The Young and the Restless: David Tom Admits He Can’t Duplicate Billy Miller’s Work as Billy Abbott

The Young and the Restless: David Tom Admits He Can't Duplicate Billy Miller's Work as Billy Abbott

David Tom seems to be facing an uphill battle stepping back into the role of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless. Tom originally played the character about 12 years ago and back then his work was popular enough to win him a Daytime Emmy. In recent years, Billy Miller took over the role and truly made it his own while winning over a legion of fans. He helped to transform the character in a grown, solid, complex man and it was really hard to imagine anyone replicating his performance.

Tom completely agrees with the poor assessment of his acting and in the Feb. 24th print edition of CBS Soaps he says that there is no way he can duplicate the character that Martin crafted before his recent exit from Y&R. Tom is simply hoping that he can slowly take Billy in a direction that is comfortable for him without disrespecting the work that Martin did. It’s pretty clear that it’s going to take him some serious time to accomplish that.

Perhaps Y&R should have integrated Tom into the mix a little more gently. Instead he was tossed into a major story line and the result has been unsettling for viewers. The initial consensus seems to resemble a storm of negativity with long time Y&R fans lashing out at the recasting in general and also at bringing Tom in to do the job. To be fair, they are not very likely to accept any recast right now because they really hated to see Miller leave and his reasons for going didn’t help. Basically the powers-that-be, Jill Farren Phelps, wouldn’t allow Miller some time off to pursue other brief projects – something the show has always allowed until recently. He wanted the opportunity to grow as an actor and had no choice but to leave the show (we call being fired), infuriating fans.

Do you think that once Tom settles in then the backlash will stop or is he simply the wrong guy for this job now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

22 responses to “The Young and the Restless: David Tom Admits He Can’t Duplicate Billy Miller’s Work as Billy Abbott”

  1. CL Jones says:

    This writer cannot even get the primary characters names correct. Sad that writers for online publications fail to proof read what they write. Twice referring to Miller as “Martin”. How can this writers comments be considered valid?

  2. Mags says:

    Who is Martin you keep referring to?

  3. treddle says:

    I like him!

  4. Racquel Garnette says:

    Since Billy J Miller wanted to leave the show and pursue other projects, what the writers should of done is bring someone older to play Billy Abbott. But no they bring David Tom instead. Who is Martin of you referring to?. The writers needs to think with there heads not with there hearts. That is why there show is sinking. With

    • Mel says:

      They need good writers and producers who know the history and characters of the show. The people they have now have no respect for what William Bell crafted all those years ago. They are destroying the characters and this show that we long time viewers have dedicated decades to watching.

  5. Janet says:

    I have been watching Y & R for almost 40 years; and, while I thought Billy Miller was a spectacular portrayer of Billy Abbott, I think that David Tom is doing a fine job. I was actually surprised by what I considered to be a rather smooth transition, all things considered.

  6. Lolita Bridges says:

    I respect David Tom and the negative comments about him are unfair. He simply accepted a job and I can’t fault him for wanting to be employed (as an actor). Billy Miller is Billy Abbott; no question, but all David Tom needs or has to do is his best. He originated the role and he was good enough then and I am sure Billy Miller would agree, he is good enough now.

  7. NJ says:

    Billy Miller made you love Billy Abbott. His character was complex and he made you just love the character. No one will be able to replica his acting. Billy Miller should have been able to go and pursue other choices while working for Y&R. It is very sad what happened to Michael Muhuney too. If there was a real crime why didn’t some file a formal complaint with the police. Adam Newman was also a character that fans grew to love and we miss is interaction with Chelsea and Victor too. Very sad for Y&R,. I’m not watching any more and waiting for one of them to be cast on General Hospital and watch that soap instead.

  8. Adena Ballance says:

    Actually Billy Miller is a year and a half YOUNGER than David Tom, so it’s just in their acting maturity that Billy Miller seems older, but he’s going to be a really hard act to follow, same with Michael Muhney (Adam), both are simply irreplaceable. I’m not watching anymore since the show doesn’t care about their fans. What’s the point, nothing worth watching, all the storylines are going down the tanker, and they got rid of two of their best actors. They’ll put Sharon & Nick back together, only to tear them apart AGAIN when what she did comes out. Victoria and Billy (voted best storyline ever on the show) will be done when the affair comes out. There’s nothing worth watching for, unless they somehow bring back Micheal Muhney and Billy Miller, although I’m not even sure they’d want to work on this show anymore. Honestly they are both better than Y&R deserves at this point. They’ll be like Shemar Moore and find somewhere better to shine.

  9. Mags123 says:

    Whose Martin?? SMH

  10. Tas says:

    I really miss Miller aka “Martin” pfff! Tom is such a wus! Can’t act worth sh** …I agree that he makes too many faces and over acts. To add I see no chemistry between Victoria and Tom …she could be his mother…oyeeeee!!!! Miller all the way!!

  11. Diane Webster says:

    So sorry but Tom Is not ma tire enough for the role plus Billy Miller being being a fan favorite can’t be replaced.

  12. Mary Ann says:

    I have never commented on blogs about any show I watch but I wish there was some where I could complain about the new Billy! I loved the old Billy. He made Billy Abbot a charming rogue. This new guy is terrible! Please get Billy back! I am so sad about this show. it is going down hill. I hate this story line now that I have to listen to this new Billy whine like a school boy!!! UGH!!! get Billy BACK!!!!

  13. Richard Reeves says:

    Yes David will make this role his own again.I am sick of all the insults hurled at him.I agree with this writer that it was unfair to throw David in the middle of a major storyline.It should have wrapped up quickly played by Miller.And then David should have been brought back in with a fresh story.Y&R needs actors that David previously worked with.Especially David Lago,Thad Luckinbill and Lauren Woodland.Also bring back the Mackenzie character.There’s a story there with her that Y&R needs to tackle.And it centers on why she never returned for her grandma’s (Catherine Chancellor’s) funeral.

  14. Eva says:

    Bring back Billy Miller; I can’t watch this new one!

  15. Brocks17 says:

    I think David Tom is horrible. He mumbles, sticks out his lower jaw and is scrawny. Next to stitch and Dylan, he looks like a whimp. He doesn’t hold a candle to billy miller. Replace him now.

  16. Nerissa Hosein says:

    No disrespect to DT but he can’t do what Miller did for this character!!

  17. Karen Fitzhugh Taylor says:

    If they don’t like what we have to say abt them replacing BM just wait till they replace MM….And what they are going to just write Phyllis out ?

  18. yhoward says:

    I think Y & R needs to get rid of Jill Farren Phelps. It is apparent that she has been bad for the show. I think her arrogant big ego needs to be taken down a few notches and listen to what the fans want. BRING BILLY AND MICHAEL BACK!! Isn’t it the fans that make a show stay on the air. I guess the fans or lack of fans will eventually fire her.

  19. Soapgurl says:

    Thom seems like he’s gay so it’s hard to imagine him as a straight man. He’s just not sexy or attractive like Billy Miller is!! Thom talks and acts like a gay high school kid – not a grown straight man!!

  20. Daypol says:

    Y&R must be on its final year, story line is now stupid, like the final season of Glee. There is no longer any credibility as viewers cannot nnect the dots and the characters are no longer true to their personalities. Or else new writers were hired who are clueless. After t least 30 yrs of viewing, I am quickly losing interest and find the sow very depressing.