GLOBE: Prince Harry Demands Prince Charles Take DNA Test and Answer “Who’s My Real Daddy?” – Princess Diana Cheated (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Prince Harry Demands Prince Charles Take DNA Test and Answer "Who's My Real Daddy?" - Princess Diana Cheated (PHOTO)

I have been saying for quite awhile now that the Royal family is often just as dysfunctional as the Kardashians, they just have better lineage and titles to try and hide behind. Princess Diana confirmed many moons ago that she did indeed have an affair back in the 80’s with James Hewitt while trapped in her miserable marriage to Prince Charles. James claimed after Diana’s death that their affair dated back a little further than she had said and that meant that he could actually be Prince Harry’s real biological father.

Of course this is a notion that the royals have tried to dismiss but the physical resemblance is uncanny and even Harry has wondered if Charles is truly his father. According to the April 7th print edition of GLOBE magazine Harry is now demanding that a DNA test be done. He is rumored to be on the verge of an engagement with Cressida Bonas and so it actually makes sense that this might be the point in his life where he needs to know the truth. If he really is thinking about having a wife and children it might suddenly feel very important to know for sure where he really comes from.

Charles has maintained that he is in fact Harry’s father but if James’ dates of the affair with Diana are correct then he surely could have fathered Harry and if so, maybe Charles doesn’t even know the truth. If Harry is proven to be James’ son then he is not Queen Elizabeth’s grandson and will possibly be disinherited and lose his Royal privileges. Do you think Cressida will allow Harry to continue to enjoy her privileges it turns out he isn’t Prince William’s full brother?

GLOBE: Prince Harry Demands Prince Charles Take DNA Test and Answer "Who's My Real Daddy?" - Princess Diana Cheated (PHOTO)

GLOBE always likes to cover the latest political news and scandals and in the April 7th issue they dig into all of the latest details of Bill Clinton’s not-so-hidden sexcapades.

Like the rest of the world, GLOBE has its eye on that missing Malaysian plane and all of the latest details of the case. GLOBE takes an inside look at the pilots’ lives before that final flight and fills in some of the gaps that the news markets have left out.

Mick Jagger lost his girlfriend L’Wren Scott to suicide and now those closest to the Rolling Stones icon are worried for his health. The sudden loss of a loved one can send anyone on a downward spiral, especially if the loss is sudden and tragic.

Who do you think is Harry’s biological father? GLOBE will discover everything of value in the today’s leading news stories and report back faithfully to all of us loyal viewers. I trust that they will tell us the truth about what happened to Flight MH370 and why, no matter how macabre this turns out to be. Furthermore, I know I can count on GLOBE to report the truth about who is Prince Harry’s real biological father.  I’ve made a date with my copy of this week’s GLOBE and I’ll report back to you on some of the highlights later in the week. Your best bet is to get your own copy and enjoy hours of reading delight.

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  • Bubbly

    The hell will freeze before they will share the news of their DNA test, which I suspect was done ages ago when all this caboodle begun. Besides that, Harry may not be queen’s biological grandson (?) but he is her grandson in every other way. He was brought up as one, he loves his grandma and he is William’s brother. Perhaps the right to succeed the throne will be revoked, fair enough, but all the other privileges should remain. Middleton is a commoner and by marrying William she and her all immediate bloody family got benefits from so why wouldn’t Prince Harry, since he was born to a princess (at the time) and still IS and remains William’s brother. I think if one looks at those two, middleton and harry, he definitely has more right to retain what he already has been given (except the throne thing, perhaps) than anyone in his family (or in-law family).

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  • Denese

    I don’t think it matters now that George is here. After the Queen, there’s Charles and then William and then George. That’s more than enough. I think Harry looks like James. You should see the photos of James as a little boy and compare them with Harry as a child. Almost identical.

  • Wolf FFrzaneh

    Prince HARRY still the prince of the hearts that all ! all of us love him a lot!!

  • Kate

    He looks exactly like Charles, doppleganger even, same eyes, nose, mouth, facial shape, except he has “Spencer Family” coloured hair. He looks nothing like Diana and everything like Charles. Case closed. So silly that this is even circulating. The older he gets the more and more he looks like Charles. He doesn’t even resemble the other bloke.

  • Edward Vincent

    I hope the two princes dig deeper into the death of their mother and find out who really is to blame , Then the people of this country will know who will be treated for TREASON , The queen has fallen foul on her OATH to protect the people from a foriegn land to take us over ( EU ) , She has broken the oath and GODS LAW, that she swore to uphold .YHVH will not forgive her for her sins , I am ex forces and was proud to serve Her majesty ,But now that I have seen with my own eyes what she has done then I am only Patriotic to my fellow common man ,within the bounds of COMMON LAW.

  • Kevin DeLong

    He is James Hewitt son. No doubt what so ever.