The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Susan Lucci Coming To Y&R? – Michael Muhney’s and Billy Miller’s Return Demanded By Fans

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Susan Lucci Coming To Y&R? - Michael Muhney's and Billy Miller's Return Demanded By Fans

We told you guys exclusively this weekend about Jill Farren Phelps hoping to woo Susan Lucci back to daytime and onto the set of The Young & the Restless with one heck of a deal. Now that Lucci’s old stomping grounds, All My Children has truly bit the dust she is feeling better about moving to a different show on another network. Susan has found success in other genres but it’s daytime where she feels most at home. She spent 41 years on AMC and the daily grind never got old or tiresome and at this stage in her life she’s needing to go back and work like she always has. So according to the April 7th print edition of GLOBE magazine, whatever Y&R show runner Jill threw down on the table Susan was very quick to pick up.

Now that her loyalty isn’t going to be compromised Susan is dying to set foot on a soap sound stage again and even a phone call from Melody Thomas Scott warning her that things at Y&R are shaky wasn’t enough to scare her off. It’s true, the environment created by Jill in the last year has really driven home the point that no one’s job is safe, ever. She has fired fan favorite Michael Muhney under dubious conditions and let Billy Miller go because he needed a little time off to pursue prime time goals – this Jill did in order to make room for her pet actors that follow her from soap to soap. She also has a way of allowing one female character on the show to be strong and independent while all of the others slowly turn into helpless victims. If Susan is coming aboard then she will certainly be the strong female character with a great story line and every other female character will be secondary.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Susan Lucci Job Offer - Michael Muhney and Billy Miller Return Anticipated By Fans

Melody has said that the cast already walks on egg shells expecting to be fired and this is one more move that would make everyone feel threatened. Melody has been with Y&R for 25 years and the thought of a 41-year soap vet is a threat to her. Can you imagine how the other stars like Cady McClain and Amelia Heinle must feel? I’m betting the pressure is really on to do everything right, don’t you think? Would Susan be a great addition to Y&R or is the wreckage that Jill seems to create everywhere that she goes too big even for Susan to avoid?

From what we can tell what fans really want isn’t an over the hill Susan Lucci who really doesn’t belong on Y&R but a rehiring of Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. Our Celeb Dirty Laundry Soap Opera Spy’s Facebook page reports the following reactions to Susan Lucci’s job offer:

Wow, I can’t even wrap my head around the damage she (JFP) has done to this show. This is shameful.

no way….she will always be Erica won’t work.

Seriously… nothing against Susan Lucci but this move is insulting to Y&R fans that have been watching for years. Anyway, my last day was when they fired MM (I’d been watching for 30 years) and the only way I’ll ever watch again is if they bring Adam back (the real Adam – Michael Muhney) not some Adam wantabe! Oh and I heard they cheated him out of his emmy. That’s so not cool. You reap what you sow though… it will come back to bite you

Without MM and Billy Miller and having consistent bad story lines , just adding another star will NOT improve anything…need to listen to long time viewers !

Susan can’t begin to make up for the firing of MM. She looks good but what are they going to do with a 70 year old for romance? Yuck, do they think that’s going to cut it? Maybe she can pair with Victor Newman, that’s about it. We need MM back!

SONY!! It’s in your hands to fire the worst person in the world for soap, and that is JFP! Bring back all the viewers by bringing back, MM, BM,and MS!!

It’s really sad for us long, long time fans to see this happening all because of one person who could care less about the program. I say fire her!!! Soon there will be no Y&R audience left whereas, not too long ago, it was the most watched and emmied soap opera on television. Just sad.

Fans continue to express outrage at the idea of bringing Susan to Y&R but there is the occasional comment that is favorable towards the job offer:

to0 silly really….Stupid move she is Erica and she does not suit for Y&R..well talk about bad producing So pay Lucci lots of money and get rid of fans Favorites…well if Y@R goes down so will Phelps…


And the ONLY reason numbers went up this week is because they keep dangling the return of Adam Newman in the viewers faces. I will not fall for it. The show is unrecognizable now. So sad.

If Susan Lucci appears on Y & R I hope it will be in a really good role. Not sure what JFP is trying to do, but she best not let any of our favorites go!!! Susan can bring some drama to GC, what if she turns out to be an ex wife of Collin, or a family member of Ian? Could be interesting…. Just saying…

Just call it ShadyAcres…love after70….so glad I stopped watching,,,,watching her and mumbles (Victor Newman) make out..I would hurl…..for real.

So there you have a representative sampling of what fans think – they don’t want Lucci but they do want Muhney and Miller back. In fact the return of Adam Newman appears to be critical to the shows longer term success and even survival. But don’t forget just how many soaps JFP has damaged beyond repair with her commando tactics – they don’t call her The Angel of Death for nothing!

But then there are fans who think Susan is TOO GOOD for Y&R!

Susan’s fans don’t want to see her on Y&R. She’s to classy to be a part of the madness. JPF is nuts

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below – would the show be better with Susan or would you prefer to see Billy and Michael return!

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Susan Lucci Job Offer - Michael Muhney and Billy Miller Return Anticipated By Fans

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39 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Susan Lucci Coming To Y&R? – Michael Muhney’s and Billy Miller’s Return Demanded By Fans”

  1. Racquel Garnette says:

    Jill Farren Phelps should do what she thinks it is right for the show if she had a imagination brain. Why take on a good show and ruin it by torturing the characters by making play these bad parts. Every character on the show was ruined by her bad writing. The gunpoint situation last month was bad. Womack holding everybody by gunpoint was dangerous. He couldn’t act good and i was glad he was dead. Start by caring for your characters if you want to stick around on the show. How about you do this Jill Farren Phelps is fire your writers and hire someone who has a good imagination then that will get your viewers back to the show. Jill Farren Phelps for you to get rid of Michael Muhney and Billy J Miller off the show was the biggest mistake. Make up your mind very fast to make big changes to the show. Lily is dressing way to hookish and i wish she could tone it down a little. This abby needs to be recasted. Find a younger girl to play the down to earth Abby. Susan Lucci being on the show won’t change anything. Bringing that slut Kelly on the show was a waste of time. David Tom needs to go because his acting is bad. If Billy J Miler can’t make it back as Billy Abbott then hire someone who play the good Billy Abbott like him.

  2. Chadamfan says:

    I totally stopped watching the show which IMO is going downhill. Agree with poster Snyder that the “new” Billy is unbearable to watch. The show will never be the same without Billy Miller and Michael Muhney They will not be able to find a suitable replacement for MM! JFP should just rehire both of them back and the show will get a lot more fans watching the show. Who needs Susan Lucci.? Where is JFP’s head?

  3. Tisha says:

    I quit watching the show a few months ago, actually the day that Billy and Michael left the show..l finally deleted it off my VCR..I have been watching Young and the Restless Since I was 14 years old…I’m 53 now, so that’s a very long time…the beginning of summer of my freshman year of high school…so there you go…my 73 year old mother started watching it with me at the same time and then my girls all watched it..we all gave it the old heave ho after the soap fell apart.

  4. Karine says:

    It’s just plain bad management. Too bad, Y&R was the only decent soap left. I’m giving this show another month – if things don’t change, I’m out. I don’t think the addition of Susan Lucci could bring the show up- the problem is not the actors but the execs and writers. Like all other businesses, it will take 6 months to a year before they see the downfall….too bad

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  6. rosiebudd says:

    The show is now boring, no excitement…..rather watch the news

  7. Cheryl says:

    I have not missed one episode…since day 1…Since the firing of Miller & Muhney, the forward button on my remote has been really on the move….I see myself skipping episodes now and in the near future no more. Those actors are not replacable …. What about the emmy for Muhney, now that’s a shame.

  8. Rosalea Moore says:

    Let’s face it – Erica is too old. So are Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott. We need some fresh meat. Good looking fresh meat such as Michael Muhney and Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford. Either way I quit watching January 30th of this year.

  9. Racquel Garnette says:

    If the young and the restless was cancelled because of Jill Farren Phelps and her writing team then this show won’t be missed. The storylines has been going on for months. Jill Farren Phelps likes to look for a storyline to drag and drag. This show won’t be on for long if she keeps up with this mess. The show was good when Michael Muhney (Adam and Billy J Miller (Billy) was on the show. Without these two the show will suck. Get rid of Susan Lucci she doesn’t fit for the show. Start by caring for the people who doesn’t have a storyline. Nicholas and Sharon doesn’t have a storyline. Showing Sharon now at the hospital is ok. I hope she gets better so she can move on with her life. Pairing Sharon up with Nicholas will create old memories. That is what you like Jill. Jill stop focusing on the past and focus on the future for the storylines. Move on with the Dylan father thingy storyline and create something new. I think that this show is going to last til in the summer or by the fall. Fire your writers and get some new ones who has imagination mind.

  10. Richard Baker says:

    Bring back Micheal Muhney or lose a ton of fans. My included. And my wife. Muhney is a great actor. If he made a mistake, so be it. He and Miller need to be brought back. This soap is terrible without them. GH and B & B are far better

  11. Lily says:

    If Adam groped Summer (in real life), then firing him is not out of line. I am shocked that people conveniently forget that fact. It would be different if it was there daughter…but hey it’s their soap opera. BUT Adam the character and the actor are missed. Cast someone great and everyone will forget.
    Not letting Billy Miller do other projects is very short sighted. He is a fantastic actor. David Tom, sadly, is not.
    It feels like Victoria is with her little brother, which in a twisted soap opera way she kind of is (Heather Tom, David’s sister used to play Victoria). And speaking of Victoria, Billy was the only thing that made her the least bit interesting. She is kind of awful with awful messy hair.
    When are we going to recast Phyllis – eventhough I don’t know how it would be possible to replace Michelle Stafford, it needs to be done. She is not coming back. This recast is taking way too long.
    This music box story that has been dragging on for so many months has no substance. It’s going nowhere, it is nothing, get rid of it.
    Everyone and every story line is oh so weak.
    You are losing me. I feel defeated. It’s a struggle to watch.
    Please make it better.

    • Sharon says:

      If MM really did “grope” Summer in real life, there are other ways to deal with it. He could have been suspended without pay and off the show temporarily. They could have sent him to harassment training and sensitivity. Given him a final warning. Then, they could have made sure that the two of them never played a scene together and were never together on the set. At least that way, the show could avoid any possibility of it occurring again. Because they chose none of the other options, it appears that they were, in fact, on a witch hunt and took advantage of Summer’s allegations.

  12. Robin says:

    When will Y&R get the legal issues about the ” hit & run ” correct ? In real life Adam would not be charged with hit & run , more likely obstruction for covering up & not coming forward after learning his involvement . Billy is the main culprit , negligence for not watching the child in his care , most likely , negligent manslaughter , along with armed kidnapping regarding Adam . The writers should be consulting lawyers for accuracy when writing scripts .

  13. KAROL says:


  14. D from Michigan says:

    I have watched Y & R over 30 years. The most recent writers are doing damage to the show. We are loyal to our characters and to take them off replace them with others…..STOP! The story lines are lacking and I hope the editors will STOP before Y & R is no more!

  15. Debra Loper says:

    Bring Billy and Michael back already! I have not watched since they left! And I had watched the young and the restless for almost as long as they have been on the air. It was a sad day when Kay passed away. Then so many changes were happening. Then it was like we were blind sided with a one two punch. Both Billy and Michael at the same time? No more, I had had enough! I loved the chemistry between the characters of Billy & Vicky, and Billy for not having a child did an excellent performance as a grieving father! And Michael Adam the hate/love relationship we all had of him and his little boy smile, and his chemistry with that baby and of course Chelsea! How could you just throw all that performance away? I do not believe for one minute the accusations there definitely was more to it. Its a disgrace for someone to just come along and tear apart something that has been apart of our lives for so many years. Maybe its her style but its definitely not mine, and its definitely not alot of other fans either. I guess the old saying is true “All good things must come to an end” Just never thought it would end this way.

  16. elle12 says:

    If you want this story to be believable, at least address the reality of Susan Lucci’s situation: she has TWO primetime cable shows. Why would she want a soap job on the west coast when she has two primetime shows that shoot far closer to her NY home?

    I adored her on AMC, and I love her on Devious Maids. If – and I think it’s HIGHLY unlikely – she goes to Y&R, I’ll watch her there, but I don’t buy this story for a second.

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  18. Fabienne says:

    JFP is a lunatic. And whoever hired her must be more of a lunatic.
    There is nobody good in the Y&R anymore.Used to run home to
    watch the show,now i do not care what happens.She might as well
    flatten the show like a house of cards . This will happen soon. After
    Michael Muhney and Billy, the show does not cost a penny.
    What a shameful bunch of bad writers and producers.So pathetic!
    Too bad jill , we fans love Michael Muhney, and even if he is never
    to figure in your pathetic stories, he will always stay more successful
    and famous than you will ever be.He imprinted the Y&R. YOU,
    on the contrary, MESSED it before bringing it to an END , and this is
    how all the fans you despise feel. They simply dropped your show forever Just like you dropped their favourite characters and actors.
    They are beautiful human beings.

  19. Anita says:

    The new Billy is pathetic! If they want to clean house, they need to get rid of Lily… Spoiled little brat….. I can’t stand her!

  20. […] she has no issue with Phelps, at least until the other day when we heard that she caught wind of Susan Lucci being offered a role on the show and made a phone call to the daytime diva. Supposedly Scott discouraged Lucci from jumping onto the […]

  21. Longtime Fan Noreen says:

    You’ve got to bring back Billy and Adam. The show is not the same. Bring back Phyllis too . She always kept the storyline interesting. I’ve been watching for 40 years and it’s not keeping my interest. Where can you put Susan Lucci? Maybe a new competing business against Victor and Jack . It’s time to spice it up again and listen to the fans requests.

  22. Carol says:

    i don’t care for the new Billy at all. i think Susan would be cool, as long as she is “her own”character, with her own thing going on, to bring something new to this show. i say bring back MM, as Adam, and get rid of Nick. he’s worthless. He does NOTHING important, or exciting, and he can’t even run a successful night club.

  23. not as much a fan now says:

    If they’re not going to bring back Billy Miller, then at least get someone decent to play the role… Cameron Matheson comes to mind! At least he can act…

  24. glenda lance says:

    I LOVE Y AND R but holy cow I want my old Adam and Billy back. That Billy looks like a baby and no one can replace Adam. Just like on b and b Ridge is a joke.

  25. Bj Gewin says:

    I have been watching this show since it came on. They have gone KRAZY lately, and the powers that be need to wake up and smell tbe roses. We NEED the real Adam to come back and fire tbe person who fired him. She doesn’t have a clue nor does she care what the fans want..Bring Adam (MM) back!!!!!

  26. Laura G says:

    Bring back Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. The show is very blah and boring without them. David Tom’s acting like Billy is 18 years old. He hasn’t matured as an actor. Billy Miller is in a different league as well as is Michael Muhney. The story lines need to pick up as well.

  27. laura says:

    yes this biily is nothing to look at and when he has a part i turn the show off hes not an actor!!!!!!!!

  28. rhairOne says:

    The fact of the matter is neither Billy Miller nor Michael Muhney are the original characters they play. But they’ve done such a wonderful acting job and they truly deserve to have their jobs back. I’ve been a loyal fan for since the first day it aired. I’ve not stop watching but I don’t understand why this lady will JFP would consider bringing Susan Lucci to Y&R. I think regardless what character/role she plays she’ll always known as Erica Kane. I really this woman JFP would spend that additional money trying to bring Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) back!!!

  29. Canada says:

    I have been watching Y&R since 1992 and I must say that Jill Phelps is destroying the show. Michael Muhney is one of the best actors the show has ever had and Billy Miller made a previously arrogant Billy lovable and funny. He even made me love Victoria for the first time. Why mess with two fan favourites. And why kill off legacy characters. Jill has to go before I stop watching altogether. And for god sakes bring back Victoria Rowell. Neil is so dull without her.

  30. mhart says:

    I AGREE…the new Billy sucks ! Bring back the talent …M.M. and B.M. ASAP !!!

  31. Kris says:

    Bring back our Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, and Michelle Stafford now! The FANS are speaking and it’s time to listen!! Just read all of these comments!

  32. Y&R Fan says:

    I have watched the show since 1980. I am finally at my breaking point. When Phyllis left there was a big hole in the cast . And then Jeanne’s passing was such a loss. Now with Billy and Michael gone on top of TERRIBLE story lines, I just can’t watch any more. So sad.

  33. Olivia Daniels says:

    Oh God not Susan she must be one hundred years old what the devel part could she play……….someones great grandmother

  34. Olivia Daniels says:

    program is pathetic now and worse they don’t care what the people want….victor never pays for what he does it is not even healthy to watch this program anymore it is so evil….i am gone

  35. Victoria G says:

    Omg, what the hell is wrong with this Jill woman, writer, whatever she is…she’s destroying a show that has been thriving beyond all others for many, many years! Don’t know what your trip is lady but knock it off and get the hell out of Y & R! You know absolutely nothing about the dynamics and chemistry of the established and favored characters and you sure aren’t listening to us, the loyal fans who know what makes this show work. Susan Lucci??? Are you freaking serious?? You are losing viewers by the week because of your little general mentality, so think about this…is what you want to be known for in your…career, is as the woman who single handedly destroyed a show that had been on the air successfully since 1973??? Wake up, go away and leave our show the hell alone! Also, I have watched the show since the beginning…David Tom played Billy as a teen hears ago, and back then it worked. But Billy Miller made Billy Abbott as an adult. Same goes with Adam…you messed up big time letting them go!

  36. johnnysssmith says:

    NO TO PEZ-HEAD LUCCI!!!!!!! Have NEVER been able to stand
    her!!!!! David Tom stinks, totally lame, stupid mouth
    hanging open, dullard look, dopey, dopey, DOPEY!

  37. danncch says:

    I hated when Adams character came in, but now looking at it. without Adam there is no show, no one can act and replace MM, Same goes for Billy. I started loving him more when he got involved with vicky and sad that he left. The new replacement may be the old “orignal” Billy but he can’t act. When someone goes away in real life can you replace that person or thing? NO, so what would make JP think that replacing MM & BM is a good move?, obviously she wants Y&R down the hole, the rest around her are blind and need to wake up and get rid of her

  38. Betwitching Blues says:

    Your right, the only way they could bring Susan Lucci in, would be to bring her in as Erica Cane..