The Young and the Restless: Grief Stricken Chloe Mitchell Acting Crazy: Will She Hurt Chelsea to Get Her Son Connor?

The Young and the Restless: Grief Stricken Chloe Mitchell Acting Crazy: Will She Hurt Chelsea to Get Her Son Connor?

The Young and the Restless has it fans and former fans up in arms. TBTB at the popular daytime drama, namely Jill Farren Phelps decided to fire one of the most popular characters on soaps today, Michael Muhney.  Actors get cut from soaps all the time, so why the big hoopla you might be asking. Well Michael who payed Adam Newman on Y&R was an excellent actor and has been credited with bring the soap back to life after it was in a slump.

Add to this Y&R decided to replace fan favorite Billy Miller who played Billy Abbott with David Tom. As the days pass it is clear David Tom is not an actor of the same caliber as Billy Miller. These moves have left fans mystified and irate.  With fans holding protests, tuning out, walks etc the daytime drama has to come up with a new storyline to hook their disgruntled fans back in.

It looks like they are building up to a huge Chloe/Chelsea/Connor story. Chloe Mitchell and Billy Abbot’s daughter Delia Abbott was killed in a hit and run accident in October 2013.  Moments before Delia’s death Billy left Delia alone in his car to buy ice-cream, after her puppy left the car Delia left after him. Billy arrived to find Delia’s barely alive body on the side of the road. He called the ambulance but because she had suffered from Leukemia and had a weak immune system Delia succumbed to her injuries and died after being rushed to the hospital.  This was the start of fan outrage – Y&R audiences were outraged by the storyline.

Following Delia’s death her corneas were given to Connor Newman, the newborn son of Chloe’s BFF Chelsea Lawson and her baby daddy Adam Newman. Shortly after, it was discovered that Adam was the driver of the car that was responsible for Delia’s death.

Following Delia’s death Chloe is slowly starting to unravel. It all started when she took off with Connor in the car, she later brought him back and explained the reason she took the tot by saying, that’s what she did with Delia when she was fussy!

Next she took a onesie that was Connor’s and put it in her purse.  When Kevin asked why she had Connor’s clothing, she said it was an accident.

Last week Chelsea was being bombarded by advice from everyone about what to do to move on from Adam’s death. Victor showed up at the house making lots of offers and promises and then Chloe arrived. Chloe told Chelsea she didn’t want Victor anywhere near Connor. Chelsea asked Chloe, “I need your permission?” Chelsea became fed up with all the advice and told Chloe that she had had enough she was getting on the next plane and taking Connor to Paris with her. Chloe was horrified and told Chelsea there was NO WAY she was letting Chelsea leave with Connor.  Chloe than realized she went to far and apologized. Chelsea accepted her apology and went to check on Connor. While she was gone Chloe took Chelsea and Connor’s passport.

It is clear they are building up to a huge Chloe/Chelsea/Connor storyline. With Chloe clearly suffering from PTSD as well as other mental health issues it’s not unreasonable to believe she might want to get Chelsea out of the picture so she can have Connor.

Furthermore, there is always the possibility that Billy Abbott will start to suffer guilt and PTSD too. Adam may have been driving the car that hit Delia but Billy was the one who left his four-year-old daughter in that car. In my opinion he was negligent and as guilty as Adam.

What do you think CDLers will this story interest fans enough to get them back?  In my opinion watching Chloe act is like watching paint dry so I highly doubt anyone will care much about the storyline. Of course PTSD could be Y&R’s latest gimmick to try and save the show.

The next question, is Y&R going to recast Adam Newman?  As CDL explained this week a suspicious casting call has gone out that could very well be a sub rosa attempt to recast Adam. Jill wouldn’t dare be open about looking to replace Muhney so soon. Chelsea is convinced Adam is not dead and the last we saw of Adam was a bleeding hand in the snow so they have certainly left the possibility of a recast.

5 responses to “The Young and the Restless: Grief Stricken Chloe Mitchell Acting Crazy: Will She Hurt Chelsea to Get Her Son Connor?”

  1. BOWLERAS says:

    I was a fan from 1980 on but no more not watched in 4wks and I can say I haven’t missed it,if they brought back MM,BM then I would go back,SL still suck.

  2. Maria says:

    I think the actress who plays chloe is really talented but has just been getting crap storylines. I loved watching her character when she was dating Chance, or when she got pregnant and tried to pass it off as cane’s, or when she was trying to get billy back. but her character was kind of ignored by the writers for a long time until this storyline, which to me is a dumb storyline. he actress deserves better I think.

  3. specagent1 says:

    I stopped watching when sharon Knocked Phyllis down the stairs, faked Nick out about the paternity tests, and burned down victors house and hasn’t been found out or gone to jail yet. Your characters and police are the most forgiving people in the universe, nobody goes to jail for their crimes! They must be the dumbest too because they are all so easily duped. Billy boy just shoots some Adam, the cops know it and he just waltzes out of jail, nobody’s pissed at him? And i get this info from spoilers!! I will never wat h this show again unless sharon is found out and goes to jail! I will never watch TB&TB again til the bs storyline of wussy ass Hope forgiving Wyatt in all of 2 seconds is changed…why isnt wyatt and his mom fired and in JAIL!

  4. jan says:

    I am sooo NOT enjoying the new Billy Abbott. Crap actor. Not sincere. Time to find a new program at 11:00

  5. jackie says:

    She acts like a spoiled child. Never thankful always glopping no more for me changing channels