The Young and the Restless Recasting Adam Newman: Is Michael Muhney Replaceable?

The Young and the Restless Recasting Adam Newman: Is Michael Muhney Replaceable?

In daytime television many actors are treated as if they were expendable and replaceable. Soaps love recasting characters for one reason or another. Sometimes the actor just isn’t right for the role and other times they need (or are forced) to move on, leaving a hole in the fabric of the show. There are some characters that in theory, really shouldn’t ever be recast. Is The Young and the Restless’ Adam Newman one of them? Well apparently Jill Farren Phelps, the executive producer doesn’t believe so.

We recently told you that Jill has been actively looking for a replacement for Michael Muhney since last October. The actor wasn’t actually fired for alleged sexual harassment until December but the powers-that-be knew of accusations for months before taking any kind of action. Fans clearly don’t want to see anyone other than Muhney portraying Adam but the show is hell bent on bringing him back in the form of another actor. So much so that even Muhney new as he was being fired that the role was going to be recast.

The question is who will have big enough feet to even attempt to fill Muhney’s shoes? According to sources connected to the show Jill isn’t just looking for a great actor but also one with precious little ego and minimal arrogance. That’s kind of funny isn’t it? An actor without an ego? Jill might be more likely to find a unicorn first! If she some how finds her version of Mr. Right to portray Adam then she still has to cross her fingers and hope that the fans are accepting of her choice. Actually, I don’t think that Jill cares very much what the fans think, do you? Tell us your thoughts about an Adam recast in the comments below!

35 responses to “The Young and the Restless Recasting Adam Newman: Is Michael Muhney Replaceable?”

  1. tom sweet says:

    How would Y&R like it if we the fans were recast as zombies watching the series with no emotions or comments. We vote against recasting. Keep MM as Adam Newman.

  2. will says:

    Seems Jill is the one with the chip on her shoulder. Replace her !

  3. underthepalms says:

    I don’t think JFP gives a good goddamn about the fans. It almost seems like she is on a one-woman mission to get soaps cancelled.

  4. Naomi Tietz says:

    Big mistake. I can barely watch with David Tom replacing Billy Myer.

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  6. Nancy Lynn Dyson says:

    of course he cant be replaced, ratings are down another 193,000 from last week, on top of the already dropped ratings from the week before….JFP can put whoever she wants in Adams role, MMs true fans will not be watching….Most have already removed it from their DVRs and have begun taping General Hospital to get their ratings up…..JFP almost ruined GH when she was on that soap and now it is gaining momentum….We are fed up with JFP and her soap killing antics…..We will continue to fight to get her fired, and hope it is not to late to save the young and the restless….Sony/cbs need to take a step back and see that the fans DO NOT WANT HER ON OUR SOAP!!!! #MUHNEYWALKER

  7. Pster says:

    You had the “Mr. Right” for the role. Jill you screwed up huge!!!

  8. Pster says:

    Maybe Jill should be relieved of her duties, than the cast won’t keep switching for seconds. Why screw up a good thing

  9. RedRiver38 says:

    There’s only one person that can play Adam Newman. It is Michael Muhney. Jill Farren Phelps, CBS, and Sony are making a HUGE mistake. They can still bring Muhney back and the fans will go nuts over it. The ratings would soar. Michael Muhney is the one who turned this character into the juggernaut that people love. Pity any person who tries to fill this role. Bring Muhney back.

  10. fab says:

    First , Michael Muhney never appeared as a person with even a small ego. From what we saw he seems to be very gentle, considerate and respectful.I would not say the same of EB who doesn’t seem to make a sentence without quoting the D……N word.
    And they say MM had a big ego.Muhney gone the Y&R is no longer
    worth watching.Sorry, but I am afraid there is nothing they can do
    about that. new cast or not.

    • Darlene says:

      Right, it is EB (Victor Newman) who is the narcissist. I remember standing on the Titanic & just having this arrogant air about him. Hated him in the movie.

  11. Darlene says:

    Hi Sean John, we don’t know if MM did anything.Y&R & Jill FP purposely created doubt in everyone’s mind. Just like she created the Delia SL to have fans hate MM. Writer Josh left on 8/15/13. This is what reports say started the firing of MM. JFP purposely wanted fans to hate MM but we don’t, feel more sympathetic, because this woman is hell bent to destroy his career. If you dig into material, you will find this all out. JFP known for going to show and dumping all of the main characters for her “pet” friends. She has a horrible name in the industry, known as the “soap killer”. Remember everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This was left open ended on purpose. Imagine how you would feel if this was done to you.

  12. Bridges says:

    It really doesn’t matter who they bring in. Michael was the best and only Adam, ever! He brought a depth and realness to the character that is irreplaceable.

  13. Darlene says:

    LadyLou, wait, wait, wait. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This was purposely leaked to turn fans against MM, just like the Delia story line was created to turn fans against, but instead we saw Adam’s raw humanity and the many dimensions that MM can act. He is a consummate professional. Josh the writer left Y&R after writing the Delia story line. You can read it in black & white. So powers that be say that MM’s firing began on 8/15/13 when Josh left. I guess he couldn’t stomach what was going to happen.
    Neither of us were there, but in my heart, I believe that MM did no such thing; it doesn’t fit his character. He is a loving father with three children who has a love for acting.
    Y&R has gone so awry at this point, that I don’t want MM to return as the Y&R execs appear to be unethical, dangerous, and immoral. Who would want to work in that atmosphere. Over the past year 4 key characters left by one way or another, Michelle Stafford as Phyllis, Billy Miller as Billy Abbott, Michael Muhney as Adam, and Cynthia Watros as Kelly. None of the last 3 people wanted to leave; they were forced out. Just read what’s coming out. Jill Farren Phelps is known as the “soap killer’ and she is well on her way.

  14. Darlene says:

    I doubt that Sony execs will replace her. They knew what she was about before they hired. She killed 4 soaps under her tutelage and General Hospital got rid of her because GH was almost cancelled. Either that or she’s one great actress when interviewing but I would hope they checked their credentials. If not, they deserve what the get. A soap that is going down the drain. What goes around comes around.

  15. candace says:

    Adam can never be replace no one gives it good to victor an still look good doing it an love his scandal ous ways I am really piss adam made y an r interesting since Phyllis been gone young an the restless boring I can watch it Friday an ain’t miss nothing I hate the new billy he has no charisma billy miller did I think the pyblisher or who ever hire is a scank cuz she was looking For a replacement she is only worried about herself she ain’t a people player how r u going to ignore the fans she could have compromise an gave us billy miller back I hope y an r go off TV

  16. Judy says:

    I watched the show because of MM, he is the best actor for the part. The show is not the same anymore…. Bring MM back please….

  17. dopier12 says:

    Haha, I’ll be a knucklehead for a moment and drop a two cents. I think this is fascinating what’s happening here. I could care one way or another on this joke (not the presumed incident), but it’s amazing how people wouldn’t even give a thought of the day to a possibility that someone might be a victim. Keep it up, folks! I wouldn’t want to be anyone of you…just like you wouldn’t me.

  18. MISSMYSOAPS says:

    I have no idea what happened with MM and I would love to know how any of these people know either. The statements of “fact” by so many people on this site are pretty outrageous. MM himself states that he contributed to his own demise bc of his ego and behavior. What do you guys want? Some self-admitted ego maniac who might also be a sexual harrasser to remain in the spot light? We have enough of those in Hollywood. How about bringing back an actor from one of the CBS soaps that have been canceled. ATWT or GL? There was so much talent on that show and a lot of those guys were hot, talented, and decent people!

  19. A.Berg says:

    No Michael, and I will never come back. Jill can prove how smart she is to the world by running another soap into the ground. Goodbye Y&R forever!

  20. Bolink says:

    I wouldn’t doubt that Victor had something to do with Adams firing either. He doesn’t get along with anybody on the set with his titanic ego.

  21. Molly Gray says:

    Please keep him.and replace her

  22. Mary1054 says:

    MM is not replaceable, he was fabulous in the role! Have not watched since he left and will not return until I hear otherwise.

  23. Rosalea Moore says:

    I’ve already stopped.

  24. Deborah Wheeler says:

    I can’t believe how people fail to understand why he’s fired. It is Sexual Harrassment, how would you feel if that happened to your daughter your granddaughter your wife your sister or whoever. It’s wrong. What’s done is done. I don’t want him or anybody else around my family . if it happens in my town.But since it’s there, you fail to see that it’s not right. But all yall want him to stay and play Adam, as if nothing happened. I’m glad yall are not my family. Because I wouldn’t have that kind of behavior near my family. Yall say he’s a good actor, yes he is a great actor, but that’s all he is. There’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed, in which he did, he cross the line. And he haves consequences to deal with. :( I’m just saying.

  25. Joyce Schenck says:

    Michael Mulaney will be the only Adam I want. No other guy can take his place. There are 2 sides to a story and so be sure it’s true. Michael was great as Adam and can never be replaced.

  26. pinkrose1952 says:

    A dam cannot be replaced BAD IDEA!!!!! Not going to accept this . Actually I can’t wait for him to resurface somewhere hopefully soon.
    I miss you Michael. You are an awesome actor. I am sorry for your troubles. I actually think Eric Braedon should retire, can’t stand him.
    pinkrose 1952

  27. pinkrose1952 says:

    yep I agree Its’ funny I am not usually attached to characters on soaps but I can’t help buy notice how awesome of an actor he is.

  28. Linda Clark says:

    He can’t be replaced and David Tom isn’t replacing Billy Miller either, he’s terrible in that role. They made it to #1 WITH those 2 if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!! #TeamMuhney #BillyMiller

  29. Jacqui Brackett Miraglia says:

    Agreed. Last chance save for his show is to re hire MM and renegotiate BM ! No one will watch if other result…………………….

  30. Jacqui Brackett Miraglia says:

    Rome is burning but their is a save !

  31. ChadamFan says:

    I don’t think EB was jealous of MM & BM. He’s a very talented actor himself. I do think he probably has somewhat of an ego though and might be set in his ways and somehow or another MM set him off.

    I also think that JFP took their not getting along as the perfect opportunity to get rid of MM (& BM) so her precious SB wouldn’t be outshone. Face it – they can act circles around him and she probably didn’t like that at all.

    The fact that JFP and JP are in charge leads me to believe that the network wants Y&R to die. These two are notorious for killing soaps.