American Idol 2015 Recap 5/6/15: Season 14 Episode 27 “Top 3 Perform”

American Idol 2015 Recap 5/6/15: Season 14 Episode 27 "Top 3 Perform"

It’s another exciting night of AMERICAN IDOL on FOX with an all new Wednesday May 6, season 14 Episode 27 called “Top 4 Perform” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, The Top 3 singers perform; one contestant is eliminated.

On the last episode, the votes were in! The Top Four will perform live and one finalist went home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis “The votes are in! Find out which finalists make it to the Top Three and which singer has to say goodbye.”

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I’m not going to miss and neither should you. Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date American Idol News and we’ll be recapping the finale right here for you. Do you have a favorite to win? Hit up the comments and let us know who you really like!

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Tonight’s episode of American Idol kicks off with host Ryan Seacrest taking the stage and introducing the judges: Harry Connick Jr, Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez. Tonight the final four contestants will be performing three different songs. And, at the end of the night we will learn which singer has been eliminated per America’s votes.

Rayvon Owen kicks off tonight’s performances with Jason Derulo’s hit song “Want To Want Me.” After Rayvon’s rendition Keith Urban kicks off the critiques with, “Rayvon! Such a great song choice for you because your falsetto is so strong.” Jennifer agrees, “That was a great choice by Scott, and I love all of the extras going on behind you. It felt real super-star to me. Great start to the show!” Harry Connick Jr agrees, “I hear you primarily as a ballad singer, and that was by far the best up-tempo performance I have heard you do. Your tone and stuff, it was really nice, really strong.”

Clark Beckham is up next, his mentor Scott chose U2’s hit song “Beautiful Day.” After Clark’s performance Jennifer Lopez starts the critiques with, “That was really suited to your voice, you gotta kind of channel your inner rockstar. I think you did a really good job with it. Just letting loose and connecting with the lyrics I think is going to be really key for you. It was a really really good performance.” Harry adds, “I thought it was pretty good, the band was exceptional on that. When you said beautiful day you were smiling – but you can’t disregard the middle lyrics. Just try to keep that consistent the whole time.” Keith agrees, “It was like a reckless abandon you got, we all felt it, but the rest of it was a little bit counting steps. I think you should have risen up a little more with the band. I look forward to your next song.”

Up next is Nick Fradiani, for his first song he takes the American Idol stage and sings “Because The Night” by Bruce Springsteen. Harry critiques Nick first and says, “I thought it was fantastic – there is an underlying seriousness to this competition now. I feel like everyone is fighting their hardest, and every week I see more and more of you. I’m really starting to get to know you. That was strong – there is nothing else to say.” Keith adds, “That song is on I-Tunes and I’m glad for you. When I hear your tone I am excited man, I know that voice immediately. And I look forward to hearing it every week, good song for you.” Jennifer adds, “Again I can’t stress the importance of really connecting to the lyrics. You sang it great, you did great, it’s a great start to the show. I’m really excited for tonight.”

Jax heads up on the American Idol stage next and performs a rendition of “My Generation” by The Who. Keith Urban starts the critiques and shouts, “Jax that was friggin awesome! When you did the key change and the whole thing went up – that’s when the whole thing exploded. That was your best performance right there.” Jennifer adds, “I 100% agree, it was a perfect song for you, you had the whole audience with you and me with you. It was perfect for you. You killed that!” Harry closes with, “So you have Scott making great choices for you, you have an amazing band behind you and you have a great song – and you have absolutely made the most of your opportunity here. By far for me your best performance so far!”

Nick Fradiani performs his second song of the night, “Back Home” by Andy Grammer. After his rendition Jennifer begins the critiques, “I already see what kind of night this is going to be, the performances are great and we are down to the cream of the crop. What can I say? Each week we see you getting better and better, gosh I don’t even know how people are going to choose between the four of you.” Harry adds, “Sometimes I don’t think a critique is warranted and that is one of those cases. All I can think about is that you almost didn’t even audition that day, and I am sure glad you did. Nice job.” Keith closes with, “All I want to say is how awesome it is to see you up there with your dad. And he’s a good looking guy.” Nick laughs and says that is dad is a huge Keith Urban fan!

Clark Beckham’s next performance is Otis Reading’s son “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay.” Harry begins Clark’s critiques with, “What I really liked about your video piece is I got to see you behind the scenes – because you seem like such a fun-loving guy. This was one of the first times that I felt like I got to know you a little bit more. It was nice to see, nice performance.” Keith adds, “There has been times that I performed where I was really exhausted and I thought I probably did so horrible, but then people told me it was awesome because I struggled. I just need to see a little more struggle from you, because you’re that good of a singer, I need some angst.” Jennifer comments, “The hometown week always gets me, and it is funny because this type of song for me is who you are. I thought it was a really good performance and I felt your heart on it – that’s what it is about.”

Rayvon Owen takes the Idol stage next and performs Stevie Wonder’s hit song “As.”  Keith Urban critiques Rayvon first, “What a great song for you, so so effortless.  It’s like you have been wearing those pants forever.  It was really good.”  Jennifer adds, “I love the way you look.  When you were singing it all felt right to me.  You come back kid, you dark horse, you cat with nine lives.  You just keep coming back and you do it with those silky vocals, no one can count you out.”  Harry agrees, “When I saw you in the gym at the pep-rally and you were moving and dancing, I think that might be one of the things that I have been wanting to see.  It’s seeing you move more.  You look great up there.  Everyone knows you can sing, and to see you marry that with your joy and physicality.  What a night tonight!”

Jax is up next – she performs her second song of the night, “My Immortal” by Evanescence.  Jennifer begins the critiques with, “So I am going to tell you why I loved that, that’s a big song and it gets big but you chose to do it really soft and intimate.  There is a humility and a confidence that you have which I think is integral for a super star.  You could have chosen to do the biggest song in the world, and you chose to do it small.  You always have to keep that heart and remember where you come from.  Don’t ever forget what it was like playing on that field.  I think you are amazing.”  Harry adds, “There is a clock here and people often ask us when we know how to stop talking.  I can’t think of a way to say it any more eloquently – so I am going to just refer back to Jennifer on that.”

Clark Beckham takes the Idol stage again and performs The Weekend’s hit song “Earned It” from Fifty Shades of Gray.  Harry tries to talk over the audience, “I think one of the things you could do to make that even better is to find a way to do what you did more quietly.  The same intensity but not loud or whatever, but find the intensity in the beginning of the song.”  Keith adds, “What was really good about that was I heard and felt things from you that I never heard or felt before.”  Jennifer closes, “Same for me, that was the Clark version not the Weekend version.  I think you did a great job with it and I am really proud of you.  That ending took everything – I got the gooseys.”

Rayvon Owen performs his final song of the night, a rendition of Ray Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.” Keith Urban comments, “It was a beautiful song for you and a beautiful arrangement. Really nice!” Jennifer Lopez adds, “I liked it too, again I feel like I wanted you to sing to your mom again, because something else happens. There aren’t a ton of lyrics in this song and it needed to have that variation – and the only way that comes is with emotion. Silky and beautiful voice as usual!” Harry comments, “I actually kind of disagree with Jen because I did feel you were singing it emotionally – it is totally subjective though obviously. For the viewers who may not know to reharmonize something it means to change the chords underneath, you were able to keep the integrity of the song – that’s really smart Rayvon.”

For Jax’s last performance the judges chose the song “Misery Business” for her by Paramore. Keith begins the critiques, “You sang phenomenally, it was an odd arrangement for me though. It was like the band was acoustic and you were rocking out, for me it didn’t meet.” Jennifer adds, “We chose that song for you because we really wanted you to dig in to it – to pull it back that far we were just like what happened?” Harry comments, “To me that one wasn’t as strong as your previous two. As the lead singer you need to drive whatever on stage, and I felt like you were using the guitarist on the stage as a crutch. You need to command the stage, and you were looking away from us.”

Nick Fradiani takes the Idol stage next and performs his final song of the night, “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. Harry Connick Jr critiques, “I think that was a great vocal but what I really like the most of that song is you are singing the underbelly of what those lyrics really man. You’re a good lyrics singer and I really thought you nailed that song.” Keith adds, “That was perfect, if you had cut that song as an original it would have been a hit.” Jennifer closes with, “It was so perfect, the band sounded amazing and the mix was beautiful and you just sat in it. Like 5 weeks ago you were here and you decided wow I could win this. You’re going…you’re going.”

Now, it is time to find out which contestant is going home, and which three singers are moving on to the Top Three. Rayvon Owen, Jax, Nick Fradiani, and Clark Beckham join Ryan Seacrest on stage for the live elimination. Ryan announces that based on America’s votes, the contestant that is going home tonight is…Rayvon Owen.