Bobbi Kristina Brown Criminal Investigation: Nick Gordon Suspected of Foul Play – Max Lomas Eyewitness?

Bobbi Kristina Brown Criminal Investigation: Nick Gordon Suspected of Foul Play - Max Lomas Eyewitness?

Bobbi Kristina Brown might have been injured and a criminal investigation currently underway shows that Whitney Houston’s daughter might have been harmed by Nick Gordon before she was found in the bathtub, unconscious, not breathing with no heartbeat. For everyone thinking that Bobbi Kristina Brown just decided to up and overdose herself on drugs one day, it turns out you’re wrong. An explosive new report from TMZ suggests that there’s actually an active criminal investigation currently underway into Bobbi’s case, and the main suspect? Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s husband/brother.

There was reportedly a history of violence between Bobbi and Nick, which already made Nick Gordon a person of interest in the case. But what makes it all the more suspicious is that Bobbi Kristina reportedly had a variety of injuries across her body, injuries that wouldn’t come from an attempted suicide or simple bathtub drowning. In fact, the police are reportedly looking into a possible physical altercation between Bobbi and Nick just one hour before Bobbi drowned herself in the bathtub. That leaves two options: either Nick Gordon straight up murdered Bobbi by beating her up and then drowning her, or Bobbi was so upset and angry about the fight that she went and OD’d and tried to commit suicide. Neither option makes Nick Gordon look innocent, and it’s starting to look as though Bobby Brown was right in trying to keep Nick Gordon away from his daughter at the hospital.

Plus, all this isn’t a rumor – there was an eyewitness there. Max Lomas, the friend who found Bobbi in the bathtub, reportedly arrived at their house at 9 PM last Saturday. He reportedly hung around with Nick, but didn’t immediately see Bobbi anywhere. Nick apparently tried to make excuses for Bobbi’s whereabouts, and it was only when the cable guy arrived [at around 10 PM] that they received access to Bobbi’s bedroom and found her in the bathtub. Nick apparently then ran in and administered CPR to Bobbi, who was already unconscious by that point. But if Nick was responsible for Bobbi’s injuries, then he might have been acting – especially if he knew that Bobbi was in the bathtub in the first place.

Not only that, but Max Lomas also claims that Nick cleaned up the home and removed any evidence of blood stains which were there from the beating – a.k.a. removing any immediate evidence that he beat up his wife before her murder/suicide. I mean, it’s fairly obvious that Nick Gordon knew exactly where his wife was that whole time, but was just trying to stall to prevent any chances of her waking up. So between 9 PM and 10 PM, Bobbi Kristina Brown might have been lying in the bathtub, silently suffering and dying. Think about it – if the ambulance got to her earlier, it’s very possible that they could have helped her make a full recovery, as opposed to treating her brain dead body just lying there. After all, Bobbi’s body was reportedly submerged in the bathtub for fifteen minutes! You’re trying to tell me that Nick Gordon didn’t know that? And of course he put up a big show of administering CPR when Max Lomas found her – he can’t exactly go, ‘oops, that’s my fault’.

More and more, this case is veering away from a simple suicide and into a criminal investigation. Nick Gordon better work on getting his story straight, because he and his lawyer are about to face one hell of an inquisition.