All My Children and One Life To Live Finally Dead and Buried After A Three Year Battle for Life

All My Children and One Life To Live Finally Dead and Buried After A Three Year Battle for Life

When ABC first pulled the plug on two of its’ soaps back in 2011 an instant rallying began from the fans lead by GLOBE Magazine. Prospect Park heard them loud and clear and devised a plan to bring All My Children and One Life To Live back to life, somewhere. They started planning almost immediately, to reboot both shows on their Online Network. There was a false start in early 2012 that made fans think their shows would be back very quickly but in actuality it took PP another year to work out all of the kinks. By April of 2013 both AMC and OLTL were airing online in 30 minute increments.

There were problems right from the jump and it seemed that PP was tweaking the format almost immediately. Within a few months production on both shows had been halted and PP had sued ABC for breach of contract. After months of silence and leaving actors to confirm that the shows were dead, PP finally has filed for bankruptcy. According to the March 31st print edition of GLOBE magazine it is now painfully clear that neither AMC nor OLTL has a snowball’s chance in hell at being revived again. ABC proved that while they were willing to loan out the characters they weren’t really willing to let anyone else breathe life into them. This begs the question of whether ABC really wanted AMC and OLTL to survive at all? Did they just allow Prospect Park to attempt to revive the popular shows as a sop to fans knowing all along they were going to undermine the show’s viability, killing off key characters right in the middle of storylines?  ABC could be tangled in court with PP for years and in the meantime it’s the fans that are missing out.

Some say that watching AMC and OLTL unravel has prompted fans to watch the other shows still airing on network television. They realize now that it’s a numbers game and they don’t want to see the whole genre disappear. Have you turned to other shows in an attempt to replace AMC and OLTL? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Gary Powell

    I watched All My Children and One Life to Live online and was very happy to be able to do so. However, I do pefer watching them on TV and I am so dissappointed with ABC for cancelling them and replacing them with the junk they have presently. However, with both of them being gone, it has forced me to watch General Hospital, The Young and Restless, and Days of Our Lives a lot more. ABC has truly lost their minds and viewers.

  • Clyde Holmes

    no, i’m very devastated that these are not coming back! and i still watch them online. no other soap opera could replace One Life To Live and All My Children as my top two favorite soaps

  • John Russo

    I always watched days and gh so im down from 4 to 2 shows. i got all shows amc and oltl from 1987 to 2011 to enjoy again transferring video to dvd

    • chip

      john i would be very intersted in buying oltl 1987 epidodes from it possible

    • chip

      or we could trade i have most of 1986

  • Robert Nunez

    We want those shows back on ABC again.

  • Lbowa2

    I’ve given up on daytime all together. My love affair with daytime began with General Hospital in 1979 and quickly included OLTL & AMC and it continued for the better part of 20 years. I began to lost interest in General Hospital when they completely disregarded the characters of Rick and Lesley by “killing off” Lesley and having Rick instantly marry the heinous Ginny Blake. Once Lesley came back they never even pretended to call Rick to let him know the love of his life was alive and he was a bigamist. Then all the mobsters taking over really made me shut off GH. I still had AMC and OLTL. The 90’s were the bomb for both shows – action, romance, fun, excitement – I couldn’t get enough! Travis & Natalie, Erica & Mike, Dimitri, Nick, Adam and on and on. OLTL was all about the Buchanans and Bo and Nora – they ruled my daytimes! Things started to change and I slowly started to lose interest in AMC – Jesse returning from the dead, kids SORAS’d beyond reality and sadness – so much sadness, it felt like every time someone was happy that was a precursor for tragedy. I never gave up on OLTL. I stuck with it through all the HORRIBLE Bo pairings and Nora pairings and insanity of Matthew and the reward in the final ABC episode when Bo uttered the heart touching “I love you Red” I cried for hours. I took that day off work cuz I knew I’d be a mess. I cursed ABC and Brian Frons and Anne Sweeny. I joined every campaign I could find. Sent countless emails, phone calls, supported sponsors, joined boycotts and rejoiced when PP revived both shows. I watched them religiously, on my smartphone at work. I subscribed to HULU Plus for the expressed reason to watch at work. I got used to the “weird” new theme songs, I adjusted to Matthew and Destiny being “different” and Drew being a toddler. I even forced myself to understand the 5 year jump in Pine Valley and suspend belief in how JR could go from being in a 5 year coma to walking around in days and looked like Dixie’s lover rather than her son. I begrudgingly dealt with PP’s weird and stupid schedule changes and the insane excuses for the changes. When the “seasons” ended, which was incredibly bizarre for every single soap fan, I had a bad feeling. Even though every star positively supported the fact that there would be a season 2 I had a bad feeling. Then when the magic “law suit” popped up I knew the writing was on the wall. OLTL was being “shelved” due to the law suit. OLTL. Always the bastard child of the ABC daytime line up. Even though it’s numbers steadily increased year after while AMC & GH saw declines it was never respected. Oh but PP promised everything was fine. AMC would be back for it’s second season. Oh sure. Debbi Morgan believed it. So did Cady McClain. So did we. Boy did PP and ABC screw us all. So now what? So now I watch The Talk on CBS. Because I would rather watch a bunch of ladies gab about nonsense then give ABsCum even a second of my viewing time. As far as PP goes – they can screw themselves the same way they screwed the shows, the stars and ultimately the fans. I never could watch “other” channel soaps = always felt like I was watching a parody of “MY” stories. So adios OLTL – Llanview will always be my second home. My memories of Bo and Nora, Asa and Rene, Clint and Vicki and the rest of the Llanviewians will live on in my heart and mind forever. And in YouTube.

  • Georgette

    The Globe was allegedly in the fight to save AMC and OLTL. Now it is declaring them dead? I wonder what the soap fans who hopped on The Globe bandwagon early on have to say about this. Of course, The Globe may feel a bit burned, and would have every right to for giving free publicity to that ill-conceived, bogus coupon campaign that only served as a vehicle to pump the egos of the self appointed ‘soap leaders’. I guess I don’t blame the ‘soap leaders’ for never breathing a word about this monumentally deceptive ploy they pulled on the rest of the soap fans, at many other peoples expenses, but hey! they got their name in The Globe! Totally worth it! I mean everyone wants to appear in a tabloid, right? LOL Hey Globe, I would ask for an advertising fee for the time and pages you wasted on that fraudulent coupon campaign. Just sayin’ :) Maree Blackston aka Spins Vixenella should be able to help you out with that.

  • wilmeloc65

    I quit watching ABC altogether because of this and have not gone back. My two soaps were All My Children & One Life To Live and they will remain my favorites! Mr. Frons should never have shut these soaps down! He should have respected the loyalty of the fans and he chose not to do that. He put people out of work and left the ABC channel in the dark!

  • Carrigon

    I was a soap fan since 1980, and it was always ABC soaps for me. My grandmother watched them since the 60’s. It was like family tradition. And it felt like a part of the family died when they canceled the shows. I did try to watch online, but I hated what they did to the format and the characters. After a few airings, I ended up quitting. I’m still sad it’s just over. I don’t think I’ve watched anything on ABC in a very long time now. I guess they lost me.

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  • Patrick F

    Excuse me, but whom does the author of this article think she is? First of all, who is she to say with a headline that All My Children and One Life to Live are FINALLY dead and buried? This woman obviously has no passion or appreciation for these shows, and she acts as though it would be beneath her to so much as watch a soap. I speak for the millions of devoted fans who are devastated by the loss of our soaps. Secondly, she writes “There were problems right from the jump and it seemed that PP was tweaking the format almost immediately”. If she bothered to follow what was really happening, she would know about it and would report it correctly (instead of implying that the entire venture was a waste of time). Third, she says “Some say that watching AMC and OLTL unravel has prompted fans to watch the other shows still airing on network television”. Sorry, but most of us feel that the soaps left on the air are not worth our precious time. And, fourth, she writes ” it is now painfully clear that neither AMC nor OLTL has a snowball’s chance in hell at being revived again”. Um, how could she possibly know that? If she took the time to know anything about Prospect Park, she would know that Prospect Park will come out and tell us if that happens to be the case. Be sure to read her previous articles about All My Children and One Life to Live for more heartless mumbo-jumbo about things she knows nothing about.

  • T In canada

    I tried and tried to watch online but could not because I am in canada. Super disappointed. My grandmother got me started in the late 70’s and she knew all the history of how the stories connected. It was so much fun – to even spot where a writer may have made an error lol! I wish I could have supported pp but the did not extend into my area.

  • DixieD713

    Having watched All My Children since 1972, I was badly hurt when it was dropped from ABC. The online version was just not as good and, without a great internet connection, extremely aggravating to watch. I want the real thing back!!! The other soaps have just never had the “flavor” that made AMC great. I tried to watch them, but just couldn’t get into it…

  • Jim M.

    Try “Days of Our Lives.” It comes the closest to an old-time soap opera, better acting and writing than those two ABC soaps even before they were canceled. And recently “Days” brought back some old favorites to their roles.