Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral Plans Update: Pat Houston Battles for Control of Niece’s Death and Whitney Houston’s Estate

Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral Plans Update: Pat Houston Battles for Control of Niece's Death and Whitney Houston's Estate

As Bobbi Kristina Brown is clinging to her last few days (or even hours) of life, the Houston and Brown families are jockeying for position in what will become a full-blown media circus at the funeral and a possible wrestling match over finances. To try and fight off the Browns, the Houstons have set up shop at Peachtree Christian Hospice where Bobbi Kristina is being allowed to pass in peace.

But there’s nothing peaceful about everything going on around her. As her imminent death is now assured, the Houstons and Browns are in a war over funeral plans with nothing decided but where Bobbi Kristina Brown will be laid to rest – in New Jersey, at Fairview Cemetery. There are arguments over what Bobbi Kristina will wear as she’s buried and who will be pall bearers.

But – most importantly – is who will “perform” at her funeral and what will happen with her finances. Already a rehearsal video has been leaked that could be a strong indication that a lavish ceremony is being planned and that the performance-centric Houstons may want to make a real production out of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s passing.

It’s been mentioned several times that Patricia Houston won’t leave Bobbi Kristina’s bedside and that sounds like a dedicated aunt. However, she’s not a blood relative of Bobbi Kristina’s at all – her real name is Patricia Gowan and she’s married to Whitney’s brother Gary Houston. Pat Houston is firmly entrenched with Cissy Houston, her mother and law, who is the primary conservator of all the cash.

The Brown family maintains that Whitney Houston never really cared for Patricia, but she did name Pat in her will her as co-conservator of the millions held in trust for daughter Bobbi Kristina, so it seems like sour grapes on the Browns’ part that they can’t get their hands on any of the songstress’ mega-millions.

Pat is running the deathbed operation as if it was a war and has proved herself several moves ahead of the Browns already. Pat recently had Bobbi Kristina Brown’s luxury Georgia condo cleared out so that no one could get their hands on any of her stuff including Whitney’s platinum records and other memorabilia and has shipped it off so that the Browns can’t try a last-minute grab for items of value.

Usually, clearing out a home waits until AFTER a person has passed, but Pat is taking no chances and is not leaving a crumb for the Brown family. She also has been lauded for being at the hospice center every day and even sleeping many nights there beside Bobbi Kristina. Seems like love, but it’s all about control.

If Pat Houston isn’t there when Bobbi Kristina passes, she could lose control of the process and she’s not about to let that happen. Expect to see Patricia Houston’s tight grip on all aspect of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s life, death, funeral and what comes next with her estate. Other than a possible pay-off to Bobby Brown to get him to agree to remove life support from his daughter Bobbi Kristina, it’s doubtful any of the Browns will see a penny of Whitney’s millions.

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Pat Houston stops to visit Bobbi Kristina at the Peachtree Christian Hospice Care in Duluth, Georgia on July 25, 2015. Pat has begun the process of letting Bobbi Kristina go, she has cleaned out the townhouse where she lived and is now preparing funeral plans.