Aquarius Recap and Spoilers – “A Whiter Shade of Pale”: Season 1 Episode 6

Aquarius Recap and Spoilers - "A Whiter Shade of Pale": Season 1 Episode 6

NBC’s all new show Aquarius airs with an all new Thursday June 25, season 1 episode 6 called, “A Whiter Shade of Pale” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Manson recovers from Hodiak’s beating. Elsewhere, Hodiak investigates the harassment of the Shafe family.

On the last episode, Emma (Emma Dumont) ran away from home in the midst of the chaos and Hodiak (David Duchovny) paid Manson (Gethin Anthony) a visit and gave him a near-fatal beating. Grey Damon and Claire Holt also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Hodiak (David Duchovny) helps Shafe (Grey Damon) solve the mystery of who is harassing the Shafe family in their all white neighborhood. Gethin Anthony, Emma Dumont and Claire Holt also star.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 6 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of Aquarius.

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#Aquarius begins with Sam at home washing the blood off his hands from where he brutally beat Charlie Manson. He also washes the blood off the gloves he wore for part of the beating. Brian shows up and asks if he has Tylenol then hands some to Sam to take for his wounded hands. He pours them whiskey and Sam puts in ice from the bowl where he’s icing down his aching hands. Brian says Sam needs a story then Sam asks what Charlie said. Brian says Charlie thanked him and owes him now.

He says he can use this connection to get to Butano to do his job and to get to Emma to help Sam. He says he needs to sleep and says Sam does too. Sam rinses his wounded hands in whiskey. Next day, a delivery guy gets some sexy attention from Katie while the other girls rob the guy’s van of stuff. At the house, a naked Charlie complains that he needs bandages and fusses about the stuff they robbed for him. He says he doesn’t want pills and says the doctors used them to make him mellow.

He yells at the girls and tells them to get out. Kovic comes to talk and asks what if the cop comes back. Charlie says he wants Cherry and she’s not there now. Charlie gives up and takes one of the pain pills. He asks what Roy knows about Brian. Grace finds Ken on the couch passed out and looking bad. She wakes him and he says they need to come up with a strategy on what to tell people about where Emma is. She says Sam will find her and bring her home. Ken says maybe he shouldn’t.

He says finding her once didn’t do any good. Grace says she’s 16 but Ken says Emma will just find another window to climb out of. Grace asks what Manson wants with Ken and he tries to make it about Manson’s legal troubles. She says a guy like Charlie can’t afford him. She says she knew he was a liar when they married. Ken says she’s a liar too. She threatens to go to her father and says he’ll look into Ken’s secret life. Grace demands that he tell her the truth.

Ken says Manson knows things about Hal, the Republican National Committee and him. He says he could lose everything including their house if Manson talks. Grace is apoplectic. Brian’s wife Kristin takes a call and hands him a message. She says someone called about Jimmy Butano needing to see Charlie. Brian says he has to go but she says he’s off today and her mom is coming. He has to stay and put up with the mother in law who refers to their mixed race child as “high yellow.”

Then someone throws a brick through their window and Brian goes chasing after the car but it gets away. They call the landlord over who offers to let them out of their lease. He promises the window will be repaired today. He asks if he knows who did it. Brian looks out at the old guy who lives next door and says – I’ve got a few theories. Grace comes over to Sam’s place and fixes him coffee. She asks if he’s okay then sees his hands. She asks what happened.

He says he went back to Manson’s but Emma wasn’t there. He tells her he won’t give up. Grace says he never does. She asks if he got drunk and he says oh yeah. She says she can’t believe this is where the two of them ended up and this is who they are. He lies down with his head in her lap and she rubs his head. He says he was thinking at the dance at her club back in ’47. Grace says there was a song that played all the time. Sam says it was Time After Time.

She says if she could wake up someplace and stay there, that summer is where she would go. Sam kisses her. She tells him she wants him to look into Ken and he asks what she means. Grace says she needs to leave him but thinks he did something illegal. She says it’s something big with his partner Hal Banyin and Manson too. Sam says there’s something he didn’t tell her. He says Manson used to be a pimp and then one of his girls disappeared then Ken became his lawyer and nothing came of it.

Grace gets angry and says he and Ken are both lying to her. She tells him her child is gone. Sam snaps and says his son is missing too. He turns his back and breaks some stuff in anger. Grace gets her bag and leaves. At work Sam tells Eddie he had a bad night then he asks if Sam is drinking again. He offers Sam a hit from his flask and Eddie notices he has a pie that was obviously cooked by Opal, his wife. Sam makes calls to look into the missing hooker.

Another cop tells him that Lori Price is a local college cheerleader and there’s a case. He wants Charmain to help and she asks what this would entail. Sam says she would just ask questions and says the girl was beaten and it will be easier to talk to than another cop. Brian tells him about the incident at his house and that Kristen wants to move. He says he thinks Howard, the neighbor, did it. Sam says he can look into it but says Kristen may not be wrong about moving.

Sam asks Brian to get a message to Walt and says he wants to get his son a lawyer before he does anything else. Charmain meets with Lori who has a terrible black eye. She says she was a USC cheerleader then her boyfriend got drafted by the Rams. She’s worried about photos at the game. Lori says she was leaving a party and a stranger pulled her into an alley, choked her then punched her in the face. She says she was with her BF but they left separately.

Charmain asks about the bruise on her neck and she says the guy choked her. Charmain says the bruise looks older than the mugging she described. Brian picks up Jimmy and says he’s sorry for coming late but he’s a late riser. He asks Jimmy what’s the rush and says Charlie is in no state to be up early anyway. He says he has a present for Charlie. They head out. Sam is also out and about and driving around Brian’s neighborhood. He goes to talk to Howard.

He shows him the rock and asks if he did it. Howard says he knows Shafe is a cop and wouldn’t throw a rock through a cop’s window. Sam dings his car and Howard says when they moved in, everyone’s property value dropped. He says there are moving in all the time marching up and down the street and they all have babies. He asks Sam what he would do. Brian and Jimmy head to Charlie’s and Manson calls Brian his savior. Charlie tells Jimmy he was fenced in with his daddy for a long time.

He says Jimmy doesn’t look like his daddy and Jimmy says he’s not like him. Jimmy asks what Charlie did to piss off that cop. Charlie says he was looking for a tumbleweed that already tumbled on. Charlie tells Brian that Roy wanted to know how he got him to stop. He says he just surprised him. Jimmy says he has something for Charlie and pulls out a gun. Roy wrestles him down and takes the gun. He asks who that is and Charlie says Roy is his brother and says Jimmy is too and they can all be family.

Jimmy says he just wanted Charlie prepared for next time. Charlie says the girls are grateful they showed up and says all the girls want to thank him. Two girls grab Jimmy and take him into the house. Charlie says Katie wants to thank him. There’s a new shy girl there and Brian asks if she wants to thank him. She reluctantly goes to him when Charlie tells her too. He takes her into the house. Brian takes the girl into the house and asks how old she is. She kisses him and then pulls off her top.

She kneels in front of him and unbuckles his belt. She seems hesitant then goes for him with her mouth. Brian says if she doesn’t want to do it, it’s not a turn on. She says Charlie will be mad if she doesn’t do a good job. He says he’ll tell Charlie she was great and she can tell Charlie that he was quick. Charmain goes looking for Sam but finds Eddie. She says she talked to the cheerleader. She says the story makes no sense and says there was no rape, or robbery and she also had old bruises.

Charmain says she’s covering for Jason Elkins, her boyfriend. Eddie says he’s rich and famous and has no need to beat on a girl. She asks to talk to him but Eddie is content to let it drop and tells Charmain to wash his coffee cup. Sam checks out the neighborhood some more and follows a car that some women got into. He asks to speak to the white guy driving but the guy takes off running. Sam is annoyed that the guy is running.

He gets out the guy’s registration and reads off his name and address on his megaphone. Drew comes back and Sam asks why he was in the valley. He asks why he’s shuttling black women around the valley neighborhood then demands to know if he threw a rock through the window. He says he hurt the woman and it’s assault. Drew says his cousin told him he’d give him a cut if he did. Sam asks a cut of what. Jimmy and Brian leave the house and Jimmy says they’re good people but it smells like a zoo.

Jimmy tells Brian he doesn’t like Roy then asks if Roy knows who he is. He says he knows people who would put Roy down just to do him a favor. Brian reassures him and says Roy didn’t mean anything. Jimmy says he has a guy who can take care of Hodiak too. Sam is day drinking when he talks to Charmain. She asks him to come with her to talk to Jason Elkins and says the guy has a record for assault when he was in college. He says that’s different than hitting his girlfriend.

Sam says if the girl won’t testify, there’s nothing for it. He hangs up on Charmain. Grace is with her mom and she lies and says Emma is with Ken’s mother who is ill. She asks her mom if they can get the money they invest in Ken’s firm back out. Her mother asks if he had an affair and says there must be a reason she wants to shoot the horse out from under him. Then Time After Time comes onto the record player. Grace tells her mother she loves her husband.

But she asks if they can get the money back. Her mom says the only way is to get Hal Banyin to write a check. She comments that Grace used to play this record before she went to college. Brian finds Sam waiting at his house with the landlord and Kristin. Sam tells Brian it’s not Howard. Sam says you use one colored family to drive a wedge and then Gene buys up the houses at lower cost then sells them to black families. Brian gets physical with Gene and Sam pulls him off. Kristin slaps Gene repeatedly.

Turns out Gene rented them the house to try and ruin local property values. Gene says they can just go live in Compton. Sam tells Brian and Kristin if they choose to stay, it will be rent free. Brian asks if he agreed to it and Sam says he will. Kristin asks Sam to kick the racist out and stay for dinner. Sam jokes that he thought she wanted the racist out. Kristin tells him she won’t take no for an answer and tells Brian to get him a drink.

Charmain stews at the PD and finally makes a call. She calls Lori back. Sam sits at home drinking and watching news about the war. A buddy of Walt’s shows up – Robbie – and Sam asks if he can get a message to Walt. The guy says the MPs came looking for him and says Walt took off and says he doesn’t know where Walt is and doesn’t want to know. He says he thinks Walt might do something crazy. He says Walt is a sweet kid but isn’t right in the head.

Charmain goes to the hospital where Lori is lying in bed looking very bad. Charmain takes her hand and is very upset. Jason Elkins is giving autographs and talking about how he prays every night and says maybe the Rams will make it to the Superbowl. Sam goes to see Opal with a bottle of whiskey and they have rough sex all over the house. Sam lies in bed with Opal and wakes her when he gets up. He asks why she let him in and she asks why he came over then says he can stay.

He asks if she’s expecting Eddie then asks if she baked him a pie and if she loves him. He pulls on his clothes and says he’d be glad if she did. She says she can stand seeing Eddie and he asks when she knew she couldn’t stand seeing him anymore. She says it was a lot of things then says she stayed for Walt. He asks if Walt told her about the war and says Walt told him he was in Cambodia and the troops aren’t supposed to be there. Opal says Walt was never a liar and says he’ll be okay.

Sam says they won’t stop looking for him. Katie tells Charlie she’s scared but he says no one will hurt her. He’s kind of stoned. She says she’s scared for him, not her. Charlie says the most scared he was, he was little and he woke up and his mom was gone one day. He says he cried and kicked the wall. He says she came home later and he hid in the bushes and watched her. He says you’ve got a choice to be afraid or be the thing that makes people afraid.

Charmain is dressed sexy when Sam spots her and asks where she’s off too and she says a party. He asks isn’t she working until 10. He follows her out to the car and tells her not to do it. He asks if she’s going to try and provoke Jason so he’ll attack her and she can be the witness. Charmain says his GF is in a coma. Sam says she could end up dead and she says she wants what they do to mean something. She says she needs it.

Sam says they didn’t make the world and you have to fight the battles you have a shot at. Sam asks if she’ll go home and she thanks him and he gets out of the car. Grace sits and drinks and looks at a photo of her and Emma. Charlie does target practice with his new gun. Sam lies in bed awake. Opal sits smoking and drinking.