The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Susan Lucci New Job Offer – Billy Miller’s and Michael Muhney’s Return Is What Fans Want – CDL Exclusive

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Susan Lucci New Job Offer - Billy Miller's and Michael Muhney's Return Is What Fans Want - CDL Exclusive

The Young and the Restless is in trouble. No, it’s not teetering on the edge of cancellation, yet. But the ratings are way down, decades-long fans are tuning out and show runner Jill Farren Phelps knows that she needs to do something quick. She has taken a lot of heat for treating female characters (and the actresses that portray them) badly and finally seems to realize that she needs to do something to change people’s perception of her. According to the April 7th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Jill has made one hell of an offer to Susan Lucci. For all the details be sure to get this week’s copy of GLOBE.

Lucci has always been extremely loyal to All My Children. She spent 41 years with the show and took work outside of daytime while waiting to see if the rebooted version of the show was going to work. Now that AMC is good and dead with absolutely no tangible way of resurrecting it, Susan feels better about contemplating doing another daytime show and is said to be seriously mulling over the Y&R offer. She was reassured that her character would be a smart business woman with a front-burner storyline. That sounds kind of like her role of Erica Kane, right?

This is like a multi-tiered power move on Jill’s part. Lucci brings instant credibility to the show and she is a power player. Then there is that legion of fans that really wishes she would come back to daytime. Y&R needs a real lift in the ratings and bringing Lucci in would likely be a nice boost. However fans have reacted for the most part negatively to JFP’s attempt to buy back their devotion by hiring Lucci. Representative comments on Soap Opera Spy shown below indicate that fans feel that nothing short of the return of Michael Muhney and Billy Miller will fix Y&R – many people seem to feel strongly that Jill is ruining the show and needs to go.

So glad I quit watching this show in December. I cannot believe I wasted 31 years of my life watching this. The solution is very simple. Bring back Billy Miller and Michael Muhney, end of story. Bringing Susan Lucci to the show and recasting MM would be even more insulting in my opinion. It is truly appalling what has happened to this show.

This is so stupid – who needs Lucci – they know how to fix it…FIRST FIRE JFP THEN D TOM AND A FEW OTHER DEAD WEIGHTS. TOO LATE MM AND BM probably would not come back if begged but at least the awful actors would be gone i.e., winters clan, dictor, chipmunk, chloe, …..find NEW PPL/NEW STORYLINES then they wont have to repeat repeat repeat..

Jill Farren Phelps has already hurt the show worse than it ever has been hurt..get her off there before she completely destroys it…As far as many of us are concerned..get MM back in there if he will come..and get rid of Phelps..

Really!? sorry the fans are not that foolish to fall for this!!! Bring Michael Muhney back and we may reconsider….if you refuse to bring him back..then do everything to clear his name so he can get on with his life!! Meanwhile with all the new faces on that program, it’s more like a circus with flat boring story lines than anything else…and if Susan Lucci was smart. she would steer clear of the mess JFP and TPTB have created!!!!

This comment really captures the sentiment that’s out there on Y&R and all the issues facing the show:

It’s not about who she might bring to the program, it’s about who she needs to bring “back” to the program Who cares about Susan Lucci? Instead of making a “huge” offer to her, make huge offers to the three main characters who have been booted off in recent months. I’m getting sicker of it everyday and practically throw up with the pitiful characters who have replaced those who have left. And now they are going to have Victoria get involved with another guy. NO WAY. There is no one for Victoria other than Billy, Billy Miller that is!!!! And this Kelly chick needs to check out!!

So what do you think? Is Susan Lucci the answer to what ails Y&R? It seems that what fans really want is a few of the fired stars back – not an attempt by JFP to boost the show by bringing in a former star of another soap! Check out these additional comments on SOS and you’ll see that without a return of Michael Muhney and Billy Miller many fans will continue to bear resentment for Jill and The Young and the Restless – people really son’t seem to want Susan.

Bring back MM & the fans will come back . Susan Lucci, not so much, looks good but to old. Otherwise, soap graveyard for you. Own up to your mistakes. Can’t be saved without MM.

We have been watching this show since Terry Lester was Jack, in our family it is one of the only soaps that even the men will watch, yong and old. My husband has been consistently watching since he retired, but since billy, and Adam and Phyllis have disappeared he has decided that work would be more appealing than retirement! Bring them back! Don’t change success for mediocrity!

NO – anybody but that self-absorbed botox-ed-out washed out Diva….please, no way…..sorry to be so opinionated……

Without MM and Billy Miller and having consistent bad story lines , just adding another star will NOT improve anything…need to listen to long time viewers!

 I hope not, Susan Lucci, as good as she is, cant get viewers back, don’t want her on Y&R…

it’s smart to express your opinions on this attempted move by JFP – the powers that be read sites like ours (they don’t always listen to what people say, mind you) – so if they think they can buy fans’ loyalty back by hiring Lucci – it seems they are sadly mistaken!

Well folks, what’s the verdict?  Do you want Susan hired? Or is that a band aid that just isn’t going to work? It seems that bringing on a soap icon might not be the medicine the doctor ordered. All fans seem to want is the return of fan favorites MM and Bill Miller. Sound off in the comments below!

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30 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Susan Lucci New Job Offer – Billy Miller’s and Michael Muhney’s Return Is What Fans Want – CDL Exclusive”

  1. Darlene says:

    Sounds like Jill Farren Phelps is getting desperate. It doesn’t make sense for Phelps to continue hiring well-known actors and create disjointed story lines. Y&R has long been well known for specific families for years: Newnans, Abbotts, Winters, Fosters. May have forgotten some family. This is not going to bring back fans as there is too much change. Adding these AMC actors is likely going to anger long time Y&R actors and create dissension. If Phelps felt that Michael Muhney”s behavior was challenging, that will be nothing compared to what will happen when too many experienced actors coming on board and having present cast feel threatened, especially Eric Braeden. I would not join Y&R if I was Susan Puccini. She does not need to get involved and especially no reason to help Phelps who got All My Children cancelled. What a mess!! How long is Sony and CBS let this mess continue? When Y&R cancelled???

  2. Donna Derer says:

    You want to bring back fans, bring back Michael Muhney as Adam. Bring back Billy Miller as Billy. No need for new stars. Bring back the stars that the fans love.

  3. Racquel Garnette says:

    Bringing Susan Lucci on the show won’t boost up the ratings. This is a stupid idea. What Jill Farren Phelps should do is retire from writing these soap operas. She ruined general hospital already. This show was ruin too. Jill Farren Phelps what you should do is very simple is hire back Michael Muhney as Adam Newman then lots of people will watch your show. This Abby needs to go and you know that. But why did you hire this abby is because you worked with her in Hollywood Heights. This Abby needs to be recasted and so does this billy. This Billy can’t act very good and he looks like a kid. Why don’t you find someone older to play Billy Abbott on the show oh yeah you don’t want to do that because you want to focus your attention on replacing Adam Newman. Michael Muhney played the good Adam on the show before you came and wreck his character. Adam has his good days and bad days. He played the good Adam. Billy J Miller played the good Billy. He decided to take a break from the show but instead you decided to fire him. If anyone who wants to give this Billy a chance is totally delusional. David Tom is better off to join another tv show. How about you find a way to wrap up your storylines. You let Sharon messed up the test results and confusing everybody that Summer has two fathers instead of one. Jill Farren Phelps you never cared for the characters on the show. All you wanted to do is ruin what they have. Abby and Tyler is engaged for now and next thing something is going to happen. I never forgot of what you did when Avery and Nick was about to get married then something happens. If this show doesn’t have romance, business, family then that is a no show. Without Michael Muhney as Adam the show will suck. Thank god i have other good shows to watch instead. This show is a disaster since you came Jill Farren Phelps. Maybe you and the writing crew should be fire very soon.

    • don says:

      I order to happen, JFP need to GO so that the show can move on and go to another direction and billy miller and the other can come back if they want to

  4. omg says:

    MM and BM probably wouldn’t come back even if JFP begged them and bribed them with tons of $$$. Y&R has SUCKED the big one ever since those two guys left. Susan Lucci is Erica Kane, and won’t help Y&R one bit.

    The story is deathly boring. WOW! I’ve been watching GH and what a difference! GH has the mafia, murders, embryo switching, back stabbing, break-ups, kidnapping, cheating, a coma <–of course, and a couple of gays. And that was all in one episode.

    What does Y&R have? Billy and Kelly seeing each other in the park. Stitch and Victoria seeing each other in a bar. Sharon holding onto a secret for almost a year. OH MY!! and then there's Tyler and Abby going to the beach randomly. And Neil and what's her name going on the Price is Right randomly. And Victor and Tyler boxing, randomly. YIKES… I can barely contain myself!

    One actor can't rush in and save a show. The show has to be good in the first place. Y&R is not good anymore.

  5. molly says:

    If I wanted to see Susan Lucci, I would’ve watched AMC now wouldn’t I?
    I stopped watching AMC n started watching Y&R. Since MM was fired under “alledged” circumstances,I now watch GH.
    IMO, while trying to ruin MMs career, JFP succeeded in flushing Y&R and hopefully her career down the crapper….. just saying!
    Again, no MM, no me….. thats simply put so maybe even JFP can understand!

    • Andy says:

      From what i have read no charges were brought against him and it seems like the whole alledged groping went away, witch tells me it was nothing but lies just to get rid of a great actor who knew his lines inside and out just because others didn’t like him. They ruin’d his life and dragged his name and family through the dirt. They should get rid of the one who made up this lame story about him grabbing her boobs.

  6. Shedrick says:

    Bring back daisy and shelia bring more good storylines in young and the restless has been very boring I’m going to watch the bold and the beautiful from now on

  7. Jaxiska says:

    Short answer…NO!

  8. Jaxiska says:

    I don’t know what rating you’re lookin at, but the show has lost over 1 million viewers in the last month.

  9. CARM says:


  10. BOWLERAS says:

    the only way I would ever go back to watching this show is for her to bring back MM,BM,MS and get some better story lines going.I don’t even miss watching this show right now,it is awful

  11. JAL says:

    You people are really idiots. SL is already working on a soap “Devious Maids” for USA networks. Don’t you ever bother to check out anything before you post this crap. If CBS wants to save the soap they need to fire JFP and rehire MM & BM and tell EB to get over himself and learn his lines or retire.

  12. ozzgame says:

    Here are my thoughts 1. Stop killing off kids. 2 Nick and Sharon it’s dead let it die so very boring. 3. It’s not MM fault he was given shitty story lines, he did the best with what he had. 4. Billy boy as cute as as he is is boring, again not his fault (script writes). 5. Victoria is a whore her charter goes from man to another. 6.Susan Lucci only charter I see her playing is Phyllis’s mother. That’s enough for now

  13. ozzgame says:

    Here are my thoughts 1. Stop killing off kids. 2 Nick and Sharon it’s dead let it die so very boring. 3. It’s not MM fault he was given shitty story lines, he did the best with what he had. 4. Billy boy as cute as as he is is boring, again not his fault (script writes). 5. Victoria is a whore her charter goes from man to another. 6.Susan Lucci only charter i see her playing is Phyllis mother. That’s enough for now

  14. ozzgame says:

    Susan lucci could play Phyllis’s mother

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  16. EternalSunshine says:

    The show is really AWFUL and depressing.
    Please bring back Michael and Billy – the show should be for the fans. Right?

  17. Chrissie Ellifritz-Husbands says:

    Bring em all back!! Lucci will never fit in with Y & R cast… sorry Susan! Definitely need better scripting too!! Been a loyal die hard fan for 33 yrs, would hate to see the show end due to the above.

  18. gml0603 says:

    I can only hope and pray that the show brings Michael Muhney back. Please, please, please Jill bring him back. I haven’t watched since his last episode.

    I’ve watched 30 years and I was excited to see the next episode each day. Now, I’ve backed off. I liken Adam to Victor. These were my two favorite. I never thought I’d ever like a character other than Victor and Nikki too. Then the show gave us Michael Muhney a definite Victor 2.0. So much could’ve been accomplished with Michael and Eric Braeden in their on screen characters.

    A bonus for sure would be bringing back Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford.

  19. gml0603 says:

    I agree with you. By the way, I see your maiden name is Spinelli. That’s my maiden name too. I rarely see another Spinelli unless they are my family. Neat!

  20. FedUP!!!! says:


  21. JoAnne Villanti says:

    This show sucks, all the new people and story line have been bad since Oct 31, all the stuff they did to Adam and Billy. Bringing Susan to the show will not save it. I agree with Donna Bring back Michael and our Billy.

  22. Rhonda Bateman says:

    Get rid of JFP and EB. Bring back MM and BM. Get rid of the total FLOOD of new characters played by people we don’t know as characters we don’t like. THEN, maybe viewers will return. Maybe not. The longer we are away the less we care about coming back.

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  24. Linda Hallis-Cousin says:

    If we wanted Susan Lucci we would have Been watching All My children. I agree that we want MM to return. He and Billy Miller were a greatart of the show. Bring back Phyllis already. And let the truth finally come out about Sharon and Phyllis. Also let the truth come out that it was a true accident that Delia was killed. She never should have been left in the car alone, especially at night.

  25. Andy says:

    I want Michael Muhney back as well. I like David Tom and i’m glad to see him back but Billy Miller Was Billy For The Last few years and he was so much better. I want both back. Since they got rid of Michael Muhney for something that is no doubt a lie I think it would be a safe move for The Y&R to bring back these two actors who are loved very much, other wise Y&R will be no more. My mother has stopped watching as well,ever since they got rid of Michael Muhney and Billy Miller and I’m fed up too and Haven’t been watching at all. Bring these two beloved actors back and the fans will be back too.

  26. Krista says:

    Bring Back Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. Michael Muhney is innocent and I don’t believe for a second that he did what he’s being accused of. From what I hear no charges were brought against him. This whole thing ruin’d his life and his family. They need to bring him back and Billy Miller. They were the only ones keeping the show going. Since they left I have been like What’s The Point to watching the show anymore. It has gone down hill and it is really bad. The storylines are horrible and boring and there is no point in watching the show anymore. Without Michael Muhney and Billy Miller The Show SUCKS.

  27. Nate says:

    If Y&R could land Susan Lucci, it could work. I would cast her as Avery and Phyllis’ mother…