The Young and the Restless to Fire Jill Farren Phelps Over Michael Muhney – Hunter King’s Sexual Harassment Claims

The Young and the Restless to Fire Jill Farren Phelps Over Michael Muhney - Hunter King's Sexual Harassment Claims

The Young and the Restless used to be one of the most solid, respected soap operas in history thanks to the very clear vision of the late Bill Bell. It seemed to be running a bit off course about two years ago so CBS decided to take a risky chance and bring in Jill Farren Phelps to give the story lines a real shot in the arm. As an executive producer she’s the kind of chick that you either love or hate and her story telling tends to be edgy and a bit dark. Perhaps CBS thought that she would help to modernize things a bit but instead after about 18 months as show runner the soap has turned into a hot mess – one that has lost 500,000 viewers in the last year.

Sure, Jill has fired fan favorites and I don’t doubt that everyone in those upper CBS offices is kind of unfazed by this because it goes with the territory. However not all of the firings have been the same and when she cut Michael Muhney back in December fan frenzy erupted. His work on the show seemed to be one of the main reasons that longtime Y&R fans were still even bothering to watch. The powers-that-be let it leak that Muhney was accused of groping a female cast member, likely thinking that putting that bit of info out there would cause the fans to back off. Instead it incited an online riot of sorts.

The Young and the Restless to Fire Jill Farren Phelps Over Michael Muhney - Hunter King's Sexual Harassment Claims

The drama all became about Muhney and what he should do next. Lost in the shuffle seems to be the fact that Jill was told of the accusations months before she actually fired the actor! That leads me to think that she perhaps didn’t really believe that they were true. Or since she runs with men all day and tends to think like one, her initial response to Hunter King was along the lines of “Chin Up.” In the world of business, Muhney should have been fired immediately in order to protect King. Instead they spent months still working together. Was Jill trying to punish the young actress? Who knows.

What we do know is that she then began crafting a story line intended to make fans hate Muhney’s character so that when she eventually cut him they might care a little less. Once this whole mess became public knowledge then we all learned just how badly the situation was handled and shouldn’t someone be held accountable?

If allegations of groping are swept under the carpet shouldn’t that cost someone their job? In this case, isn’t it time that Jill is shown the door? If not for ruination of beloved characters and driving Y&R’s ratings into the abyss, then certainly for not taking care of her actors and ensuring that their well-being is of utmost importance? Might the same circumstance that ushered Muhney out the door also be what ultimately gets Jill ousted? Why aren’t more people demanding that CBS hold someone accountable? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

The Young and the Restless to Fire Jill Farren Phelps Over Michael Muhney - Hunter King's Sexual Harassment Claims

The Young and the Restless to Fire Jill Farren Phelps Over Michael Muhney - Hunter King's Sexual Harassment Claims

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101 responses to “The Young and the Restless to Fire Jill Farren Phelps Over Michael Muhney – Hunter King’s Sexual Harassment Claims”

  1. NotAMuhtard says:

    Why would they fire JFP? She fought tooth and nail to keep him despite his disgusting behavior. If you were really any kind of insider instead of the idiot you clearly are, you’d know that.

  2. Cynthia Kaszuba says:

    Truthfully I don’t care if he touched a pair of boobs. You can’t just fire someone for heresay. They could have written him up, charged him a fine, worked with human resources to develop a plan of action, temporary suspension etc. most people know sexual harrassers have more than one victim. Yes, everyone starts somewhere but with his supposed ego there would have been more. Regardless, I could care less. I think H.K. Reporting it caused way more damage than it was worth. She doesn’t have the normal job where it can stay confined. She has people hating her, the show and all the people she works with over a boob grab! I love Muhney no matter what!

  3. Zdawg MCer says:

    Take a minute and view the interviews of HK et al on the 40th anniversary extra on You Tube. HK admits to “crushes” on older men actors. She says she looks forward when the script says for her to “hug” the guys. This with her own twitters conclude that this is indeed a serious fabrication and a very vicious slander upon Michael Muhney by CBS/Sony.

  4. Lynne Bures says:

    Did you hear personally from Hunter that he did? And there were no witnesses. And no charges filed. Were you a bug on the wall?

  5. Lynne Bures says:

    It’s way too late for Y&R to be saved. Phelps is The Cougar Terminator. News that she indeed fired Stafford is out. Then of course Billy and Michael. Then the quiet ones like St. John putting his foot in his mouth. Then others Tweeting naked. Reading that Braeden doesn’t memorize lines but works off a script. Word that he has gotten physical with 2 actors but he still has a job. It’s done without even reminding us all that she wrote in the killing of a child. Unless it becomes a 4 month dream like Dallas and we awaken to everyone back where they should be, it’s done and I’ve watched from Day 1.

  6. Lynne Bures says:

    You are so full of it. NO one on the cast has come forward to say it happened. Duh…there were no witnesses! And for the RECORD if it did then Hunter is as dumb as a door nail for letting it happen twice and not going to the police.

    • Deb says:

      I agree. Why would you let it continue to happen. My body & respect for myself goes far beyond me wanting to stay at my job when my bosses higher up do nothing. Miss Hunter King grow up & quit putting all the blame on Michael Muhney. You are an adult in this issue . If he grabbed your breasts twice. Did you slap him in the face? Did you knee him where it hurts? Did you tell his wife? Did you tell him anything? From what I understand you told your bosses to fire him. Really? He has children & a wife he is trying to support

  7. Lynne Bures says:

    No he wanted to stay. They told him he couldn’t have the time off usually allowed to do primetime. As he said he wouldn’t have gone into negotiations if he didn’t want to stay.

  8. Lynne Bures says:

    I have to say that reading through these posts, some are so ridiculous you wonder if Y&R isn’t posting for subterfuge

  9. Cicero58941 says:

    JFP needs to let go of some of these teenagers that are constantly plaguing the show. What the hell happened to our veteran actors cheating on their wives with wifes best friend, or sisters fighting over the same man? This was the stuff soaps were made of back in the day. Get rid of these blasted teens bombarding the show. I tune in to watch veteran actors and actresses, not some snot nose kids. While some kids and teens on a show is great; an overload is ridiculous. If Hunter King’s allegations are that true, she should have run to the nearest police station, even after reporting it to execs. JFP should not just have taken her word for it, but allowed the police to investigate. I have never like the character of Summer Newman from the get go, and now this really makes me hurl to even see her on screen. She is a selfish, spoiled brat and I wish they would get rid of some of these teens off this show. Makes for sorry watching. Bring Michael Muhney back or I’m done with this show for good, and I’ve been watching since the day it hit the air back in 1971.

  10. Cicero58941 says:

    Get rid of JFP because she is ruining this show big time. Only a bonehead would fire major longtime actors from a number one show. Get rid of some of those snot nose teens on this show as well. While some kids and teens are fine, this show is constantly being bombarded with too many. I tune in to watch veteran actors and actresses do their stuff, not whiny, spoiled brats. Whatever happened to wives cheating on their spouses, and two sisters fighting over the same man? This was the stuff that soaps were made of back in the day. If Hunter King was being groped, why didn’t she run screaming to the police department and file charges, after she reported it to top execs? Take a lie detector test while you’re at it. I have enjoyed watching MM on the show and he is what keeps me tuning in everyday. Loved his on screen banter and sparring with the cast. Loved watching BM as well, and was looking forward to the hypocrite getting found out for cheating yet again on his wife. I have been watching Y & R since its inception in 1971, but sad to say, I’ll be turning the channel and getting into GH. Maybe the execs there are smarter, and know not to get rid of great actors and actresses.

  11. Cicero58941 says:

    Why would MM want to grope her breasts, when he could grope Chelsea’s for free during their on screen lovemaking? Not understanding the logic here? If someone groped my breasts repeatedly, I’d smack the living daylights out of em, and file police charges against them.

  12. Cicero58941 says:

    Taking the show off record immediately. Nothing there that I want to see anymore, now that Michael Muhney is gone and Billy Miller. Buh Bye Y & R It was a fun show until JFP came along. Listen to the fans of this show Sony and JFP; we know what we like and who we want to see on screen, and it certainly isn’t Hunter King and some of the other newcomers.

  13. Robin A Hersey says:

    Thanks for clarifying Jocelyn. I know sometimes words in such short messages get misconstrued. I just don’t want anyone thinking that #TeamMuhney endorses sexual harassment in any way shape or form. I saw some comments saying, “She should have been flattered if he did do it”. First of all I don’t believe that he did it, but if a man — any man — puts his hands on a woman’s breasts without her consent it is not a compliment. I don’t care if he’s the most sought after man in the world. No one has the right to put their hands on another person in an unwanted way. I can tell you that I’m French and I’m constantly waiving my hands around talking and if I was called on sexual harassment every time I touched a woman’s breast by accident when my hands are flailing around, I’d be in a boatload of trouble right now. He may have touched her that way and EB encouraged her to use it against MM. I don’t think they’d have kept him around until the end of his contract if he truly did it. Let’s think about this…that poor girl would have had to work with her abuser for months after it happened. That wouldn’t seem fair to me. If I went to one of my bosses and told them one of my co-workers grabbed my breasts he would be busted right then and there.

  14. Aimee Lash-Vaughan says:

    The writer HAS TO GO! She fired Michael she should fall too! I know alot of peeps NOT watching Y&R anymore…so the show is gona go away Like Michael!

  15. Tom Kidd says:

    Here’s the thing: it’s pretty common knowledge that the cast and crew have had a good laugh about the late Jeanne Cooper grabbing guys’ butts and penises over the years and now they get all hot & bothered because Michael Muhney allegedly caresses Hunter King’s breasts??? Give me a break! Most workplaces “Zero tolerance means zero tolerance”. Jeanne Cooper should have been fired long, long ago and so should have Michael Muhney. Which is why I do not believe this particular little story of theirs.

  16. diannep says:

    I started my boycott of watching Y&R after the Jan 30th show. The only 2 characters I really enjoyed watching were Billy Miller and Michael Muhney.
    In fact I refuse to watch Y&R. How can anyone fire Billy, he is a breath of fresh air.
    Phelps ought to be ousted for her supposedly gutsy move….
    Where ever these guys go, so do I!

  17. […] and the Restless has it fans and former fans up in arms. TBTB at the popular daytime drama, namely Jill Farren Phelps decided to fire one of the most popular characters on soaps today, Michael Muhney.  Actors get cut from soaps all the time, so why the big hoopla you might be […]

  18. jackie says:

    she should be fire if you are accused it is not brought up months later it is done RIGHT NOW not months from then Hunter King is still a liar otherwise she would have gone to another producer and made the allegation stick and or called the cops and now to see her role develop as a slut makes you just wonder what the two have been doing behind closed doors themselves??? Hunter is a liar and Jill Farren Phelphs writes like a teenager in high school

  19. Maryvanessa says:

    Has the Young & worthless now, besides all the other story lines that don’t work, they cut Billy and Adam, big mistake, 100,000 more viewers gone, bought Colin back, what a lowlife actor? It’s over as we knew this show, I have been watching for well over 35 years, I am notbanymorecafter cutting theses two, it’s just the final straw in a long list of the show not being up to snuff, loosing good actors, bad story line, writer sux

  20. Ms Lee says:

    I dont believe it happened. If it was true and JFP did nothing about then HK is the idiot because she didnt take it further. I think that she is a liar and they should get rid of her. I also think they should get rid of chloe … she drives me nuts

  21. Bajan says:

    JPF needs to go….she is running the show to the ground…hitting rid of billy….really. His recast does not fit the part…can’t even watch him…I am done with the show,it is painful to watch…..Vicky does not even look right in the role anymore….I am begging people to stop watching….

  22. Bajan says:

    I cancelled it from my DVR also…good going

  23. Nancy says:

    I also hate what Jill Farren Phelps has done to Y&R. Tired of all the darkness. I think it is time for new writers. Lighten up the story lines, let some people be happy. When Michael Muhney was fired I was so upset. I loved seeing Adam, Chelsea and baby Connor together, was the best part of the show. Agree Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford need to be brought back as well. Bring back “Red” for Jack, they also made a great couple. I definitely want Sharon to be found out and do not want Sharon and Nick reunited. But more than anything, I want Eric Braeden to be a better actor, Get a haircut and quit ending every sentence with “Okay”, that is so annoying. So long Eric Braeden and Jill Phelps. Maybe Y&R could be a better “Soap” without them.

  24. Deb says:

    Greg Z. please state how you know “the facts”. I believe I speakfor quite a few people on here who are looking for the truth. I am not looking for the truth as you might believe it to be. Can you just tell us how you know the FACTS? I do not believe anything that comes out of Jill Farren Phelps mouth due to “past behavior” on her part. I am still 100% behind Michael Muhney. And tell me how you explain Hunter twittering Michael Muhney & his men friends at 2:30AM that she wish they would have invited her to watch survivor finaile with them. Doent sound like an innocent kid to me. Sorry if I come off as too hard on Hunter. I think Jill Farren Phelps is the creep here. Waiting to here from you Mr. Greg.

  25. Karine says:

    I’ve been watching Y&R since it started and I have to say that the past year has been just horrible. I was always impressed how the the writers were able to still create an interesting story line despite the “soapish” side to it. Also, the innovative filming/production set the show apart from other daytime soaps. Over the past year, it has fallen in the category of low grade soaps. After reading this article, it is obvious that Jill has to be the one to leave. She must be pretty incompetent to be able to bring one of the top daytime soaps down to it’s knees. Sad to say, I will be tuning out after 30 years. Adam and Billy’s characters were the only thing that kept me watching. The new Billy is just awful.He looks over acted in all his scenes- it’s beyond annoying. I have to skip over his scenes. The other characters have always been borderline, with the exception of Phyllis, and now she’s not there. I don’t even want to stick around to see the new Adam- poor guy who has to fill in those shoes! What a mess!!

  26. Donna says:

    I totally agree!! Jill Farren Phelps should be FIRED! We, the fans, are very unhappy! Please get rid of her before we end up losing one of the very few soaps left!! Please listen to us the fans!! FIRE Jill Farren Phelps!! Please don’t wait til it’s too late!!

  27. Linda Robbins says:

    She does need to go. The soap hasn’t been the same….they seem to think the fans are all stupid but I would bet if she gets fired there would be a commotion of applause!!! I for one would be happy. won’t miss her at all

  28. valleygirl says:

    After 20 years I stopped watching Y&R. She really screwed up big time in the name of sexual harassment. As a woman, I am disgusted by this. She needs to go!!!

  29. Pilar says:

    NO actor has gone on record to say this sexual harassment actually happened. It is only “he said she said.” (If even that happened). Hunter King has NOT come forward to say anything. This was merely a rumor propagated by TMZ.and admitted by NOBODY. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  30. Marie says:

    Get a life., you are the one who is PATHETIC. Did you see him feel up anybody? Then keep your mouth shut .This is a free country. Anyone can make up stories about anybody. If I am spurned or rejected I can always cry “Rape”. Bring on the witnesses. Even Hunter King has not spoken, and you just go with the gossip columns??

  31. Iris says:


  32. Booggaloo says:

    Get rid of JFP but not Hunter King. MM is perhaps, just perhaps guilty.

  33. Minxie says:

    I just want to say, finally you get Sharon looking decent without that stringy straight clingy hair of hers and then you let Nick turn into the shaggy mutt. He looks like a scuze bucket with that greasy hair and that half ass beard! please for the love of God give Nick a shave and a haircut . Please !!! He looks totally gross! And he is too hot, to be allowed to look like a scuzz.