America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Delanie Dischert Exclusive Interview: Eliminated Model Dishes On Catwalk Fears & Rivalries!

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Delanie Dischert Exclusive Interview: Eliminated Model Dishes On Catwalk Fears & Rivalries!

America’s Next Top Model cycle 22 saw some major eliminations during ‘The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out.’ We have an ANTM exclusive interview, and eliminated model Delanie Dischert tells all. CDL also has a full recap of America’s Next Top Model season 22 episode 3 right here. Don’t forget to keep checking CDL for all your ANTM cycle 22 needs and wants!

The models took part in a runway challenge that had them walking across shipping containers raised high in the air, testing out their ability to overcome fear. The hopefuls who failed to impress Tyra and the judges were literally dropped and cut, while those who were moving on were raised to the winner’s circle.

Delanie Dischert talks about her experience on America’s Next Top Model, revealing the drama and the rivalries.

The episode tackled some fear factors. A catwalk can be intimidating, but the nearly invisible suspended catwalk must have been a real bravery test. What were you more afraid of the height? The failure?

“I was super excited to get up on that catwalk! Some people were freaking out, mostly out of the height issue, but I was ready for it and just knew I had to there and present a strong, confident walk. It was actually for me, but the failure was the real fear which is a constant factor in every challenge. For me the partner challenges are what makes me feel the most pressure. Having someone depending on you and making sure the collaboration works well can be frightening.”

The modeling herd was thinned after that sky-high challenge. Do you think there was anyone that deserved to stay on in place of a fellow model who made it?

“You always hope your friends make it. Malessa was strong and beautiful on the runway, but that’s the way it goes. I’m confident in the judges’ choices for the 14 who made it through. The entire industry is super competitive on its own and with everyone competing on the show; it becomes a process of nit-picking. The tiniest mistakes make the difference.”

Tyra Banks gave some selfie tips; addressing the “no-neck monster.” Do you appreciate her tutelage or do you share Hadassah’s views and prefer to “do your own thing”?

“I loved the lessons! Tyra is smart and experienced, but learning to adjust your own routine can be jarring, but worth it. For example, there is so much more going on than just standing in front of a camera. For me, I have to remember to keep my chin down because movement alters the angles of your face and body. At the end of a shoot it’s not uncommon to feel tired. Modeling isn’t just getting your hair and makeup done. It’s posing, flexing, sometimes holding challenging positions, and then you have to do the hair and makeup justice. People depend on you, and knowing how to go in a work the light, posing your body, and angling your face is a true skill.”

What is more difficult to deal with the challenges or the growing rivalries and feuds between the models?

“Both, but the rivalries wear you down. People are trying to get into your head and break you down. It’s almost tactical. Because you have to have a thick-skin and if you don’t, it impacts your work. If you don’t go in confident and strong as a model – it shows. Thankfully, I have my age that helped me focus and feel secure. But part of modeling is dealing with rivalry or critics and it’s not always easy.”

If you could go back to the start of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and give yourself tip, what would it be?

“I’d tell myself to be more unapologetic. Force the judges and fellow models to see me and be memorable. I was more observing, when maybe I should have fought to shine through the crowd.”

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