Big Brother 17 Recap – Audrey at it Again: BB17 Episode 12 – Nominations & Battle Of The Block

Big Brother 17 Recap - Audrey at it Again: BB17 Episode 12 - Nominations & Battle Of The Block

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Thursday July 19, season 17 episode 12 called “Nominations & Battle Of The Block”, we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode nominations for eviction are revealed.

On the last Big Brother, a vote determined who was evicted; the remaining house guests competed for the head of household position. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 as per the CBS synopsis “the new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction; the battle of the block competition.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BB17 starts right after the HOH competition with Shelli and Liz as dual HOHs. Liz is excited she is even closer to her twin Julia coming into the house. Audrey is also thrilled since she’s still in the house and doesn’t think Shelli and Liz have their sights set on her. Jackie is feeling alone and hopes she’s not associated with Jeff and doesn’t want that to tarnish her. Liz gives Austin the biggest hug and she says she put it in the face of people who were talking about her.

Austin says Jeff got four votes and almost flipped the house and they need to be concerned. He says that means someone lied right to his face. Liz, however, is keeping the secret that she voted to evict James not Jeff like the alliance wanted. They think that Steve threw the HOH since he knows music. Steve talks to the camera and says he didn’t throw it and would have thrown it on a harder question. Jason and Audrey talk about back door fears.

Jason says he’s so tired of them throwing the same people on the block. He feels alone in the game and says no one will fight to defend him. He mentions the twin thing and Audrey asks if he thinks it’s Liz then says Liz probably thinks it’s a joke. Shelli comes to hug Clay and flirts. He says he tried really hard and she tells him that he’ll win an endurance competition. He tells her it had to have been Steve or Becky that gave James the fourth vote.

Liz and Shelli take everyone up to their HOH rooms. Shelli is happy to see pics of her dog and John says Liz HOH photo and he notices the family photos don’t show the tooth that he’s certain is a crown. Then they read their letters. It’s from her dog. Jason thinks the letter is probably more intelligently composed than one that Clay would write. Liz’s letter is from her mom. John thinks the mom is lacking heartfelt emotional content for one person and could have been written to two people.

Everyone assembles for a musical number by Shelli, Audrey, Jason and Meg. It’s pretty awful but everyone claps along. Upstairs, Shelli and Liz hang out with Austin wondering what to do. Shelli says those that know she’s a twin will make her more of a target next week so they need to protect her this week. Clay comes in and he says they need to get out someone who will go against them. They talk about Jason, Meg and James.

Clay says Jason is the best choice. Austin says it’s a #SixthSense alliance that has taken out Da’Vonne and Jeff and they need to take out a big target now. Clay says he doesn’t get Jackie either. Liz says she will put up Jackie and asks about putting up Audrey. Clay says they should back door her. Clay says he’s sure James’ fourth vote was Becky and the others agree except Liz who looks at her nails. Austin says they have a lot to think about.

Steve irons his clothes and then struggles with the ironing board. Jackie chats up Austin and he says she has a new lease on life now that Jeff is gone. She wants him to know that she can get along with him even though he didn’t get along with Jeff. She asks if he knows what Liz plans to do and he says the Jeff thing caught everyone off guard and says she may be used as a pawn but wouldn’t be a target. Austin wants to get into her head to be able to use her for votes.

Jackie thinks that Austin is trying to scare her and that he’s playing games with her. He says it was a good talk. Shelli and Jackie talk about playing quieter games and Shelli says as far as she’s concerned she’s safe but Jackie says she thinks Liz is gunning for her. She says Austin came to her and told her that Liz might put her up as a pawn. Jackie is trying to get more info out of Shelli who says they hadn’t talked to anyone. Shelli is annoyed that Austin talked to Jackie without checking with them.

Shelli tells Jackie she’s not sure about Austin. Shelli talks to Vanessa and tells her what Jackie told her about Austin and says they need to be careful about him. Vanessa asks if she’s wondering about him and she says that Austin should have checked with them first. Shelli then whispers and says they can’t talk about information in front of Austin. Vanessa says he went rogue and then asks her who she should put up on the block.

Austin says he thinks Liz should put up Jackie and Becky. Shelli is really worried about being knocked out as HOH and Austin running the game. They wonder about putting John up but Vanessa says it’s not a good idea. Then Clay mentions putting up Steve and Jason and letting them duke it out. Shelli says they would have to talk to John. Clay comes down to talk to John who gets out of bed with Meg and follows him. Jason and Steve talk about John never being the target.

Clay tells John that he and Shelli trust him and says they’re out of options to put up against Jason. They ask about putting him up. John asks why he has to be put up then asks if he would have to throw it. He says they need to so they can be sure that Jason will go on. John reluctantly agrees but says he will decide later if he’s going to throw it. He thinks about when he will stop playing everyone else’s game and start playing his own.

Shelli talks to Audrey and Audrey says she can put up people that are justifiable. Shelli asks who’s throwing off her game and Audrey says Jason is the one she knows. Of course, Audrey feels threatened by Jason and wants him gone. Shelli says Jason is expecting it and Audrey agrees that he knows he’ll be nominated which makes it easier. The HOHs now have to decide. They go look at the available nominees. Jason says he expects to be nominated unless he’s HOH.

Jackie is also nervous since Jeff stirred up trouble then got evicted. Liz tells everyone it’s time for the nomination ceremony. The bring in their nomination boxes. Liz nominate James and Jackie. Shelli nominates Jason and John.

Shelli tells Jason and John that her pool of people she can nominate is small. She tells John he’s up again because she’s put him up and tells Jason she heard he was coming for her and that’s why she nominated him. She says if that’s not true, he should come to her and says she hopes they get off the block. They adjourn. John hugs Jackie. He’s annoyed that if the game was called “get nominated” he’d be winning right now.

Jason is angry and says there is no proof he would go after Shelli and says he’s been lied on. James says he will come back at them for nominating him a second week in a row. Jackie comes to see Liz and she wants to talk game. Liz tells her she’s not her target and she gives her word on it. She asks if she’s looking at James and Liz says she can’t say right now. Liz thinks Jackie doesn’t have a deep connection with her and so she doesn’t owe her the explanation of who is the real target.

Liz tells her not to worry. Austin comes to see Liz and asks what Jackie wants. Liz says she has big balls and is fishing for answers and the way she was acting was annoyed. Liz says Jackie has never spoken five words to her before this. Jason talks to Shelli and says he doesn’t what people are telling her but it’s not true. She says she heard it from Audrey. Jason is furious that Audrey lied to get Shelli to make him a nominee.

He says he’s alone in a house full of serpents. He says he’s shocked that Audrey is dragging his name around. Shelli says if Audrey is lying, she doesn’t know how much longer she can protect Audrey. Shelli tells him to dethrone her so he doesn’t have to go home and they share a hug. Liz is called to the diary room and she hugs Austin who says he’ll miss her. Julia is so excited they have HOH. She tells her who she nominated and who Shelli did.

Liz tells Julia to go talk to Austin to get caught up and says she’s been flirting with him a lot to get them further in this game. Jason tells Meg that he’s on the block because people lied and he’s worried that John might want to throw it. James says they’re using him as a Meg. He says if you want someone out, put Meg up next to them. Audrey says she thinks Jason knows she pushed to have him nominated. Shelli tells Audrey she’s still targeting Jason because of what she said.

Audrey then says she didn’t hear it directly from Jason and says she heard it from others around the house. Shelli says she’s lying to her and she won’t tolerate it. Shelli is annoyed and nervous and wonders if it is Audrey that needs to go home. Shelli says she told her that Jason would be after her. Shelli says she’s been telling her that for two weeks and that gives her a lot of concerns. Audrey starts crying and says if Jason stays, he will come for her and Shelli.

Clay announces the BOB wearing a blonde wig. It looks like a 90s grunge rock thing. Clay reads that you have to dive into grunge to win. The nominees will battle each other and has an Alice in chains they have to free and take to nirvana. They have to make it through a pearl jam, sound garden, smashing pumpkins and screaming trees. There is a key in each of the four areas they need to unlock their Alive. The losing team will have a punishment all week long.

Jason really hopes that he can win this. John wants to win too and says he’s taking control back and doesn’t want to throw it. Jackie is worried that she is the real target and is also ready to fight hard. John and Jason start at pearl jam and Jason rapidly finds the key. They put it in the lock. Jackie and James are in the screaming trees and digging through piles of leaves. John and Jason run over and John sees a key and snags it right away.

They put it in the lock and run off. James and Jackie are falling further behind. Jason and John are at the sound garden. James finds a key and they take it to the lock. John finds the third key and they head to the pumpkins. John says he can taste victory. Jason is ready to rage in the squash pit. They bash pumpkins looking for the key. Jackie and James find the second key in the pearl jam. John is smashing pumpkins and says it’s hard.

He thinks it’s rude to smash them. Austin thinks they should be doing knee and elbow drops. James and Jackie find their third key too. Now they have to do the pumpkins. John really wants to win this. Jackie grabs the last key and heads back to Alice. John and Jason also get a key and it’s on but they are behind. They have to unlock their Alice. Jackie and James get their Alice loose and so do the guys but Jackie and James beat them by a nose.

James is thrilled and says he doesn’t know what plans they had, but their safe. Shelli is also happy to still be HOH and says this gives her more time to figure out who she should target. Liz gets goop dumped on her after she’s dethroned. Liz says she has trust in her alliance. Jason, John and Liz will have to wear pagers and when they go off, they have to perform. Jason isn’t happy and says this is embarrassing enough losing the challenge.