Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Looms: Murder Charges as BFF Bess Beckman Knows Nick Gordon Attacked Bobbi After Break Up

Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Looms: Murder Charges as BFF Bess Beckman Knows Nick Gordon Attacked Bobbi After Break Up

As Bobbi Kristina Brown lies clinging to life in a Georgia hospice, the state law enforcement agency Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) may be ramping up to file murder charges against Nick Gordon once she dies. The GBI is rumored to be holding off on filing charges until she passes because it will allow them to slap Nick with the maximum possible criminal charges for his actions that led to Bobbi Kristina’s death.

There are reports that Nick Gordon was engaged in a pattern of abuse with Bobbi Kristina Brown and had beaten her and verbally abused her on many occasions. This last time, he is alleged to have knocked out two of her teeth and is responsible for her ending up face down in the bathtub at her Georgia condo – whether he put her there, she fell while being hit, or she was soaking off the effects of the recent beating are all lines of investigation being pursued.

The argument on January 31, 2015 that led to the brutal attack is now suspected to be that Bobbi Kristina Brown had enough of Nick Gordon’s control and abuse. Rumor has it that Bobbi Kristina told Nick they were done and she was making the move to California to pursue a career in entertainment – singing and acting – like her mother Whitney Houston. But that would have meant Nick would have been cut off financially since they were not man and wife as they led others to believe.

Investigators believe Nick Gordon snapped and attacked Bobbi Kristina Brown resulting in injuries that will end her life within days. While Whitney Houston was alive, Nick Gordon enjoyed a nice lifestyle since the famed singer had taken him in and raised him in her house alongside Bobbi Kristina. But once Whitney Houston passed, also in a bathtub accident, Nick was cut off from her funds. So he turned to Bobbi Kristina Brown, whom he had been raised almost like a sibling with, and latched onto her financially.

Two days before the attack, Bobbi Kristina tweeted “Let’s start this career up&&moving OUT TO YOU ALLL quick shall we !?” Shortly before the career-centered tweet, Bobbi Kristina posted “On my own.” She was primarily tweeting to her BFF from childhood Bess Beckman with whom she was making plans to relocate to LA to pursue their music career. Bess has been vocal on Twitter blaming Nick Gordon for her BFF’s damage

Beckman has been cooperating with law enforcement as she knew about the abuse and wanted better for Bobbi Kristina Brown. With Bobbi Kristina’s end nearing, Bess tweeted “When your beautiful heart stops beating, my heart will break in two, knowing that here on earth there will never be another like you.” On July 10, Bess tweeted “Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.”

Other tweets mention friends who know your “darkest secrets” – as in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s ugly personal life where she was subject to ongoing abuse at the hands of Nick Gordon. In late June, Bess Beckman tweeted “There WILL be justice for my sister, if the judicial system doesn’t take care of it, karma will” along with photos of Bess and Bobbi Kristina Brown hanging out. Bess would not have been calling for justice over a simple accident.

There was a large gap in Bess Beckman’s tweets about her BFF during the period where Bobbi Kristina Brown was in the hospital and there will still hopes for recovery, then renewed her sad and frustrated tweets once news of Bobbi Kristina Brown moving to hospice broke.

Bess Beckman’s Twitter timeline has always been filled with communication between she and Bobbi Kristina Brown and photos of the two hanging out. Back in March she tweeted photos of she and Bobbi Kristina with a message that she plays back her voice mails just to hear her voice again. Bess and Bobbi Kristina Brown have apparently known each other since they were kids and she shared a photo of an 11 year old Bobbi Kristina in the arms of her dad Bobby Brown at her 11th birthday.

In the early tweets after the accident, Bess mentioned they would have more time together but it doesn’t seem like they will. What’s really telling is a video Bess Beckman made for the song “Save Me” – it’s about a girl named “Krissi” whose story in the song has many parallels to Bobbi Kristina Brown’s life and the Krissi in the video is even show in the hospital on life support with Bess at her bedside singing to her. She sings to her comatose friend in the video.

In the final moments of the video, the unconscious “Krissi” opens her eyes – unfortunately, this won’t happen in real life. Watch the video here to see it’s eery similarity to what’s going on – of course, they used someone who did not look like Bobbi Kristina Brown in the video – that would likely have been too painful, but it’s clear that this song and video are about Bess Beckman’s BFF Bobbi Kristina and her struggles.

Bess also tweeted a month after the accident asking why families fight in times of crisis – an obvious dig at the Houstons and Browns. And remember, it was another friend, Maxwell Lomas, who pulled Bobbi Kristina Brown out of the bath water even though Nick Gordon was home and was not assisting her. Max Lomas was an ex-boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina’s who remained a friend after they broke it off.

Max reported that he smelled marijuana when he pulled up, went inside and went looking for Bobbi Kristina then began CPR immediately and called 911. While more will come out once the charges against Nick Gordon are formalized by the GBI, it appears that she tried to end their relationship, he beat her brutally then went to smoke some weed while she was dying upstairs. If not for Max Lomas showing up, Bobbi Kristina Brown might have died that day in January.

And Bobbi Kristina Brown’s conservator Bedelia Hargrove are not waiting for law enforcement to make their move. They filed a $10 million lawsuit against Nick Gordon accusing him of: punching Bobbi Kristina in the face, knocking out a tooth, dragging her upstairs by her hair and then knocking out another tooth. After she was taken to the hospital (no thanks to Nick Gordon) he took $11,000 from her bank account, according to the lawsuit.

While Bobbi Kristina Brown lingers with just a short time left to live, Nick Gordon has fled to Orlando to live with his mother but has been seen out and about at Starbuck’s and socializing with friends there. He’s been banned from Bobbi Kristina’s bedside – and rightly so – but at least law enforcement knows where to find Bobbi Kristina’s abuser when they’re ready to press charges. This looks to be an ugly criminal trial with many unsavory details of their volatile personal lives revealed – unless Nick Gordon accepts a plea bargain to avoid the media attention.

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