – don’t bother asking Vaness Paradis about her former boyfriend or else she will go off! The 41 year old actress  flipped off the paparazzi when they callously asked her about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard engagement rumors. As the story goes some paps had corned her leaving L.A.’s Aroma Café with a friend when they demanded to know if she had heard already about Amber Heard‘s shiny new ring. Not that there’s been any official announcement, but all the same they wanted her reaction. And because they’re the paparazzi let’s not even pretend they asked nicely. They probably shouted at her “Why do you think Johnny Depp is prepared to marry Amber when he never married you”! Such hateful words like those would have been the final straw for anyone. Particularly when there’s some truth in it.

The fact that Vanessa stopped at the finger rather than a physical assault shows she’s at least chose to be an adult about the situation. If she were to attack anyone then it would have been the blow-up doll wearing the ring. After all she might be one of the many woman that Johnny has proposed. And believe me there is a list. Vanessa’s name just happens to never have been on it.

Vanessa and Johnny were together for 14 years and by all appearances looked very happy together. Then (as I’ve always suspected) – he met Amber. They filmed The Rum Diaries together and very soon afterwards Johnny and Vanessa decided to call it quits. From his breakup with Vanessa to his new romance with Amber the timing was a little too close for comfort. Still, and this might have to do with the two young kids, Vanessa and Johnny have remained cordial towards each other ever since.

So when the photographers asked this woman about whether or not Johnny and Amber were in fact engaged; then got what was coming to them. They almost certainly deserved worst and should count themselves lucky she stopped at giving them the finger. If she were a man like Alec Baldwin, Kanye West, or Sean Penn they would have known not to cross this line. But no she’s a woman. One they were hoping to make cry just so they can get a higher price for the photos. I’m proud she remained defiant and didn’t try to be a wilting flower. It  shows them who they’re messing with! I don’t see any problem with Vanessa behavior. Do you?

  • Avmir

    Let’s be honest, If it were Amber Heard you’d be crucifying her by show the finger…
    Other than that, I don’t know, the papz are really mean, so I don’t think they deserve any kindness from Vanessa, Johnny, Amber or whoever…

    And by the way, Johnny and Amber filmed the movie in 2009. So, it’s not as he met Amber and run to split with Vanessa…there are a couple of years in between

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  • Vanessa could have had him.

  • MakeHerUp

    Of course she is furious!!

  • janie

    I don’t know why the paps have to be so mean. No matter how things end there is still hurt on both sides. I thought he wanted to marry Vanessa & she chose not to? I also thought she was the one cheating and that’s why they broke up?

  • Elizabethliar

    She had her chance but lost it. She was too trusting and too confident about her relationship with him. Amber will probably make the same mistake. Johnny proposes to everyone and never makes it to the finish line but once and that was before he was famous. After he is finished with Amber he will move on to someone younger too. When Amber loses her looks and gets to looking worn out he will move on to the next one. She will enjoy the ride while she is on it as he will too and he has a free pass to date women with this one since she wouldn’t mind him bringing another woman home for some frolic and action. She knows her days are number like the many before her. His career may suffer since his fans are mostly middle aged women and men in their late twenties for the pirates movies. But he looks to be burned out and tired and ragged here lately. His aging has finally caught up with him probably due to keeping up with his life style and busy career. Music, acting, publishing, his studio, and so on. If he don’t slow down and relax he will not make it to sixty. No one after fifty can go on at his face paced life. He should look at himself and know something isn’t right with him. Fans are no going to his movies and he has became what he said he never wanted to be. A product a franchise. He looks sick, burnt out and done.

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  • Leo

    Vanessa has every right to be furious. I mean this nobody stole her man of 14 years and father of her children. Depp lied to Vanessa and tried to tell her she was nuts for suspecting that he had cheated. meanwhile he had been sleeping with the bimbo since 2009 and vanessa was publically and globally humiliated! I can not stand Depp anymore and really can not stomache this nothing famewhore he is so in love with now. It is so creepy!

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