• B. Mosely

    Dont care to chat with any of them… Christian Leblanc & Greg Rikaart didn’t like MM… and didn’t hide it

  • RedRiver38

    No use for any of them. LeBlanc despised Muhney. It was very well known that he hated MM for changing Emmy selection process. Bitter queen. No thanks. Done.

  • Elizabeth Waddell

    I don’t care for LEBLANC or RIKAART…Truth is don’t care for Y&R.

  • Hope Nodrama

    HELL NO!! What I need to talk to them for? They not MM and BM. We don’t have nothing to talk about.

    • Donna

      We are Gone Baby Gone #teammuhney & #teammiller all the way.

  • Barbara Rhyne

    Geez I can’t think of one reason that I would do that and about twenty reasons why I shouldn’t. # TeamMuhney

  • Diane

    Done Done Done don’t care if they get nude and dance on a table Done !

  • margaretrer

    Since 1986 I’ve been a fan. Its time to move on. If the charges were true about MM why wait for his contract to be up and risk it happening again. The whole affair reeks with viewer manipulation. Sorry. We aren’t that stupid. Bye bye.

  • Tana

    Done with CBS and that show!! What was the name of it again??

    • Joanne M Hooks

      The Old and the Sexless????

  • deirdre

    I’m not done, will always watch y&r. Have been since 1980. And will continue to do so, bring back billy miller, and the old Adam Newman, better than Michael muhney

    • livewire

      Hmmm you say you have watched since 1980, so you know what real acting is like. Not sure how you can justify watching with such pathetic story lines & poor acting going on now. It is the end of the line for this show thanks to the powers that be at Sony, CBS Daytime, and Y & R. I have watched for over 30 years myself and sickened by what they have done. I am not so obsessed with the show that I have to continue watching it. There are much better shows to waste an hour of my time watching. Or better yet, I will use that time to do something productive. ;)

  • KKatherine Custer

    I am done with Y R!!!

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  • Mary1054

    Have not watched since the 30th. It is really sad because I have been a loyal fan since the show aired. The other sad thing is, yes there are quite a few excellent actors on the show, but nothing can be said for what Michael Muhney and Billy Miller brought to their characters. They brought these characters to a level that cannot be explained. You could not help but to be connected to them. With them gone it is truly a loss that I don’t believe this show will ever recover from. I have not tuned in since the 30th, because basically if these two characters are being replaced by someone else, I really don’t care to watch. So long Y & R, from a long time fan, who is no longer.

  • Linda Escher Shearer

    Why did Joshua leave? I can understand them firing Michael if people wete really thinking this is sexual harassment. Would you want your daughter harnessed at work? Sorry but he made a poor choice. He is a great actor that made a bad decision and if he was Joe citizen he would be in jail.

  • Carol R

    CBS and a lot of the actors have taken the fans for granted and I think
    they are now realizing the error of their ways. The storylines are boring and
    depressing and it all as a result of JFP.

  • Linda Simpson

    I am with Team Muhney all the way! I dont care what the other actors do! I dont watch any more.

  • Sharae Myers

    The only twitter discussion I would consider to participate in would be to applaud the announcement firing JFP/AM period.

  • livewire

    How very hypocritical, they fire Michael Muhney for allegedly doing criminal sexual batter and they have three actors pose nude for a Twitter feed? Yeah, that is tasteful…………NOT. 30+ years of watching and Thursday was the last day of watching. So fed up with the pathetic story lines, pathetic acting, might as well use sock puppets for actors. The showing of the “houses” is stupid. Y & R is the soap opera equivalent of the Titanic. They have struck a massive fan iceberg and going down! ;-)

  • Sher

    Completely done! I liked Christian Leblanc’s and Tracy Bregman’s acting, but the story lines are dragged on – Joshua Morrow’s character on that show stinks – K St John’s character is deplorable. The one who acts as Chloe is skilled – but these people’s treatment of a fellow cast member is inexcusable …. CBS would have to do something just about miraculous to bring me back to that fold ….

  • Joanne M Hooks

    You make more sense than anyone else I have read! Kudos!!!

  • Joanne M Hooks

    67 here, and feeling the same!

  • Lisa

    After watching since 1984 I’m done!! I’ve seen how great this show can be and WAS. I have no doubt that since #soapkiller JFP took over that is when the ship started to sink. Over night cast members disappeared, story lines never finished, and my first upset was with emme rylan (naked heiress Abby) was replaced, she brought a lot to the show but I bared through it. Then mrs. C the great Jean Cooper passed away and immediately you could feel cold winds blowing in. I mean WHAT??? Phyliss is gone? MICHELLE STAFFORD love her or hate her is a fireball! She got your emotions running! I love her!! Oh, but sure, follow that up with killing a sweet little girl!!!! Dehlia?? Why why why?? Us mothers don’t need that heartache and right before the holidays?? C’mon!! By this time I’m truly struggling to hang in there but ohhhh Adam! I couldn’t tune out no matter what with Michael Muhney on the show!! I would still be watching today if he was there. And for an extra stab in our heart they let Billy Miller go?? Dumb dumb dumb!
    There is nothing to watch now.
    Started watching General Hospital and I’m so glad I did! Great actors, awesome story lines and a comfortable home feel to it:) and I heard Michael Muhney say he would follow Maura West where ever she went so I’m waiting for you Michael!!!! Miss you so much!!
    Good bye Y&R – you’ve shown your fans that we don’t matter so BYE BYE!

  • Kelly Basi

    I tried to watch Y&R yesterday for 15 minutes, it was not same knowing Muhney was fired and the show’s creators and producers have no respect for fans, or listen to their voices.

  • Diana

    Pretty predicable Collin is suppose to return guess who has Jill?

  • Mommi kat

    Get rid of Victor but not Adam and Billy. They are two of the best in the show. Watched since it’s inception but tired of the show letting go of brilliance like Phyllis, Adan and Billy and keeping a horrible actor like Victor…sad day. I am done!

  • mpls.corp

    Hilarious — supposedly they let Adam go because of in incident with Sommer — then today on the show, Sommer is on talking about Adam, wearing a low cut dress! That right there tells me her accusation is groundless. If it truly happened in real life, that scene wouldn’t have happened……i’m just saying…..

  • Amanda B

    I’m done, I could care less about talking to the actors. I want Michael back, if he’s not on I’m not watching.

  • Amanda B

    Well put, I can not stand watching scenes with Victor.

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  • liane prince

    Serious void in the show! 30+ years of being faithful I don’t understand why they have taken out 3 major key actors especially after losing Jeanne?

  • Darlene M. Palmore

    I am with you Tony. Just when the soft, sexy, family side of Adam shows up…..Y&R I have missed a total of 10 shows since its conception. I am getting fed up with the better actors disappearing. Bring back Adam and Billy or I am quitting. Bury the old silly-looking Billy and bring back the other one. What is the matter with these new writers taking the sexy’s away? BTW VICTOR MUST STAY!!!

  • Darlene M. Palmore

    Hey Kell, you got it! It was the threats for the hating. He (Adam) pushes the envelope. Besides, he is the Harvard graduate. He acts like it. Dresses like it. Lives like it. And he spends that Newman money! I think Vicki Newman acts clueless sometimes with Billie. As smart as she can be. She is too goofy…too unkempt….and too quick to turn on her father just like the country-bumpkin brother of hers, Nick who actually have about an ounce of loyalty for his father. I cannot wait for the two to come back crawling and begging to Victor over their poor choices. And, poor judgment. Sharon & Billie are completely and morally bankrupt.

  • Logie Lox 4

    Finished with y&r after 40 something years. Along with the poor writing the deliberate demise of Billy and Michael unforgivable. Will miss it as part of my daily routine with lunch. Will watch reruns of Soprano’s. What a shame.

  • mssuzieq312

    I am so disappointed.. Adam and Billy were a staple to the show.. I miss them both! I honestly tried watching after they left and I couldn’t.. The storylines are pathetic.. Michael Muhney and Billy Miller were the reason people watch.. I will be switching to General Hospital.. It’s fm hard getting use to a new soap but its gotta be better than this! The writers are poor!

  • dawn

    You need to keep the characters