Bobbi Kristina Brown Suicide Attempt or Drowning: Nick Gordon’s Jealous Rage – Criminal Charges as Investigation Progresses?

Bobbi Kristina Brown Suicide Attempt or Drowning: Nick Gordon's Jealous Rage - Criminal Charges as Investigation Progresses?

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tragic suicide attempt continues to remain highly contested, with the latest reports suggesting that Nick Gordon was directly or indirectly responsible for Bobbi drowning in her bathtub. A criminal investigation is underway with Nick as the prime suspect. An earlier report from TMZ suggested that Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown got into a physical altercation an hour before Bobbi’s body was found, and the eyewitness who found Bobbi’s body – her friend Max Lomas – claims that Nick had cleaned up the blood and any evidence of a physical fight. Some people are even suggesting that Nick might have been the cause of Bobbi drowning – either by him putting her body in the bathtub, or being negligent, violent, and influencing Bobbi to attempt suicide.

Now, another report from TMZ claims that Nick’s violent and volatile relationship with Bobbi was caused by jealousy. Now, it’s not the jealousy where Nick would see Bobbi talk to another man and then get upset about it – no, this is probably worse. Apparently, Nick was always jealous of Bobbi’s fame, because he also grew up in the same household and didn’t understand why he wasn’t receiving the same amount of attention. Technically speaking, Nick Gordon was raised as Whitney Houston’s son, which obviously makes his relationship with Bobbi that much more incestuous. But even disregarding that, Nick apparently felt that he should be afforded the same privileges and attention as Bobbi – even going so far as to expect the same TV deal as Bobbi when both of them were offered a reality show.

Friends of Bobbi’s and Nick’s have been saying that a violent relationship between the two was not uncommon, and it’s really starting to look as though Nick was intricately involved in Bobbi’s drowning and near death – whatever role he played in it. The question is – will Nick or Max Lomas be actually charged with anything as the criminal investigation progresses?

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