Big Brother 17 Recap Steve Wins Head of Household – Nominates Liz and Austin – Week 11 HoH & Nominations

Big Brother 17 Recap Steve Wins Head of Household - Nominates Liz and Austin - Week 11 HoH & Nominations

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Sunday September 6, season 17 episode 33 called “Episode 33”, we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode nominations for eviction are revealed.  If you want to see who we think is the predetermined winner of BB17, HEAD OVER HERE!

On the last Big Brother, two houseguests were evicted from the house. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 as per the CBS synopsis “After last week’s double eviction the HoH competition is completed and two contestants are nominated for eviction.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BB17 begins with a summary of the last show when James and Meg were double evicted. Vanessa says she couldn’t have scripted it better since James is out if the house since he was the only one in the house she wasn’t working with and who was after him. Steve is also happy since he had no alliance with James either. John is pleased that he’s still in the house nad is ready to start a bloodbath.

Liz tells Austin she feels bad and cries. He says she had to do it and comforts her. She says this is perfect because John trusts her more now. Liz laughs now and says they can stay in James’ bed. Austin asks Steve what he does if he wins and who he could put up besides John. Steve asks why he’s scared and he says he doesn’t want to put Steve up at all which means he’d put Julia up as a pawn.

Austin is aligned with 5 of the 6 people left in the game and he’s thinking it’s not in his best interests to win HOH. He asks Vanessa what would John or Steve do if they win HOH. Vanessa hopes it’s one of them that wins and she says strategically, he shouldn’t try to win. She says she can protect Austin if it comes down to it. Vanessa says she’ll do what needs to be done but is scared that Steve won’t.

Steve comes in and she tells them Austin wants to throw it. Vanessa says this will be tough and she and Steve agree they have to be tough. Vanessa has to decide if it’s the time to take a shot at Austin and the twins. Steve asks if Austin will throw it. He says Austin is an idiot and shouldn’t throw it. Vanessa tells him to shut it and keep his mouth shut.

Steve tells the camera that the Austwins are idiots for keeping John. He says – twins, I am putting your ass up. Liz calls everyone of the HOH competition. It’s a baseball themed #HOH. Liz hosts since she can’t compete. Each round they’ll see BB trading cards with this season’s competitors. They have to decide which competitor is not seen and complete a puzzle of that face.

The last player to correctly solve it is out that round. Julia hopes someone from the scamper squad wins so they can target John. Austin is considering throwing the HOH but then decides it’s too risky. Vanessa says the Austwins have to be broken up so one of them needs to win it so they can break this up. John says if he, Steve or Vanessa don’t win it, one of them is going home.

The first round starts and the cards start out flashing really fast then get slower and slower. They all watch and then start putting together puzzle blocks – John sees Jason is missing and so does Steve. They both get to work on that. Vanessa also realizes it’s Jason. Steve is first to ring in with the right answer. Julia is second. John is third. It’s down to Austin and Vanessa. Austin gets it.

Vanessa is out in round one. Round two starts and Austin thinks it’s Da’Vonne. John is first to ring in with Da’Vonne. Julia is second. It’s down to Steve and Austin. Steve gets it and Austin is out. Austin is upset because Liz was counting on him and now it’s down to Julia, Steve and John. Round three starts and this times it’s Jeff. John starts on it right away and Steve seems to get a slower start.

They are all three working on Jeff’s face. Steve is first to ring in. John is second and Julia is out of it. Julia is really upset and she hopes that John doesn’t win it. Vanessa is really happy but doesn’t show it on her face so the twins don’t know it. Steve tells John good luck. Round four starts. The person missing is Jace. They are building.

Liz is rooting for Steve since she thinks she can trust him more. She says she can’t trust John. John doesn’t want to win because he wants to be HOH next week so he goes slower so Steve can win it. Steve thinks about how it’s time to make a big move. Vanessa is happy because she knows Steve will go after Austin and the twins.

Austin and the twins are excited and think Steve will stay loyal to them. The twins are very excited but Austin thinks about Steve being a numbers guy who may not want to keep the three of them together. Steve says he hopes he gets a picture of his nephew Harrison in his HOH room. Vanessa and Steve go dancing around once they’re in private. Then they head out looking more subdued.

The twins and Austin wonder what Steve will do and they decide that they think he won’t nominate John. They ask Vanessa and she says she doesn’t think he’d put John up. Vanessa agrees that it’s scary. Austin asks Steve if he can help him with anything and if he’s going to do a final five. Steve says he knows he’s at the bottom of the scamper squad. Austin says not with him.

Austin says he’ll try and keep whoever is left from coming after Steve. Austin is willing to sacrifice Julia. Austin tries to make a deal but then Steve says he told him he wouldn’t put him up next to John but then Austin didn’t. Austin says he didn’t shake on it. Austin says he’s the only one who can keep him safe from whoever remains behind. Steve says he has to think about and they can talk tomorrow.

Liz tells Austin that she’s nervous for him and Austin says it won’t be him but will be John or Julia or her and Julia. She says he better not put her up since she didn’t put him up. Austin says he’ll talk to him more later. Liz tells Julia that Austin told her that Steve is likely going to put one or both of them up maybe against John. She says Austin thinks he’s safe but they are not.

Liz says if Austin and Steve are doing something shady, she will cut Austin off and says she’s loyal to her sister. Julia reminds Liz that they talked to Steve today about them not putting each other up if any of them won HOH. Julia says Austin hasn’t even been on the block yet. Steve calls them to come see his HOH room. They all run to see his cute little nephew and Steve’s teddy bear.

John watches the twins are all over Steve and are being so fake nice to him. John mocks them later and says they’re like – Steve, father my babies. He thinks that might work on Austin, but won’t work on Steve. Vanessa asks Steve what he’s thinking and he says the twins. She says it’s a bad idea. She says if Austin wins, he’ll take down Liz. She says Julia is the least likely to win the veto.

She recommends he puts up Austin and Liz. Steve tells her another scenario. She says Austin is strong and he says Julia is the least risk. She says they can’t let the replacement nomination win. That makes sense. Julia is least likely to win the veto so she would still be available as a replacement nom. Vanessa has the right of this – hopefully Steve will be able to work out the logic.

The twins try to chat to Steve and act all friendly with him. They tell him he should just love his mom and he says he doesn’t love her in a Sigmund Freud way. Liz thinks he means the lion tamer (Sigfreid and Roy). Austin overhears and rolls his eyes at her stupidity. #SigmundAndFreud. Later Liz and Julia gab about Austin. It’s #GirlTalk.

Julia says he looks like Jesus and then Liz starts talking about how bad a kisser that Austin is and that he doesn’t know how to use his tongue. John tells Steve the same thing that Vanessa told him – that Austin and Liz should go up. He says Vanessa and Austin do have a closer tie and there’s a potential. He tells Steve to think about next week.

Steve thinks about that. He says John is right about Austin because of Vanessa. John says he just wants what’s best for them. Steve thanks him then says he’s going to sit there and cry. Steve thinks about how he’s been working with Austin a long time, he dreads putting him up. He decides to warn Austin. He paces around the house. Austin and Liz are asleep in the bed.

Steve paces around and thinks and stares at them sleeping – 15 minutes go by. He keeps roaming – it’s 20 minutes later. He finally gets into bed then Austin wakes and rolls over. Steve and Austin leave the room. They go to talk. Steve says he’s sorry for waking him up but says he wants to let him know ahead of time he can’t put the twins up against each other. Austin asks why.

Steve says it’s too much of a slap in the face. He says he has the votes and he asks if it will be him and Liz. Steve nods yes. He asks if Liz is his target. Steve says he doesn’t know. He tells Austin he doesn’t want him to go this week. Austin is at a point where he has to think for himself and thinks that Liz should understand. Austin says if he has to do it, he has to.

Steve says he’s not saying anything officially but wanted to warn him. He tells Austin he’s sorry but just thought that it’s too much putting both girls off. Austin asks if he’s talked to Vanessa about it. Steve says the votes are there but he really wants Austin to stay. Austin says he appreciates the warning. Really, it’s up to John and Vanessa who goes home so long as Steve puts up the right people.

It’s nomination day. Steve ponders his options. Julia says they’ll know today who Steve is loyal to. Austin is worried that Steve is going to put him on the block and he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure his safety and try to keep one twin safe. Liz is nervous and worried that Steve will put her up against her sister. Steve is aligned with everyone in the house and knows someone will be mad.

Steve calls everyone for the nomination ceremony in a very subdued voice. He’s ready to make his #Nominations. He nominated Austin and Liz. He says he nominated them even though they have been close to him over their time in the house. He says he’s making the best move for his game and he’s sorry but what he said to them was genuine. Liz leaves the table in tears and runs out of the room.

She runs off bawling and gets into bed. She’s acting like Audrey. Steve adjourns the nomination ceremony. Austin says if he wins the veto, Steve better watch out for Judas. Liz says this is the worst and feels really betrayed. She says she and Julia have made Steve feel like he’s not such a socially awkward nerd. Vanessa is happy that Steve followed her advice and she gives him a hug.