All My Children and One Life to Live Officially Cancelled – Beloved Soaps Gone Forever

All My Children and One Life to Live Officially Cancelled - Beloved Soaps Gone Forever

I guess it was sweet while it lasted. I’m talking about Prospect Park’s short-lived attempt at rebooting both All My Children and One Life to Live. You have to give The Online Network credit, they heard the cries and upset of longtime daytime fans and fought hard to bring back two shows in some capacity. The shows were pulled from ABC daytime programming in 2011 and PP gave them new life online. The diehard fans at least had an opportunity to connect with some of their favorite characters once again for a little while before things got messy.

Back in August OLTL was temporarily shelved because PP filed a suit against ABC for breach of contract. ABC was allowed to use OLTL’s characters for crossover scenes on General Hospital but when they decided to kill them off PP flipped out. AMC was supposed to begin production of their second season twice in October but those days came and went with no movement. Last week we told you that an announcement confirming the permanent demise of both AMC and OLTL was expected, but PP never said a word.

Instead AMC’s Debbi Morgan Tweeted about the whole situation and made it all sound pretty ominous. When asked for clarification Debbi said, “Yea, we’ve been canceled. My manager was given the news that we were officially done by [Prospect Park’s] lawyer…”. Several soap fans are still holding out hope for a miracle, especially since PP invested so much in this now-failed effort. I can assure you Emmy winning actors aren’t told their show is canceled if there is any hope of saving it. AMC and OLTL are officially done.

What do you think ultimately went wrong with the rebooting of both shows? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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