Beyonce Divorce: Couple Fighting Over Jay-Z’s Alleged Love Child, Rymir Satterthwaite!

Beyonce Divorce: Couple Fighting Over Jay-Z's Alleged Love Child, Rymir Satterthwaite!

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z’s marriage has been on the rocks for years now – and the underlying problems always seem to boil down to the couple’s jealousy problems and the cheating scandals that have plagued them. It looks like their divorce is back on though, courtesy of Jay-Z’s secret love child, wanna-be rapper Rymir Satterthwaite. For four years now Jay-Z has been battling Rymir and his mother in court – and refusing to take a DNA test to determine if he is indeed the father of the 21-year-old New Jersey native.

According to the March 2nd edition of Star Magazine, “Rymir’s mom Wanda Satterthwaite claims that she had a fling with Jay-Z back in the early 90s when he was a drug dealer, and rising star in the rap world who still performed under his name Shawn Carter. Wanda never pressed Jay-Z to accept the boy until 2010, however, because she thought that he was the son of a different man.”

Despite Jay-Z’s legal teams ongoing attempts to try and shut the case down in court, Rymir and his mother Wanda are determined to keep fighting until Jay-Z finally succumbs to a DNA test – and if he is the father, Rymir and his mother get was is rightfully theirs, a hefty child support payment. Rymir has even gone as far as to claim that Jay Z and his “camp” are harassing him and his family and bullying them, even driving past their house at 4:00 AM to intimidate them.

Regardless of whether or not Rymir is Jay-Z’s son, this isn’t the first child to come out of the woodwork with claims that the rapper was their father – and the lengthy court battle with the Satterthwaite Family is taking a toll on Jay-Z’s marriage. Sure, Jay-Z didn’t cheat on Beyonce with Rymir’s mother 21 years ago, but the diva hates the fact that her daughter Blue could have an illegitimate sibling from a less-than-savory lifestyle. The thought of Jay Z having more than one baby-mama infuriates Beyonce and has her convinced that her husband is still sleeping around with numerous women and is cheating on her.

Do you think that Rymir Satterthwaite is Jay-Z’s son, or are he and his mother con artists hoping to cash in on the rapper and Beyonce? If Jay-Z isn’t his father, why won’t he just take the DNA test already? Does Beyonce really have a right to be mad about something that happened over 20 years ago? Will 2015 be the year that Beyonce and Jay-Z finally get divorced? Let us know what you think in the comments below!



16 responses to “Beyonce Divorce: Couple Fighting Over Jay-Z’s Alleged Love Child, Rymir Satterthwaite!”

  1. Dude says:

    bad writing skills, and how ridiculous is this article…I just can’t help but to laugh…..

  2. Yes, I'm That Leah says:

    So beyond sick of the entitled Carter’s.

  3. griffin45 says:

    Jay Z is such a LOOSR. Take the test and be responsible for ur CHILDRENS. Beyoncé is so Selfish, he did have a life be4 U. She should have did her homework and made sure he had no sibling ber4 she started dating him, now to get pissed because the truth his coming out about his past relationship’s

  4. Ebony Green says:

    Child that boy looks nothing like the beast in fact he is cuter so please stop

  5. tbabii says:

    These people is lame as Fucc n NEED to get a life…. N da lame as rapper Lmao son neva dat dude just tryna get his lame ass name out Der mane can’t even be his own man tryna lie to be something else he neva be lame ass dude n desperate crack hoe ass mama media need to take b n Jay names out det Shit fa real dey killn dey selves ridiculous is what this is

  6. Payton says:

    The article is poorly written, as are many of the comments that follow. I think that J should take the DNA test and put this court battle to rest. However, I think that the strategy is to exhaust the plaintiffs financially ultimately prevailing by default. Shame on J if he knows that there is a possibility that he fathered this child ( or should I say man), and is doing everything in his power to avoid acknowledging him and a potential payout, which will probably amount to a drop in the bucket for someone of his stature.

  7. Deon Phillips says:

    This 21 year old is in fact Jay Z’s son he looks just like Shawn Carter, take the duck test and pay help your son make it in this cold hearted world don’t turn your back on your child .

  8. Carmen says:

    Its such a crazy situation but I feel if Jay Z has nothing to hide he would get this done an over with so him an his family can live happily ever after its been going on for way toooo long

  9. Deon Phillips says:

    No it’s not too late it’s been in court for over ten years they will fix it, any lawyer will jump on that case I promise you that.

  10. Mocha23 says:

    I doubt this B.S. is true! I’m sure they didn’t tell you guys a damn thing!

  11. Mocha23 says:

    I doubt this is true. I’m sure that they didn’t tell you anything.

  12. Mocha23 says:

    Not true.

  13. Dori says:

    You writers must do a better job.

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