Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Lawsuit: Nick Gordon Files Response, Denies Guilt, Asks for Money from $20 Million Estate

Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Lawsuit: Nick Gordon Files Response, Denies Guilt, Asks for Money from $20 Million Estate

It’s no surprise that Nick Gordon’s attorney Brian Green denies that his client was involved in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death. But what is absolutely shocking and disgusting is that Nick Gordon is demanding attorney’s fees from the Bobbi Kristina Brown $20 Million estate to cover the cost of his representation in this matter. This could be the most horrifying and public case of adding grievous insult to horrifying (alleged) injury.

Here’s a look at the defenses to the civil lawsuit which was upgraded to a wrongful death suit after Bobbi Kristina Brown died last month: First, Nick Gordon’s lawyer says the conservator can’t sue in Fulton County, Georgia because Nick lives in Orlando, Florida. Gordon fled there after the incident, so this likely won’t hold water. We’ll see.

Second, lawyer Brian Green said in the response filed in the court that “there is no evidence of specific intent to cause harm.”

Third, the response to the suit claimed that, related to Nick Gordon’s actions, there was “no alleged negligent or purposeful act or omission to act… [that] caused or contributed to [Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death]…”

Fourth, Gordon’s defense includes that there was “contributory/comparative negligence” and that “Ms. Brown failed to mitigate her damages” and that there was “assumption of risk.” All this implies that Bobbi Kristina’s voluntary drug habit was the cause of her death, not anything Gordon may have done.

The only allegations made in the lawsuit that Nick Gordon’s response agreed with are that:
#1 Bobbi Kristina Brown was Whitney Houston’s daughter and that they lived together in Alpharetta, GA.
#2 Gordon was out the night of the incident, came home, watched video footage and got into an argument with Brown.
#3 Someone else found Bobbi Kristina Brown in the bathtub that night but denies her mouth was swollen and tooth was loose.
#4 Gordon tried to wake her up and he and others tried CPR, but denied that he said to “clean up” the room.
#5 Gordon did take and still has Bobbi Kristina Brown’s engagement ring.

As part of the litany of Nick Gordon’s denials related to the Bobbi Kristina Brown’s alleged abuse and subsequent death, he completely refutes that he accessed her money while she was dead or alive. This is particularly interesting because bank records would easily show whether money was transferred from Brown’s account to Gordon’s account – you would assume that Brown’s conservator would not have included this in the suit if it could not be substantiated. That alone could hang Nick Gordon.

The response then goes on to request attorney fees and court costs. In an interview, Gordon’s lawyer Brian Green called the conservator’s wrongful death lawsuit “sensational” and “patently false” and said “unfortunately, Nick Gordon is not to blame.” The word “unfortunately” is an interesting turn of phrase. Why would it be unfortunate that Gordon is NOT to blame? Could that verbal slip-up indicate doubts on the part of Brian Green as to his client’s innocence? Interesting, very interesting…

Stay tuned to CDL for more on the civil and possible criminal charges against Nick Gordon in the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

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