American Odyssey Recap 6/14/15: Season 1 Episode 11 “Gingerbread”

American Odyssey Recap 6/14/15: Season 1 Episode 11 "Gingerbread"

Tonight on NBC American Odyssey continues with an all new Sunday June 14, season 1 episode 11 called, “Gingerbread” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Odelle (Anna Friel) is held hostage by an enigmatic shaman. She is then taken on a bizarre trip, during which she must face the ghosts of her past. Meanwhile, Peter’s (Peter Facinelli) professional life and personal life take hits, and Harrison and Ruby embark on a romantic getaway.

On the last episode, now with an unconscious Frank (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) in their captivity, Odelle (Anna Friel), Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) and Luc (Gregory Fitoussi), had to figure out what to do with him. Peter (Peter Facinelli) finally made contact with Yusuf Qasim (Anthony Azizi) while Ruby (Daniella Pineda) was forced to come to terms with the fact that her mission was not yet complete. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “while held hostage by the mysterious Dogon shaman, Odelle (Anna Friel) is taken on a strange trip, during which she is forced to confront the ghosts of her recent past. Meanwhile, back in New York, Peter (Peter Facinelli) reaches his lowest point yet, as both his professional life and personal life take dramatic hits. Harrison (Jake Robinson) and Ruby (Daniella Pineda) go on a romantic vacation.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 11 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s American Odyssey at 9:00 PM EST!



On #AmericanOdyssey, Odelle sits near a fire and struggles with the ropes that bind her hands. She’s being held by a shaman in the slums of Timbuktu. He tells her there is no escape and says she has killed many. She says she came to help his people. She says she knows he’s angry but says she didn’t come to kill. He says she will suffer and she asks why he’s doing this. She says he can’t trust Luc. He says she knows what she’s done. They sharpen a knife and she begs them to stop.

The shaman says the spirits are never satisfied and says before she dies, she must understand. He says she has eyes but doesn’t see. He slices her arm. Aslam asks Luc if he sold Odelle then calls her a coward. He says he’s calling Odelle in America. He says the Oselas will come and says it’s a way out of this mess. He says the Oselas will thank him then leave him alone. Aslam asks why he did this to her and Luc says she would get them all killed the way she was going.

There’s a press conference about Yusuf being arraigned for killing Senator Darnell. They ask how a known terrorist was living there. Harrison is there and says Yusuf was branded a terrorist by GBR and Darnell branded him a terrorist to silence him. Peter is there too and speaks to him and says he saw him at the drone protest. He introduces himself and asks if Yusuf trusted him then says he’s Yusuf’s lawyer. He says they need to talk and asks Harrison for five minutes.

The shaman holds Odelle’s head underwater then says she made others suffer like this. She struggles and then he pulls her head out again. Odelle says she doesn’t understand. He doesn’t stop. He says she must see the pain she has caused. She says she sees and he says she’s close but she can’t understand death when her blood still runs red. She begs him to stop but he doesn’t and ducks her head again. Harrison goes with Peter to a coffee shop to talk.

Peter says he knows Yusuf is not a terrorist and Harrison asks how he knows him. Peter says he was trying to get him out of the country. He asks about Harrison’s father and he says his father was writing about GBR in Pakistan and met Yusuf there. Peter asks about the article and Harrison says threats and intimidation killed it. He says Odelle’s unit being killed made his dad start asking questions again and that got him killed. Peter asks about SOC and Harrison asks about how he met Yusuf.

Peter says he works in corporate intelligence now and works for investors to uncover criminal liability. Harrison says Yusuf may be in jail now because of Peter but he says he’s in jail because he didn’t trust him then tells Harrison they’re on the same side. Ruby calls Harrison and tells him to wait there for her to pick him up. Aslam works on his bonds and finally gets himself loose. He heads off to look for Odelle. He spots one of the kids who takes off. Aslam gives chase.

He tackles the kid and demands to know where the white woman is. He says she’s dead then Aslam says she’s lying. Another kid holds a gun to his head and says he’ll join her if he doesn’t go. Aslam walks away. Ruby pulls up in a car and says it’s a rental. She tells him to hop in so they can have some fun. She asks about the press conference and he says it was a joke but he met Peter Decker. He asks where they’re going and she says she’s kidnapping him and takes off at high speed.

He asks where she learned to drive and she says she likes fast cars and says it’s the perfect way to destress. She says she’s taking him out of the city to the beach. He says it’s too cold there now. She says she’ll keep him warm and they kiss. She says it’s just for a night and he asks what beach. She tells him and then drives off at top speed again. Odelle wakes in the desert. She’s staked down. She begs for water. The shaman pours a thick substance in her mouth and says she will see clearly what she’s done.

He walks away as she begs him not to leave her. He disappears. She sees a helicopter flying past – she’s hallucinating. Later, she sees a shadow and then sees her bonds are loose. She slides her hands and feet free. She wipes her mouth and stands. She looks around and staggers away. She call out then stumbles to the ground. She sees a man in the distance. She lies back down disoriented then tries to get up again. She calls out again then begins to crawl toward the person she sees.

She says hello and reaches out. Then it’s dark and her hand is still reaching out. She says Captain Worthington and he says hello. She asks what’s happening and he says he died there. He turns and she sees his face is burned off and he’s bloody. He says he told her to follow orders and she killed him. She says it was Osela but he says she made a choice that got all her friends killed. Then Serena is there with the bullet hole in her head and asks Odelle if she’s happy now. She crawls toward Odelle.

She tells her that now her Luc is Odelle’s now and asks if she likes him. She says she wants him but Odelle says he’s a horrible person and she’s married and has a daughter. Serena says to let go or she will kill them all. She asks to let go of what. Then she finds Shakir holding her and she asks what’s happening. Odelle says she defied an order and Shakir says of course she did but says these deaths were not her fault. Shakir tells her to stop but Odelle says she can’t and asks her to make it stop.

Frank chokes Odelle and says she knows what she did and says she has to die as he crushes her throat. Odelle comes to later and looks around. She’s back in the shaman’s house on the floor. He asks if she’s ready now. Luc sees that Aslam got loose but then the boy is back as Luc is making a call. He asks where Aslam was and he says Odelle is dead and his problems are solved. He tells Luc he never wants to see him again then punches Luc and says he killed her when they trusted him.

Luc says he can explain then a man is there and Luc asks if he’s Osela. He asks where Odelle is then holds a gun on him and says to show him. Luc says no problem. He sees his name tag is gone and asks what’s going on. She says she was told to pack up his things and was told to call security if he showed up. She says maybe if he just leaves she won’t have to. Peter marches in and finds Alex Baker and Frank McDonald there. McDonald goes to call security but Alex says to give them a moment.

Frank steps out and Alex says he violated the terms of their arrangement. He says he brought Tsaldari to him and says he made progress with her. Alex says the election is over and says she will win Prime Minister and says his services are no longer required. Peter says Sophia won’t work with him without Peter involved. Alex tells him good luck finding another career. Peter leaves angry with security escorting him.

Luc takes the Osela guy to the shaman’s place and says she’s there. The guy says to go first but Luc says he doesn’t do voodoo. The Osela guy says it could be a trap but Luc says it’s not he just doesn’t like the blood medicine the guy does. The Osela guy says they’re savages. He finds the shaman ready to kill her and tells them to stop and says Odelle is his. The kids with weapons file in and he has to lower his gun. The shaman says he will kill Odelle and then the Osela.

Peter sits sleeping in his car outside Joe Abrams house. Joe comes over and Peter says to get into the car. He does and Peter asks if he heard about Yusuf. Joe shows him the front page of the paper. Peter says he was trying to lock up Yusuf’s testimony and says he wants Baker in a prison cell. Joe says he won’t win this but Peter says he has to. Peter says Baker killed Odelle and Danny Gentry and the journalist Randall Walters for working on a Black Sands expose.

Peter says he wants to put a wooden stake through his heart and needs his help. Joe says no. He says Baker got him fired and he needs access. Peter says he just wants to know why Alex doesn’t need Tsaldari anymore. Joe says he’s back at work and things are getting back to normal. Peter says if it wasn’t for him, he’d still be in jail but Joe says he never would have been in jail if not for him. Joe relents and says he’ll keep his eyes and ears open.

Harrison wakes alone in the morning on the floor of the cabin. He looks around and calls out for Ruby. She’s at the water’s edge looking out, holding a gun in her hand. She slides a magazine into it. Harrison sees the car is still there and looks around for coffee. He finds a can and opens it and spots papers in the can. He sees it’s passports with no photos. There are a number of them. He gets her bag and searches it. He finds a small device and then looks through her phone.

He calls Bob and asks him to check a phone number and says he’s checking on Ruby like he told him too. Bob asks for the number. Ruby sits then finally goes back up the stairs to the house. Harrison sees her coming and then kicks the device under the table. He asks where she was and she says she went for a walk. Ruby asks what’s going on. Odelle is taken outside the shaman’s hut. The Osela asks where they’re taking her. He struggles and tells them to let him go.

He sees they have Odelle outside and they put a cloth over her heard. The shaman says Odelle brings death and must suffer. The shaman cocks the gun then fires. The Osela sees she’s slumped over on the ground. The shaman says – your turn – to the Osela guy. Harrison asks Ruby who lives there then asks who the hell she is as he dumps the passports out. His phone rings and it’s Bob. He says he had to hack around to get it and says it’s Michael Banks, CEO of Osela – the people who killed his father.

Bob asks if he’s with Ruby then tells him to cough if he’s with her. Harrison says he has to go. Ruby pulls the gun on him and she says he couldn’t just let it go. He says everything she told him was a lie. She says the only thing she left out was the Michael Banks recruited her. Harrison says sleeping with him was her job. She says it started that way then became something more. They drag the Osela guy out by Odelle’s body and he offers them money.

Ruby says she was ordered to kill him at the drone protest but couldn’t and says she was trying to protect him and thought they could… but then says she was stupid. He says she murdered his father then slept with him and calls her sick and twisted. She says she is sick, twisted and fell in love with him. She fires the gun three times then calls 911. She says there’s a woman with a gun who’s going to kill someone and begs them to hurry.

The shaman points the gun at the Osela when Luc walks up and says if he kills him, they will send more. He says if he kills that one, the next will come to kill him. Luc tells him to wait then asks the man where his tracker is. He tells him and Luc cuts it out of his shirt and says they’re watching him now. He says they will come kill him. He says they’re ambitious pricks. The Osela man says Luc is right and then the shaman says to go.

He says he has to take Odelle’s body but Luc says they won’t let him and says he can have her dog tags. He yanks them off her neck and gives them to the man. He accepts them and leaves. Harrison asks how could she do this and asks why she killed his dad. He says when the police come to arrest her she needs to tell them the truth about Osela and what she knows. They hear the siren as the police cars pull up. Cops get out with weapons drawn. Ruby says the future is jail or death and she won’t go to jail.

She goes out the door with her gun out intent on having the cops shoot her but Harrison tries to stop her. She gets loose and points her guns at the cops and they shoot her several times in the chest. She collapses near him with blood seeping from her mouth. The Osela guy tells Luc saved his life as Luc drives him to his waiting chopper. He says he owes Luc one. The guy leaves and Luc raises a hand in farewell then says – go to hell – once the guy is away.

Peter goes home and sees cars in front of his house. He passes and pulls over until they leave. He gets out of his car and walks over to his place. He asks Sarah why she’s there and she says the kids needed a few things. She says the police were waiting on him. She shows him a photo and he says he doesn’t know him. She says the man was arrested for assault in Florida and said he was involved in a murder. Sarah says she told them she didn’t know anything because she doesn’t.

She asks why that man would implicate him in a murder – but it’s the case from the server farm. Sarah says she deserves to know the truth. Peter says everything will be all right and she should trust him but then says Maya saw him there alone with Sophia. He says Sophia is his friend and Sarah says she envies her. She tells Peter she wants a divorce. He’s stunned. Luc drives back to the village and sees Aslam walking. He tells him to get in but Aslam says to leave him alone.

He tells Aslam there’s something he needs to see. He tells him to get in. The boy finally does. Luc says he can thank him later and he asks for what. Luc shows him that the shaman is in a pool. He says to wait for it then lifts Odelle out of the water. She’s alive and well. Aslam is stunned. Luc says the gun was full of blanks and they added some blood. He says it fools them every time. Aslam is thrilled. The Osela guy reports to Glenn that Odelle is definitely dead and he took the dog tags from her dead body.

Glenn dumps out the envelope and looks at her dog tag and the wedding ring on the chain. The shaman says she’s dead to the world which is where she needs to be for the good of all. Odella repeats – for the good of all. She asks Aslam if he knew. He shakes his head no and she hugs him then says she’s so sorry he went through that. Luc says he could have ruined it all. Odelle calls him an ass and Luc says he saved her life. He says she’s dead now so all of them can live. He says couldn’t tell her and mess up the plan. Luc tells her she has a plane to catch. They head out together.