Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Preparations: Funeral Rehearsal Video – Update on Houston vs Brown Battle (PHOTOS)

Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Preparations: Funeral Rehearsal Video - Update on Houston vs Brown Battle (PHOTOS)

Is Bobbi Kristina Brown dead? A recent video has surfaced alleging to be the funeral of Bobbi Kristina Brown. It was initially leaked on July 17 with the description that it was for a funeral several days later on 7/20/15. But now the video has been modified, shortened and re-released on July 18 but now reads “Bobbi kristina brown funeral service 7/30/2015.” Scores of sites have branded this “funeral video” a fake but it’s likely far more than that – it may be a rehearsal video.

Both of Krissi’s parents are performers – the late Whitney Houston and the very much alive Bobby Brown. And the Houston family is rife with more stage talent. And what do performers like more than anything? A good performance. And how do you get one? With a rehearsal! What’s far more likely is that this video is not a secret funeral of Krissi’s but the Houston and Brown clans rehearsing her funeral.

With a date eight days away, that allows time for Bobbi Kristina Brown to pass and her autopsy to take place before the funeral slated for July 30. And perhaps a family member who got a smaller part in this large dramatic production is the one who leaked it to the media. The YouTube channel that published the video is “Black News” and the channel has no other videos or activity and wasn’t set up until July 15, the day the video was originally leaked.

So the question is, which side of the family, the Houstons or Browns, leaked the video? And which family member in particular leaked it. With the Houstons in control of Bobbi’s money due to a conservatorship over the $20 million inheritance estate, odds are that the Houstons are also in control of the funeral arrangements since they’re footing the bill. That would leave the Brown family feeling out of the loop and frustrated, particularly if they are being marginalized in the funeral planning.

All it takes is one angry family member and you’ve got a leak. This is just like the photo of Bobbi Kristina that was taken at either the hospital or hospice – likely the hospital since she was in a neck brace and on a ventilator at the time – and all of this has been withdrawn now. Speculation is high that it was a Brown family member who sold the pic to the National Enquirer for a six figure payday. But this video was leaked for free consumption.

That means it’s not about a payday but about making the other side of the family look bad. It’s just a shame that this is the negative energy surrounding Krissi in her final days and hours. While they all proclaim they’re praying for Bobbi Kristina, it looks like they may also be preying on each other. Krissi’s funeral looks to be far more of a production than anyone anticipated, especially if rehearsals are being held.

Is every member of the Houston family who can carry a tune vying for a shot at the microphone to perform at the funeral? And who would rehearse a funeral like that? A wedding sure, a funeral, not so much. And when someone does sing at a funeral, it’s intended to be an homage to the loved one that passed away, not an attempt to deliver a show-stopping number that showcases your own talents.

There was likely far more to the funeral than is shown, but with the Houstons on high alerts about cameras after the Krissi deathbed photo, this may have been all they could shoot before being spotted by vigilant family members. No doubt there will be more to come on funeral arrangements once confirmation of Bobbi Kristina’s death is announced. While the Browns would like the funeral to be held in Atlanta where they’re based, the Houstons want New Jersey.

Expect more in-fighting as Bobbi Kristina Brown’s life draws to a close. Fortunately, Krissi’s condition means she’s unaware of the family drama boiling over around her and will hopefully have peace in the end.

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