The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney’s Role Recast as Adam Newman On His Way Back

The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney's Role Recast as Adam Newman On His Way Back

And so it begins. I’m talking about how The Young and the Restless is already beginning to lay the ground work to bring back the character of Adam Newman. In his last scene he was portrayed by Michael Muhney and kinda sorta thought to be maybe dead, which is soaps means that Adam will indeed turn up alive and well. He was also mentioned on the Friday, Feb 28th show. Once a character mouthed the words, “Is that you Adam?” the writing was totally on the wall.

Jill Farren Phelps isn’t about to let her head writers reference a character that she wants you to forget about. Adam’s return is in the near future, but who will play the role? When Muhney was fired he was all but told that the character that he portrayed for nearly five years was about to be recast so to see Y&R go through with that can’t really surprise anyone. The fans were very vocal about wanting Muhney to stay put and after he was fired they at first campaigned to try and convince Jill to bring him back. Obviously that was never going to happen but will a recast be accepted?

David Tom recently stepped into the role of Billy Abbott trying to do what Billy Miller did so well and the result so far has been disastrous. In spite of him playing the character ten years ago he has not been welcomed back with open arms. Instead there has been huge backlash and if Adam isn’t perfectly recast (and even if he is) the result will likely be the same. Is there any actor that you wouldn’t mind taking over the role? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. team mm says:

    No, there is no one I “wouldn’t mind taking over the role.” MM IS Adam, and if the fans are having trouble accepting the new Billy, you can only imagine what it will be like with a new Adam!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe they are replacing Michael Muhney! I had HIGH hopes that they would bring him back after all the fan outrage! He is such a great actor and has brought such raw talent to the show and the character Adam Newman. PLEASE BRING BACK MICHAEL! It is so sad that Y&R has lost so many fans due to this. I wish someone would come out and make a statement so we know what the real story is! I have watched the show for 30 years and it breaks my heart they would fire such a loved actor and not even make a statement to the fans about it. Michael Muhney is Adam Newman!!! If Michael ends up on another Soap, I will be tuning in!

    • Anne Alvarez says:

      Please post this on Don’t Fire Michael Muhney FB page…This statement is RIGHT ON!!! There’s only one ADAM NEWMAN and that is Michael Muhney

      • Pam says:

        I have been watching Y&R since day one but until Michael Muhney and Billy Miller come back, I will no longer be watching.

        • Fedup says:

          I too have been watching from the very first day. Theres been alot of cast booboos also with sister site b&b–ridge! Come on!!!

  3. Bessie says:

    No one can be Adam Newman accept see how the new billy turned out. Get real

  4. Diana says:

    NO ADAM, NO Y&R, Enough Said, I”m sick of Eric Braden. It’s the young and the restless, not the old and grumpy. So sick of him. Michael made that show and they got rid of him, ridiculous. I guess they don’t care about the audience at all. See ya later Y & R

  5. ozark patriot says:

    It is so sad to see all of the ugly comments about Y&R. It is not fair to the new actors to condemn them before they are even seen in their roles. Move on with your dissatisfaction & give them a chance. Walking in their shoes cannot be easy with all the criticism. They are just trying to make a living and practice their craft. Put yourself in their place.

    • Rhonda Bateman says:

      I find my sympathy short for the new actors. Michael Muhney and Billy Miller were “just trying to make a living and practice their craft” as well. Y&R is NOT the show I grew to love and the new actors and their characters are a big part of that reason.. I don’t watch TV in order to “support new actors” and if the show doesn’t give me what I want as a viewer then I don’t watch…nor will I be “guilted” into watching.

      • ozark patriot says:

        But they are gone & you are right it is definitely your choice not to watch. Don’t believe anyone is trying to guilt you into watching. Actors come and go and will continue to do so. Might even be best for their careers even if at the time it does not seem so. No one knows the inside scoop on what actually happened; just a lot of speculation.

    • paulc says:

      Well said.

  6. Rhonda Bateman says:

    It wouldn’t matter to me if they cast Johnny Depp in the role, I will NOT be back. There was too much shady misbehavior by TPTB in the firing of Michael Muhney and Billy Miller, but especially in the case of MM where accusations were made that, had they been true, one would have expected TPTB to have had him escorted off the lot and criminal charges to have been filed. Did that happen? No. In fact, TPTB kept MM on for weeks after said offense was committed. He worked until it ‘suited’ them for him to leave.
    IMO, based on the nature of the ‘beast’…Jill Farren Phelps and Eric Braeden should both be fired and MM and BM brought back. Until that happens, I won’t be back. Do I think it will happen. No, but it should.

  7. Chadamfan says:

    Oh my gosh, they can’t replace Michael Muhney. The new Billy Miller is a great disaster and no actor can play Adam as Michael Muhney did. I am hoping against hope that they will recast Michael Muhney. It will pay great dividends for them. Give him a break!

  8. KSessums says:

    I want Michael Muhney, I want Billy Miller and I hate to say it I was Michelle Stafford back. The soaps are slowly dying out and we can’t have it happen to Y&R because they have new writers. I love all the new excitement, makes me want to tune it even more the next day but to recast what we know and love is stupid. People hate change! We have to deal with change constantly all around us and in our everyday work lives. We want to come home to the same people on our TV’s, something not changed, something familiar, to relax to. Keep all the interesting stories that are developing and give new ones all the time, just not new people!!!

  9. paulc says:

    Bring back the original adult Adam, Chris Engen. I never liked Michael M. As Adam, or anything else for that matter. Billy Miller was a great, and talented replacement for David Tom, but it is nice that Tom is back. Miller deserves primetime character success.

  10. Shannon Calvert says:

    I don’t know what Michael did but replacing him is almost as bad as killing him off. The replacement for Billy Abbott was a flop too. Give the fans what they want bring them back. Put Michael on probation&pay Billy a little more . Its worth it.

  11. Robert Jackson says:

    michael muhney needs to play adam newman he is so well suited for the part for the changes he has been thur never the less the writers need to find a real hit and run driver ,,,who avoids hitting a dog and kills a child instead

  12. Tacha says:

    Bring Michael Muhney back and bring Billy Miller back. Why fix something that wasn’t broke??

  13. Anniem says:

    Bingo ! He would be an excellent replacement ! He looks similar , and I’m sure he can pull off the broody nature of Adam . Would love him in the role .

  14. edwina lee says:

    Actually, they could cast George Clooney as the new Adam, and I wouldn’t watch.

  15. Dylan Mckay says:

    they’re going downhill hahahaha that’s what you get for treating your fans like shit ! even my mom doesn’t watch it anymore since i told her about the news Xd

  16. lililili says:

    sorry that some might lose their jobs but some have basically thumbed their noses in fans’ faces. it’s bad enough that mm, bm, and ps left, and then some cast members respond in such an arrogant way, as if they are the only actors we care about. I am gone baby, gone.

  17. Chipsie says:

    And I think the actress playing Kelly has absolutely no chemistry with David Tom….He simply looks too young for Kelly to be even remotely interested in him. And even with the actress playing Victoira he comes across more as a little brother.

  18. JAL says:

    Sorry TSJ has another gig and still
    would not work for me.

  19. L Bridges says:

    I’m disappointed all around with Y&R. I can’t believe the Cassie double. That character was loved and grieved and to do this to her memory is shameful and in poor taste; not to mention the insult to people with mental illness. I have stopped watching because the storylines have become ridiculous and unrealistic; something I never thought Y&R could or would ever be.

  20. Lisa says:

    No replacement for Michael. I’m on the verge of not watching Y&R any longer…. too many changes and getting rid of great actors.

  21. JAY85 says:


  22. Sylvia says:

    Young and the restless is starting to suck. Its hard for an actor to play a role done so well by another. Suck suck suck! Tom ( billy) actor suck and so will the new Adam.

  23. Ruth Dameron says:

    The worst decision ever was firing those two! You set the show back twenty years just as it was becoming relevant again. I’ve watched from the first show till now. I don’t bother too turn it on, why bother, too see bad acting, mis-matched couple’s? Come on, even the Black Knight has lost his luster…you’ve reduced him to a grumpy old man! You wetter the gold standard, why are you now acting like the shows that use to be on tv?
    Do a dream sequence, save face and reverse this madness! You can’t duplicate the chemistry those two couples have with each other! They’re the most realistic couples u have. Don’t kill ur anchors!! I need Adam, his eyes speak volumes! At his weakest, Billy would never have touch that chick, come on…he has Victoria! Are u kidding me! The Most awkward scene I endured.

  24. Tisha says:

    Sad to say, but the New/Old Billy is not good…he and Amelia have 0 chemistry….I can’t believe how miss matched those two characters are….and the new Ridge on Bold and the Beautiful is just horrific!

  25. Amy Chapin Saxton says:

    Totally agree NO ONE could play ADam but Michael and I can’t stand the new Billy, I have only continued watching it to see if and when there would bring Adam back and who would play the role!

  26. cheryl says:

    Bring Michael and Billy Miller back,I stopped watching !Victor is a bore ,Lilly Abby ……They keep the dreadful CHARTERERS on and take off the best !!!

  27. cheryl says:

    I agree

  28. Karen says:

    Can’t stand David Tom as Billy! No way is he able to portray a playboy! Maybe a playmate for Fen? As far as Adam, yes he can be replaced with a strong dominant actor. I say someone like Tom Pelphrey or Aiden Turner. Hey, I hear Roger Howarth is “MAYBE” leaving GH. ??

  29. True Fan says:

    Michael Muhney was not the original character to play the role of Adam Newman. Can you believe that, he was a recast. But the day Michael Muhney took over the role of Adam Newman, he became Adam. Michael took over the role. HE OWNED IT. He made fans love him, even when you wanted to hate Adam. He pulled us in with his charm those blue eyes and a great performance. Y&R will never find a better Adam Newman. Please bring Michael back or just let the character Adam die.

  30. Nancy says:

    Seriously, I am so glad others are not buying David Tom as Billy. Billy Miller completely changed the character and owned it. This new guy is no more a gambler and playboy than Justin Bieber is. Come on, he’s too soft. Billy Miller had the right mix of screw-up combined with desperate need for forgiveness. There is also no way anyone will accept a new Adam – just can’t be done. Why do the writers and head people do this? Make us love the actor/character and then take it all away? For a very brief point in time, the Y&R was about acting. The writing was always terrible, but for a little bit I didn’t think I was wasting time on a cheesy soap. It was actually great acting. Very sad about all of this :(

  31. Steve says:

    Replace Michael Muhney with the original Adam Newman that would be the only other actor acceptable. Either that or bring back Michael Muhney.

  32. How about Trent Dawson or Micahel Park from As the World Turns? Both great actos and Trent even looks like him a little bit.

    • ChadamFan says:

      I like Michael Park, but he’s too old for the part and I really can’t picture him in that role. I really love Trent Dawson, but I don’t see him as Adam. Plus, JP hated him on ATWT – she used him for comic relief and never really showcased his true dramatic talent.

      No one can replace MM, IMO, except for maybe CE. But I highly doubt he’ll be back as Adam.

      Honestly, I think they’re trying to kill Y&R just like they killed GL and ATWT. JFP and JP are THE WORST and known to ruin/kill shows (the above two, plus OLTL and, IMO, GH). It’s only a matter of time before Y&R is dead too, with these two in charge. JMHO . . .

  33. don says:

    I see two possible replacement for MM. Tom Welling could be one possible replacement in terms of personality he has some similarities to MM and the second possiblity is Chris Engen the first actor who played adam because he knows the character since he had portrayed him before and if it weren’t for the gay and dark storyline he would still play Adam today otherwise it would be a terrible.

  34. Don says:

    Yes, the need to bring MM back otherwise bring the original actor in the role Chris Engen as for David Tom I will not comment on his performance until his storyline goes far enough and he did played the role twelve years ago and won an emmy for the role of billy abbott.

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  37. Jo-Anne Garneau says:

    I agree. The first Adam was ok but Michael is such an amazing Adam. He needs to come back. As for the new Billy…. He has big shoes to fill and is not doing a very good job of it so far.

  38. Jeannie says:

    I say bring Michael Muhney back as Adam. I also miss Billy Miller.
    Like others have said, as far as Y&R goes Michael Muhney IS ADAM NEWMAN. Noone can fill his spot. Also, Billy Miller IS BILLY ABBOTT.

  39. Carol P says:

    Chris Engen, Chris Engen, Chris Engen…. Bring him back! He was so superior to MM. Never should have been let go in the first place. I might even start watching the show again if he were to be re-cast as Adam Newman.

  40. step j says:

    Oh wow i was feeling the same way the new billy DOSE NOT fit her

  41. NikkiM. says:

    I also hope they bring back Michael Muhney. Please also can the new Billy. He really is a horrible actor. He looks like a kid to top it off. He and Victoria don’t fit anymore. I’m so bummed…

  42. Cindy Woodruff says:

    I have watched Y&R since it’s 1970’s conception and have lived with many cast changes. Nicki & Victor must stay!!! Jack is perfect!! Sick of Collin’s character. I love Dylan & Stitch. I continue missing Katherine Chancellor!!! Where is Murphy? He was adorable.
    The “new Billy” is a NO & Adam Newman MUST return!!! No one else can play Adam

  43. From1stday says:

    Nobody will ever be able to play billy!! There is only one. Please y&r get him back!