Blindspot Recap 11/9/15 Season 1 Episode 8 “Persecute Envoys”

Blindspot Recap 11/9/15 Season 1 Episode 8 "Persecute Envoys"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday November 9, season 1 episode 8 called, “Persecute Envoys,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Patterson finds a tattoo predicted a cop’s murder, so the team attempt to prevent more attacks by chasing a violent clue trail.

On the last episode, the team faced a menacing criminal at a remote location, and the case exposed Mayfair’s secrets. Meanwhile, Jane and Weller’s strained relationship was tested; and Patterson violated the rules in order to figure out a tattoo puzzle. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Patterson finds a tattoo predicted a cop’s murder, so the team attempt to prevent more attacks by chasing a violent clue trail. Meanwhile, Mayfair tests her bond with Weller when she informs him about some secrets from her past.”

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#Blindspot starts five years ago with Bethany meeting Tom Carter and others. They didn’t know each other before the meeting. Sophia is from the White House and they head in to see the White House Chief of Staff Davenport. Now, Bethany tells Kurt about all of the valuable intel they collected illegally and she was given orders to make the intelligence actionable. She says she used Saul Guerrero to do that. She says they made him a front as a CI. Kurt rails at her about all of her lies.

She says this let them put dangerous people behind bars by cutting red tape. He says she’s the case and why it’s tattooed on Jane’s body. Bethany swears she knows nothing more. Kurt stomps out angry. Jane and Tasha are sparring and Jane takes her down but when she gives her a hand, Tasha kicks her down. Edgar calls them in and they are told Schultz and Garrison, two NYPD cops were shot down. They were on the scene at a shooting of a young black teen that resulted in riots.

Bethany says those two were at the scene but not involved. They wonder if these are payback killings. Patterson says she thinks it’s related and Jane asks if it’s about her tattoos. Patterson says they are known as the Brooklyn Butchers and they see a car tagged with the threat Butcher the Butcher. Jane’s tattoo has a 65 in crosshairs and that’s the unit number plus she has a butcher knife. Kurt worries these killing are just the start of something bigger.

The team including Bethany head to the 65th and Edgar says the NYPD won’t want them there because they want to take out their own cop killers. Bethany and Kurt argue and she says they have to walk in united. The rest of the team notices the conflict. They walk in as Captain Rossi is making a statement to the officers. Rioters are outside – but it’s still small. Rossi says they need to support the families of the officers got that were shot.

He says he hates to get calls like this and says this sick individual plans to take more of them out so the FBI is taking over. The other cops immediately grumble. Rossi tells them to settle and cooperate. Other cops complain they don’t need the Feds and it’s their neighborhood. Bethany takes the podium and says they can help and her team doesn’t have targets on their back. She says one misstep and the police can ruin their now improved relationship with the neighborhood. She tells them to stay safe out there.

Bethany tells Rossi thanks and he asks them to keep him looped in. Kurt asks about Schultz’s partner and Rossi says her name is Tracy Dunn. He recommends they talk to her on FBI turf. Dunn tells them Garrigan and Schultz had nothing to do with the kid that got shot and says Becker shot him before they could react. Kurt says they were on camera and she asks why the killer waited on her to leave. They ask if she noticed anything unusual and she says this is a waste of time.

Tasha tells her she was NYPD at the 96 and also lost a partner at a routine traffic stop. She tells her she’ll be okay and says they can catch the guy with her help. Dunn says she saw nothing and says he was dead when she got back. She says they were good cops. She says Schultz was fair but seemed distracted lately and told her he had problems sleeping. She cries and says she let him down and now they won’t let her go back to work to help find the killer.

Kurt asks about her body camera. She says they got them after LaMond’s shooting. She says they already went over the footage. Bethany says she’ll get the body camera footage from the victims. Patterson runs it and they see the cops gunned down in the street. Then they see Dunn run for her partner. They bring in extra people to look over all the footage. Five years ago, Bethany tells Tom and Sophia that Daylight is illegal but Tom says this is about terror.

Bethany says this is about invasion of privacy by the NSA. She argues with them and says they could go to prison for this. Tom says this is a White House directive and he’s going to act on it. Bethany says if any of them say no, it all falls apart. Tom says no one leaves until all three of them are on board. Now, Bethany thinks about that moment. Kurt comes over to bring Jane coffee as she watches footage. She sees Bethany in her office and asks what’s going on with them. He says nothing.

Jane asks him if they’re friends then reminds him he knows everything about her but never shares with her. She wants to help but he says he can’t talk about it. He asks what if someone you trust lets you down and she says if it’s forgivable then you forgive. He asks what if you can’t. Edgar and Tasha are called over to look at some footage and Kurt and Jane follow. They look at camera footage of an irate guy threatening to kill one of them. Tasha says it’s Ricky Holt the running back.

He rants at Schultz why a guy with no record is threatening of a cop. They have to find Holt and Tasha finds an Instagram pic of him with a groupie at a party. They head out and go to the party. Ricky runs when he sees the badge and gun. He hops a fence and then Jane heads off another way. The guy is a running back so he’s fast but Jane tackles him then Kurt finishes him off. They all have guns on him. Tasha tells Jane she could be a cornerback. Jane says she’s sorry about the partner she lost.

Kurt and Edgar come in to ask Ricky about Schultz. He says lawyer. Kurt says they can make this all go away. He says Schultz is a dirty cop and says he busted into the apartment he was in when someone called in a complaint about noise. He says then he got a letter to blackmail him because they got pictures of him having sex with a guy. He didn’t like to admit it. Edgar reminds him there are out athletes but Ricky says no team would want him and he would lose his endorsement.

He says the guy wanted $50k a month and then Jane says they may be from his body cam. They tell him Schultz was murdered and Ricky says again he wants his lawyer. Jane says the crosshairs are a camera not a gun and says whoever did the tattoo knew the body cams were being used for blackmail. We see Bethany with Sophia. Looks like they’re dating. Sophia tells her that Tom said she’s not using Daylight and should be but Bethany says this is different.

Bethany says she doesn’t like gaming the system just because criminals do. Sophia says lives are being ruined because Bethany won’t use it. They wonder if Dunn was in on the blackmail. They agree to keep this from NYPD for now. Patterson runs in and says Dunn has been shot. She’s face down and dead in the street. They head to the scene and see it was tagged with ‘butcher the butchers’ also.

Bethany says this clears Kurt then Tasha confirms the gun doesn’t match Holt’s plus he was in their custody. Edgar says the money in the blackmail account goes overseas and it’s in different amounts indicating other blackmail. They check their finances but nothing indicates they were profiting. Patterson says others had access to the camera footage – the passwords were loose and everyone accessed them. Patterson says someone took photos of the footage with their cell phones. Bethany says they need to get their cell phones. Kurt says they need to do this the right way and Bethany calls him in.

She tells him not to bring this into their investigation. He reminds her she showed him a Hoover letter about not abusing their authority. He says he can’t trust her anymore and walks out on her. Bethany thinks back to Douglas Winter blowing the whistle about NSA spying and saying he has the evidence to show it. Sophia and Bethany wait in a car as Tom shows up to meet them. They all get out. Tom says it ends where it began. Bethany says they don’t know about Daylight but he says Winter may know more.

Tom says Davenport pretended he didn’t know what he was talking about and told him to stop calling. Sophia says they will come after them. Bethany listens to Tom and Sophia arguing. Now, Patterson says she found a draft email where Schultz was writing an email to internal affairs to say that he thought someone was using his body cam footage for blackmail. Now they think it’s another cop that murdered all three of them. Kurt says follow the money. The dead guy lives in a building.

Patterson says two cops answered calls to that building – Costello and Johnson. They are at Schultz’s apartment. Jane tells Kurt on the way that this doesn’t look good since the two cops have their phones off. Jane says Kurt is stubborn and she hopes he can try to see Bethany’s side of things and says she’s more than just one mistake. They get a call from Patterson who says that Johnson bought a burner before the wire transfers started. She says it’s at Schultz’s house in Astoria.

Kurt calls Edgar to tell him and tells him to bring backup. Costello and Johnson ask his widow if the FBI talked to her. She says no but she gave her laptop to the NYPD. Bethany tells Rossi about it and he says Costello and Johnson will do anything to stay out of jail since cops don’t fare well in jail. Mrs Schultz answers the phone when Kurt calls. He warns her not to let Costello and Johnson in the house. She tells him she can’t call because she has guests. They know they’re there. Kurt and Jane bust in to save her.

Shots are fired. The gun battle continues. The wife crawls out and Kurt gestures her to stay and for Jane to grab her and get her out. She goes. Kurt tosses a flash bang grenade but stays inside. Jane shoots one coming out but the other is still inside with Kurt. He sees the guy in the mirror and fires twice. He takes him down. Jane asks Kurt how his ears are and he says what. He’s shouting then laughs and says he’s fine. He asks if she heard from the team. She says Patterson hacked the burner and nailed them.

The cop he shot is dead. Jane tells Kurt he scared her when the door closed and she heard shots. He says he’s fine but she’s clearly upset and asks him to talk to her. He says she never stops. Bethany tells Rossi that Johnson is dead and Costello is on the way to the hospital. She tells him that according to their burner phone, Rossi was next. He says he wants to talk to Costello and Bethany agrees to take him to the hospital.

Back in the day, Sophia tells Bethany that Pete Nelson fell off the wagon and got a DUI. She blames herself and asks Bethany to run away to Hong Kong with her so they can’t be extradited if Daylight comes out. Sophia asks if she loves her but Bethany says her work is important and has to stay. Bethany says if the truth about Geurrero gets out, everyone she put away will be cut loose. She says Sophia and Tom convinced her to do this. Sophia tells her they were wrong. (OMG Sophia is Mira – Saul’s wife from Homeland! Just realized it!!)

Rossi tells Bethany it doesn’t get lower than what his people did blackmailing a gay athlete. She reaches for her gun but Rossi has his gun out on her. She says she didn’t tell him Holt was gay. He says they only targeted people who could afford it. He was in on it! He says things got away from them and she says turn yourself in but he says cops don’t survive prison. He tells her to drive but she crashes the car intentionally. Later, Kurt comes into her hospital room and finds her dressing to leave.

She thanks him for coming and he asks how many she put away using Guerrero. She says they thought the benefits outweighed the costs but they were wrong. She says she keeps that letter to remind her that she abused her authority. He says sooner or later someone will find out about this. He asks what if those people are gunning for her. She says she’ll figure something out and he says he hopes it was worth it. Bethany says it has to be. He leaves.

Tasha asks the others to grab a drink but Edgar says he has a date and Jane says he doesn’t have to lie he could just say no. Edgar laughs. They ask Kurt who says next time and promises. Tasha and Jane head out together. They are at a bar doing shots with Patterson. They are looking for Jane’s perfect drink and she says no more puzzles for tonight. She says it’s nice to drink with people for a change then says she’s slipped out of the safe house a few times. She says they’re worried about people getting in, not her out.

She says she rides the subway and tries to pretend she’s normal. David texts Patterson and writes that he misses her. She tells them they broke up. Tasha tells her not to be the sad girl staring at her phone. Tasha says tonight they find out Jane’s drink, tomorrow it’s new clothes. Jane asks what’s wrong with her clothes. Kurt comes in and his dad is there and goes to leave but Kurt asks him to pour him a drink and he sits with his dad who asks if it was a rough day. Kurt says they all are these days.

They drink in silence. Bethany is drinking in her office. She thinks back to calling Sophia who let the call go to voice mail. Bethany leaves another voice mail for Sophia saying she’s worried about her. Sophia has a goodbye note to Bethany that she leaves in her car before she goes and jumps off a bridge. Now, Bethany cries as she pulls up a news story about Sophia. Jane thanks Tasha for hanging out with her. She gets into the cab with Patterson.

Tasha crosses the street and Tom approaches her. He says he’s glad to see the investment is paying off. She says they’re done since she gave him the file on Jane. He says the file is worth zero. Tasha says this is over but Tom says she took his money and sold out her friends. He says he can tell the FBI what she did and she’ll be indicted. He says it’s over when he says and tells her she’s his now. She glares as he walks away.