America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap – Judges Cuts with Marlon Wayans: Season 10 Episode 11 “Judge Cuts 3”

America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap - Judges Cuts with Marlon Wayans: Season 10 Episode 11 "Judge Cuts 3"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent returns with an all new Tuesday July 28, Season 10 episode 11 called “Judge Cuts 3”. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Actor, comedian and producer Marlon Wayans joins “AGT” for the third week of Judge Cuts.

On the last episode, we took a look back at the best auditions throughout season 10. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “actor, comedian and producer Marlon Wayans joins “AGT” for the third week of Judge Cuts. In this round, the season’s top acts perform for their chance to compete for America’s vote in the live performance shows at Radio City Music Hall. One act will become Wayans’ Golden Buzzer favorite and automatically earn a place in the Top 36.”

We will be live blogging America’s Got Talent. So make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info! While you wait for the episode let us know what you think of the show!



It’s #AGT10 #JudgeCuts night again and tonight’s guest judge is #MarlonWayans who has been hand picked by Howie. They roll up to the studio in a yellow cab driven by Howie himself. Howie promises he can get Heidi and Mel B to snuggle him. Heidi and Mel B complain that the guys aren’t ready and they are – they say the guys always take longer.

A guy hops into their cab when they stop. An excited crowd waits and screams when they see Marlon Wayans get out with Howie. Nick says he’s a great choice for guest judge since he knows so much about entertainment. Howard agrees he has a lot of credibility. Heidi talks about how nervous she was when she first started on AGT. Nick introduces the judges and it’s on.

First up is the singing trio of dudes known as Triple Threat and they do Ariana Grande’s Problem. Mel B says she was worried but then it was great. Marlon says they had soul and seemed seasoned. Howard says boy bands are a lot about looks and says guys that look like them finish last usually – Marlon says BoyzIIMen looked like frogs. Howie isn’t sure they’ll make it through.

Next is a skating dance troupe called Honor Roll Skate Crew. It’s pretty cool. Howard says he will remember them tonight when they deliberate. Evoke Tap Movement is next and their routine is cool. Marlon says he respects tap and it was amazing. Howard says they did a lot to convince them. One of the group The Squad falls on a trick during rehearsal.

They come out to perform and they are amazing. The guy nails the trick and the other dancers back stage are sweating it. Mel B says she will fight for them to go through and Marlon gives them props. Next up is unique Asian dance troupe Animation Crew. They set up like a band that are robotic almost music-box like. The record skips and so do they – it’s freaky. It turns into a techno number.

It was like nothing I’ve seen and pretty cool. The audience is on their feet chanting to put them through. Heidi says they see a lot of dance acts and they stand out. Howard says they are very talented. Marlon says their pop lock was incredible and it was a great job. Mel B says they are thoroughly entertaining. Howie says he thinks they stand out.

Howie tells Mel B he thinks she doesn’t love him like she does Howard and wants her to tell him she loves him. She says you can’t ask for the L word.

Oleksiy Mogylnyy comes out and Howard says he makes him feel like he needs to hit the gym. He says the mannequin is wearing his wife’s dress. He says they have a deal – he says his wife buys a dress for herself then he rents it from her. He does his contortion act to Total Eclipse of the Heart. It’s mesmerizing but a lot like last time. The crowd sure likes him.

Howard says this is weird and says it’s a brilliant joke or he loves that damned thing. Heidi says the doll takes away from what he can do. Howard asks Marlon if this turns him on and Marlon says he’s touching the doll and has his shirt off and he didn’t know what to think. Mel B says it’s funny. Howie says his wife is at home naked wondering where her dresses are.

Howard says he’s an amazing athlete and Howie plays with the mannequin backstage then Marlon climbs on it too. Howie and Marlon are both on it and have Heidi climb on too. It’s even weirder. Singer Johnny Shelton – he’s the guy who wrote the song in the last stage about the son he lost to cancer when he was just five. He sings a great song.

Heidi says they feel so many emotions when he sings. Howard gives him props. Marlon says that makes him think about his childhood and how hard it was. He says he made them feel a lot. Mel B says there was a disconnect this time and the crowd boos her. Howie says he hears his soul and it moves him and says he doesn’t get Mel’s pitchy comments.

Next is magician Dana Daniels who brings Howie up on stage to help. He has him write his initials on a $20 and puts it on a beak on Howie’s head. His parakeet then offers an egg and he cracks it open and there’s his $20. Howard says it’s sometimes like a kid’s party. Marlon says it’s not splashy enough. Howard tells him they’ll see.

Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin comes out and whispers then shushes Howie. He says he couldn’t find a sitter and has a baby in a carrier. He does a crying baby thing. Then he pulls out the baby and calls Howie a mirror then daddy. The baby demands a story. The baby doesn’t like the story and demands the wolf changed to a duck. The baby says duck several more times then pees.

The crowd is on their feet. Howie says it’s fun for the whole family. Mel B asks how many puppets he has and he says there’s more to him than she’s seen. Heidi says his material is clever and he makes you believe there are two people up there. Howard says it’s like watching a great cartoon and says he thinks he’ll be a contender. Marlon says he laughed like he was a kid and he felt joy.

Marlon slapped his golden buzzer for Paul Zerdin. Paul thanks him and the baby thanks him and says he loves him.

Mentalist Oz Pearlman says this time he wants to get inside the guy’s heads. He has a little book full of celebrities and asks Heidi to read them off. She does. There are 60 names in the book. He puts the book in Howard’s hand and asks him to look at a name then toss the book away. He does. Then he has a book of handsome male movie stars. He has Marlon and Mel B read off some names.

Oz hand that book to Howie and has him toss the book. Then Oz says he’s getting inside Howie’s brain and says to focus on the movie star and a movie. He writes down the name Tom Cruise and asks how many movies he knows with the star. He writes down the movie name too. Howie says it was Tom Cruise and he was seeing Top Gun. Oz wrote them both down.

Everyone is stunned. Then he goes back to Howard and says to imagine his celebrity and then asks if Howard has met this person. He cuts into a note card to make a profile and it’s Howard’s celeb Oprah Winfrey. Judges and crowd are all on their feet. Howie says he delivered. Marlon says his mind is blown and it was incredible. Heidi says she’s speechless. Howard says he’s A plus.

The judges goof around with Marlon when he falls asleep on the desk. Mel B slaps the buzzer to wake him up. Next up is Brittney Allen who struggles with her nerves and is very pitchy. Howard says he doesn’t know if AGT is right for her now. Paul Blair gets buzzed out by the judges on his hula hoop routine. Heidi says not to take it personally but the act stinks.

Howard says people seem to be cracking under pressure. Dance troupe Pretty Big is next. They dance to Bang Bang. Howard x’d them and says it wasn’t a special enough routine but was just nice and says they’re in trouble. Heidi says she expected more from them and says it was a bit boring. Marlon says he thought they were entertaining and he enjoyed it. Howie says the act cannot be based on their size.

He says they brought less this time than last time. Mel B says she loves their message and what they teach and will fight for them. She says people need to see them more. Next is Stacey Kay and her band. Mel B says if she was backstage to compete against her she would be seriously scared. Mountain Faith Band is up next – they are mostly family. They do I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness and it’s bluegrass fab. Howie jigs around a bit while they play.

The crowd is up on their feet cheering and chanting for them. Mel B says they make everybody happy and says they’re really really good at what they do. Marlon says she has a nice voice and he enjoyed himself. Howard says they perplex him and says it’s not real contemporary but he doesn’t know and says he has to think it over. Howie says they’re not there to judge a genre of music but the talent.

Howie says this is American music and says they are this music that they play. Howard says let’s see how it goes and thanks them.

Next up is transgender singer Randy Roberts. The crowd loves her. Howard says she’s a bit boring and she says she’s the whole package. Howard says he saw her whole package when she came down the stairs. Howie says the performance wasn’t phenomenal. Marlon says he tried hard in White Chicks and they don’t know what it’s like to wear heels. They thank her.

Next up is Ukranian contortionist Vita Radionova. Her new material is pretty spectacular and the crowd gets on their feet for her. Marlon jokes he may have used his golden buzzer too quickly. Howie says she’s beautifully talented. Marlon says she’s flexible, wow. He says he loved it. Heidi says she’s captivating and she upped her game. Howard says she’s strong and sensuous. Mel B wishes her luck.

Singer and stay at home dad Benton Blount is up next and he does Dolly Parton’s Jolene and puts an incredible twist on it. The crowd loves it. Howard says his appearance is lame but then he wailed on the song and he loved it. Heidi says he has a rough and beautiful voice. Marlon says it was solid and he would buy the album. Mel B says she asked if it was enough. Howie says he delivered.

The judges deliberate over who will go forward and who will go home. They choose:
Oz Pearlman
Vita Radionova
Mountain Faith Band
Triple Threat
Animation Crew
Benton Blount
Plus there’s Paul Zerdin that Marlon Wayans chose with the golden buzzer.