Prospect Park Blames ABC For Failure of All My Children and One Life to Live in $125 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Prospect Park Blames ABC For Failure of All My Children and One Life to Live in $125 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Prospect Park has yet to confirm that either All My Children or One Life to Live are formally cancelled and will not be returning for a second season, they’ve instead left that to the actors to do via social networking sites. PP has come under serious fire for not making an official announcement but it seems that their attention has been focused on covering their financial asses. When ABC opted to borrow a few OLTL characters for a crossover stint on General Hospital and then killed them off without ever breathing a word of the plan to PP a suit was filed and production was ultimately halted on OLTL.

The suit originally alleged that ABC was setting PP up to fail by changing key story lines and trying to persuade OLTL actors to jump ship by dangling contracts in front of them that would put them back on network television. PP went back to the drawing board this week and amended their original filing. They are now suing for $125 million in damages for breach of contract and promissory fraud. They also state that ABC refused to advertise the rebooted shows during their daytime programming and they also tried to sour relations between PP and third party distributors.

In a nutshell it sounds like ABC was on board with the idea of bringing back AMC and OLTL via the internet, but once the shows actually began airing they had issues. Perhaps it was the fact that the webisodes offered freedom that network television never could and things were a lot sexier than what fans were used to. Maybe ABC ultimately had a territorial issue with seeing their characters elsewhere and it left a bad taste or ABC didn’t want some of daytime’s best actors being unavailable to them should they decide that they wanted them.

There are so many possibilities as to why this happened but it’s pretty clear that ABC took steps to ensure direct failure. OLTL was writing storylines for characters that ABC intended to kill. That right there is a huge waste of time and money that left people scrambling for a fix when characters in future episodes were killed of on ABC!. Refusing to advertise the characters that were originally created on ABC was another blow. If ABC weren’t going to promote their own then who else would?

It’s pretty clear that just a few weeks into the rebooted shows ABC made sure that PP would be destined to fail. While the fans are momentarily furious with PP I think they need to realize that this company has been tripping over its own feet for months trying to salvage a project that the network decided to doom. Will PP win its suit? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • David

    While I do not know the details of the agreement between Prospect Park and ABC; I have to say ABC is at fault. Prospect did everything in their power to revive these shows and they did an amazing job. OLTL and AMC were the best they’ve been in decades. Each show got a fantastic face lift, and the story lines were refreshing from the usual “back from the dead” soap plots. ABC needed to promote each show on their network and work more cooperatively with Prospect to help these shows succeed. For that is, in fact, what Prospect was paying for.

  • Chuck

    The devil is in the details of the initial agreement. Did PP and ABC have agreements over storylines for the rented characters? Did PP let ABC use them without even asking what would be in store? Was PP naive?

    I hope the ruling is in PP’s favor, because I want these shows to continue online. But if PP was irresponsible in letting ABC run wild with PP’s property, then shame on them.

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