Big Brother 17 Recap Vanessa Backdoor Plan as Shelli & Steve Nominated – Season 17 Episode 21 ‘Nominations’

Big Brother 17 Recap Vanessa Backdoor Plan as Shelli & Steve Nominated - Season 17 Episode 21 'Nominations'

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Thursday August 9, season 17 episode 21 called “Nominations”, we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode nominations for eviction are revealed.  If you want to know this weeks PoV results, who wins and the backdoor plan, HEAD HERE, we spoiled it for you!

On the last Big Brother, a vote determined who was evicted; the remaining house guests competed for the head of household position. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 as per the CBS synopsis “the new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction; the battle of the block competition.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.


#BB17 starts on Day 50 with the marathon #HOH competition. James hopes he’s not targeted and talks about Shelli saying hell #HaveNoFurry like a woman scorned. Steve doesn’t want Becky to win since he thinks she would target him. Julia and Liz are feeling vulnerable as the last power duo and they really want to win it too. A bunch of them keep falling over and over. Austin is more worried about Liz than himself.

Becky is in the lead with Julia in 2nd. Shelli is mad and thinks James isn’t commenting when she’s pulling ahead. James tells Meg he thinks a turtle passed her up. John is worried that he’s no longer a floater and will be targeted. We see him talking to James five hours prior to the eviction about Clay not thinking straight about the game and putting Shelli ahead of him. Then we see John go talk to Clay and tell him he wants him to stay for his game.

John says he thinks Vanessa is in Shelli’s head. He says he’s on to Vanessa and wants to put a stop to her blow ups. Clay says he feels loyalty to Vanessa so he then goes to blab to Vanessa and says that James told John that she’s in Shelli’s head and will target Johnny Mac. Vanessa then talks to James in private and asks if he has something against her. She says she doesn’t care who goes home and asks if he has a problem with her voting Shelli.

She asks why he would go tell Johnny Mac that he was in Shelli’s head. She says Clay told her that Johnny Mac told him that. James then goes to confront Clay and says he needs to keep his name out of his mouth – Clay tells him to shut up. Then Vanessa comes in and pulls Johnny Mac into a private space and asks if James told him that she was gunning for her. Johnny Mac says James never said that. James calls Clay a freaking liar.

Clay gets all up in James’ face and tells him not to come at him like that and says James is out the door next week. James says Clay has been doing a lot of lying. Vanessa then goes to Clay and says Johnny Mac told her that he didn’t say that. John then says he was the one who came up with him being a target. Vanessa goes off on Clay for lying. John then says again that he said it. Vanessa asks why he would say that and Johnny Mac says no one tells him anything so stuff comes into his head.

Vanessa then calls Clay a liar and says she doesn’t think John would come up with that. She thinks John is taking up for Clay. Vanessa starts crying and says she’s confused. Johnny Mac thinks – here we go again – she’s got waterfalls on her face again. Shelli asks what happened and then Vanessa says Clay told her that James said that she and Shelli were gunning for John. She says she thinks John is just backing Clay up and says Clay does everything for a reason.

James tells her she’s not going to get the answer she wants. Clay says there is no more than this and Vanessa says they are either gay lovers or are lying. What? She’s gone nuts!! Clay says that he talked to Vanessa so she could reassure him that he wasn’t a target. John says he didn’t tell James anything and Clay says this is a huge misunderstanding. John tells Shelli that she’s good and that none of them will target Shelli. Shelli tells John to proceed with caution. WOW DRAMA!

Back to the HOH competition, it’s about halfway with Becky, Jackie and Shelli in the lead. Becky is still in the lead. Julia, Jackie, John and Shelli are close behind. Shelli hopes she or Julia can win this. Steve takes a big fall. Meg is going so slow and knows she won’t win. She says it’s her and Austin to see who is the slowest. Austin takes a hard fall and James says he’s glad he’s not in this one. John says there are five of them really in this and he has to keep pace with them just in case.

Vanessa says she’s out of the running to win and hopes one of her alliance members wins it. James is worried that if Shelli wins, he’s done for sure. Becky almost has it. Jackie is happy for her. Jackie thinks Becky is on her side, but that’s just not how it is. Shelli isn’t ready to give up and wants to beat Beck to win this for Clay. Becky sees she has a strong lead but also wants to try and win the other prizes too if she can. She snags the never not pass and then $5k. Now she has the HOH too.

Becky won all three and then goes sliding down in celebration. James says she’s the new #HOH and she’s thrilled to not have to be a have not the rest of the summer. She thinks the house will be shocked to see who she wants to send home and says she’s going for a big target. Shelli worried that Becky will come after her. She has no idea which side Becky will go with. After the challenge, they come inside and Shelli gets all sad when she sees Clay’s face in gray.

She says she’s so sad to see him gone and his stuff gone and she just keeps crying. She says she feels completely alone. Meg comes to give her a hug. She says she’s a big target without her main man and says the game sucks for her right now. Shelli tells Meg she can’t stop sobbing. Meg hugs her but then later says it’s so annoying. Jackie comes in and Becky thinks about how she was playing both sides but now has to decide who to go with and decides it’s Jackie and James.

Becky tells Jackie she has a plan they will like. Liz and Shelli talk at the table and Shelli says she’s not the kind of girl who cries over guys. The twins says they cried over him too and are so sad that he won’t be at the jury house. Shelli worries that since he’s gone home, his feelings might change while hers won’t. Then the twins say that his ex-GFs are going to be blowing up his phone and says hey there. Then Shelli talks about she and Clay flying to New York to see Meg at Christmas.
[9:08:15 PM] Rachel Rowan: Liz and Julia talk about how they think Becky will put Vanessa up since she put Becky up before and Becky almost went home that week. Austin chats up Liz too and they agree that’s the deal. John tells Steve to stop worrying and Steve asks if Becky will go after Vanessa. John says he and Becky have a bond and he’s going to go talk with her. Steve agrees with John that Vanessa is in everyone’s corner. Steve talks about the big fight and says John and Vanessa are his two closest and he doesn’t like it.

John says Vanessa is a powerful player and it’s not a good idea to take her to the end. Steve says if they’re on jury and Becky is there, he has to go for it – putting the moves on Becky since Steve thinks she likes John. Becky comes down and calls everyone to come see her HOH room. James checks out a hot photo of Becky in a bikini with her boobs on display. He’s hot for that. She has a basket of healthy treats including asparagus and kale.

James is not into that stuff and says he’d rather eat slop than that mess. Shelli comes to talk to Vanessa about who Becky will put up. They think she might put up Steve or he could be a pawn. Shelli tells her they ran the show for four weeks and now it’s their turn. Vanessa says Becky is not necessarily with them. She thinks Becky is not a strategist or gamer and is a wildcard so she’s nervous. Vanessa realizes she was using Lysol on her hair instead of hair spray.

James, Meg, Jackie and Becky talk and says she wants to put up Shelli and Steve and tell them they are sticking with the plan they talked about last week – then she says she wants to back door Vanessa. The others are good with it and she says they need to tell everyone they’re going for Shelli. Becky says Vanessa sent Jeff home, Jason home and tried to send James home. Becky says she heard the fight with Vanessa. James is good with this. Becky says they can’t mention her name even to one another.

She says now until the POV meeting, they cannot say the name. Jackie says they can’t let anyone flip it. Jackie says the others get what they want. Becky says she’s perfect to take her out because they won’t suspect her. Steve is in the kitchen hiding out. He says he spaces out a lot in his daily life. He says his brain goes in all directions and he just talks to himself, he dances around and says he’s just a strange person and that’s all it is.

We see him doing stuff and the Big Brother voice telling him to stop what he’s doing. Shelli comes to talk to Becky and she’s all teary and says she needs her and needs to know where they are. Becky says someone else is a bigger target than her. She says she promised the others she wouldn’t tell the name, but then she does and says she’s really after Vanessa. Shelli says she cares for Vanessa and won’t throw her under the bus. Becky says it took nothing for Vanessa to throw Shelli under the bus.

Shelli says later that she was going to keep working with Vanessa but she can’t do anything to save her. Becky says they have to save her and says she’s putting up Shelli and Steve. She says putting Shelli up will make sense to Vanessa. Becky says later if nominations stay the same, it’s likely Shelli will go home. She tells Shelli she needs to act mad at her but says the veto will pull her off the block and she’ll put Vanessa up against Steve. Shelli agrees to act pissed.

Becky is talking with Austin when Vanessa comes in. Becky says the plan stays the same and it’s Shelli and Steve and says if one gets the veto, she’s putting up Johnny Mac. Vanessa asks if Shelli is her primary target and Becky says yes. Vanessa asks Austin to leave so she can talk to Becky alone then gets close and says with Clay and Shelli being on the way out, they’ve been good and Vanessa says Becky can trust her and keep her word.

Vanessa says she’s worried and feels isolated and wants to make a deal with Becky individually. Becky says she’s done with deals and alliances and doesn’t want to hear those again. Becky says later that she can’t stand Vanessa’s style of game play and knows she can’t trust her. Then she tells Vanessa to her face she just doesn’t play like that and it has to be more organic. She says she’s #BasicBecky. She asks Shelli not to tell her that she knows. Becky says okay.

Later, Vanessa goes off and thinks that Becky has no idea they’re playing Big Brother and says that lets her know that Becky is targeting her since she won’t make a deal with her. John comes to see Becky and they hug it out. She says she’s going to tell him something and he has to pretend he doesn’t know. She says she’s putting up Shelli and Steve but doesn’t want to send them home. She says she wants Vanessa up as a back door. John agrees and says he’s had a problem with her since week one.

Becky tells him that Vanessa just came to her and said she’s always good for her word. Becky says Vanessa has betrayed so many people and blown up so many people’s games and runs around acting crazy. John says she’s a really smart Audrey and Becky says she’s smart and dumb at the same time. She says she told Vanessa that John was the back door in case. She says not to talk to her the rest of the week and laughingly calls him scumbag and he calls her a bitch then smiles and leaves.

Becky calls everyone for the nomination ceremony. Becky says she has nominated Shelli and Steve. Becky says she nominated Shelli and says it’s hard to put her up since she just lost someone but says a lot of things have come out and it’s been a hard week and she can’t let it go. Becky says Steve is a Big Brother fan and she wants him to get his hands dirty and win a competition. Shelli says later that she has to win the POV since things can turn on a dime.

Vanessa says this is complicated since it seems like Becky is sticking to the plan but she could put her on the block later. John says it’s poetic since Vanessa has had her hands in every eviction and it’s time for her to get what’s coming to her. Steve says it was intentional that he was lying low and had no blood on his hands and now that she’s pointed it out, he’s going to target her.