Bobbi Kristina Brown Addicted to Drugs By Age 14, Attempted to Stab Whitney Houston and Commit Suicide Claims New Tell-All

Bobbi Kristina Brown Addicted to Drugs By Age 14, Attempted to Stab Whitney Houston and Commit Suicide Claims New Tell-All

Bobbi Kristina Brown has had a troubled life. It’s no secret she was battling a lot of demons, but according to a new tell-all book Bobbi Kristina was addicted to drugs by the time she was 14 years old. Additionally the book claims that Bobbi Kristina attempted to stab her mother, Whitney Houston, and attempted suicide years before the drowning/overdose incident that has left her in a vegetative state.

Ian Halperin, notorious for writing unauthorized biographies focusing on celebrity tragedies, has released an unauthorized biography detailing Bobbi Kristina Brown’s childhood and Whitney Houston’s drug problem. Ian claims he spent months hunting down the truth behind Whitney and Bobbi’s life.

In the tome, Ian alleges that Whitney Houston was too consumed with drug problems and sexuality issues to care for her daughter. Bobbi Kristina essentially “grew up motherless” and surrounded herself with a circle of friends who fueled her drug abuse and wild-child ways. “The crowd she hung out with was out of control,” a friend of Bobbi’s shared with Halperin. “The past couple of years she hung with a bunch of crazies, they were wild and reckless.” Whitney was too busy trying to maintain a career, hide a huge addiction to crack, and dealing with a possible lesbian relationship Houston was having with her lifelong friend turned personal assistant, Robyn Crawford, to help Bobbi.

By the time Bobbi Kristina Brown was 14, she was addicted to drugs and in and out of rehab. The treatments didn’t work, and Ann Davis, a relative of Bobby Brown, claims Bobbi was committed to a psychiatric hospital after she tried to stab Whitney Houston and slit her wrists. The relative claims Bobbi stayed in the facility for observation after the breakdown just before she turned 15.

Nick Gordon then entered Bobbi Kristina’s life. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston stated they took Gordon in when he was 12, after he was abandoned by his mother. The tell-all reveals a very different story. According to the book, Bobbi was 15 and partying with a bad circle of friends when Nick, then 18-years-old, needed a place to stay when his mother kicked him out of the house. Bobby and Whitney allowed it, and the two eventually decided to get married. Whether or not Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown are actually legally married is a continued debate between the families.

In January of 2015, Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in a bathtub full of water in eerily similar circumstances that led to Whitney Houston’s death. Halperin theorizes that Bobbi Kristina had overdosed and someone, most likely Nick, attempted what junkies call “the plunge,” which entails plunging overdosed victim in cold water and slapping their face in an attempt to revive them.

It’s no secret that Whitney Houston couldn’t put the crack pipe down. Rumors claim Whitney even abused drugs when she was pregnant with Bobbi Kristina. The drug revelations aren’t a shock, but the revelations of how Nick Gordon truly came to be a part of Bobbi’s life are definitely concerning when it comes to Bobbi Kristina Brown’s drowning incident.

Do you think Nick Gordon was trying to “revive” Bobbi Kristina in the bathtub after she overdosed? Or, did Nick and Bobbi have a fight after a cheating scandal erupted and things escalated to a violent end? Let us know in the comment section below.

Image Credit FameFlynet: Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston